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Thread: I simply do not care anymore ... that is what makes me happy!

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    Yesterday,,, I had an experience, I do not know how describe it. I have seen my whole life before my eyes: past & present.
    I have also seen that I decided to move forward, I only can see my new future if I look forward, never ever backward.

    Today, I was obviously in another state of mind, then I was looking somewhere.
    I read this sentence that made feel that it is all, alright:
    "You'll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end."
    I already feel surprised where I am but did I achieve it with hard work? No, not really at all.
    I achieved it by follow of my inspiration rather than expectations, it did not feel like effort but common sense.

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    Day 5:
    It is almost four days & I appreciate my refocus of attention; only on my goals or objectives. I appreciate that I am extroverted and talkative in nature but I want to be more introspect and quiet in nature. I appreciate my love and care for myself but I want to be more loving and caring toward myself.

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    Day 10:
    It is almost five days & I appreciate regain of some of my focus. I appreciate my love & care for myself but I want to be more loving and caring toward myself. I want to relax more and simply forget whatever ideas in my head. Life is too short, make myself feel better, bits by bits is going to workouts.

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