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Thread: I simply do not care anymore ... that is what makes me happy!

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    Day 22: Sunday 06/08/2017

    Today I am just gonna love myself, I am gonna appreciate myself.
    I am gonna be in the moment (fully) knowing that it will work out.

    • I trust the High Power to know that what I have created, in terms of my negative thoughts on-going.
    • It is not real. It is an illusion. It is fake. It is completely made up. It is a creation of my consciousness.
    • I am reclaiming my power from this creation NOW. I can feel my power coming back to me... back to me!
    • I can feel a surge of High Power into me. As I feel this surge, I feel myself expanding more into who I really am!
    • I feel myself expressing more & more of who I am in my human experience. I am the infinite abundance for health & well-being.
    • I do acknowledge my power to have create this and now I reclaim my power to create a New Story.

    I read the above at Abraham's website and I simply just re-wrote it in a way that suits me.

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    Day 23: Wednesday 09/08/2017

    Yesterday & today were one of those days, where I was getting exactly, what I want day before, then all of a sudden, exactly what I do not want.
    I take that once again as a call from Higher Power, it is time to sit there and sooth my feelings, in various of aspects or subjected in my life since I am clearly having two active contradictory vibrations, which only need to be cleaned up.
    One thing I did like about myself is that I was not affected by experiencing the unwanted but at the same time I forgot completely to work on my vibration to change the manifestation quickly.
    Maybe I will or will not talk about it more in my new post. Now, I am just trying to stay General about things, until this negative momentum stop working in my experience. I no longer want to manifest what I do not want.

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    Today, I just know it, I am TITITO. I saw a number in my head so I went to google and typed it. It turned out it is real phone number for a service called "Relief Yourself from Anxiety". Exactly what I need to hear! TY LOA! No I realize it is in my head and I will stop my mind and I will sit here and watch TV and do fun things.

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    Day 24: Thursday 10/08/2017

    The most strange thing that I felt today, was that my memories are shifting. In the past when I was at very low "depression" or at nearby the mid "anger": every thing looked black to me either very depressing or very angry. My memories were disturbed and I was seeing the worst case senario (not the actual event) in my head. I am happy my insight brought me back to my reality, even when I was disturbed by what I saw, I simply said to myself it is not real. Now what I am seeing, is the real event or story, and it is not relevant to what I used to see. That is how I learned the importance of taking the initiative to move up the EGS for my own well being.

    To me TITITO always felt like a sense of "happily ever after" or a sense of "celebration day". I am going back there to enjoy it intensely.

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    Day 25: Friday 11/08/2017


    "Effort is not your friend. Effort is what you do when you don't believe. Trying is your indication that you're not going with the flow."

    - Abraham Hicks

    Dealing with Split Energy:

    - Pretend you already have it. Act if you already have it.
    - You want it & should not doubt it. You need to allow it.
    - Allow yourself to see it. To believe you can have it.
    - You are responsible for your Receptivity. Not what other people do.
    - You can tell what's coming: By the way you feel, by what came later on.
    - If you have stuff in your life that you don't want: You have some cleaning up to do.
    - Don't dig into yourself to know what you are doing wrong: It practice that frequency longer.
    - Find things that feels good to focus on. Tune yourself to the frequency of how you really are (little by little).
    - (Get yourself off the hook) LOA will not get really far from how you feel. Because how you feel is a result of how you have been offering. There is a momentum underway (if you get moving in a direction, and momentum is happening, you cannot stop momentum suddenly, if you do it: you either hit a wall or a tree, you want your momentum to get going to where you are going).

    PS: I have 5 days left before I reach my first destination point at 30 days, then I will simply start over from day 1 for another 30 days, only if I feel I am comfortable where I am.

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    Day 26: Saturday 12/08/2017

    Just do your best to keep yourself in balance
    One of the first things that causes Energy Misalignment
    is asking or demanding too much of yourself in terms of time and effort.

    In other words, you just cannot burn the candle at both ends, so that you are physically tired
    And then expect yourself to have a cheerful attitude.

    So the rule of thumb has to be "I am going to be very, very, very happy, and then do everything I have time to do after that"

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    Day 26: Saturday 12/08/2017

    Today was my first time to meditate for 15 minutes. I know it took me 37 minutes to achieve that, using a stop watch to keep track, for the time I focus, before my mind drift but overall it is a good exercise for the control over your thoughts.

    However since I meditated, I manifested small undesirable things, such as the Trojan infection to my laptop. I know that I still wish to learn more about concept of momentum and energy leverage what it is how does it work how to control it. I have listened to what Abraham says about it but it still feels a little difficult to understand.

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    Day 27: Sunday 13/08/2017

    I am almost nearby the completion of my 30 first days. So I want to do a Rampage of Appreciation for this time period and setting up Intention for the second 30 days experience:

    When I came to this forum, I had a pure intention to apply positivity into my life, using principles of LOA. I am probably one of those skeptic people that take everything with a grain of salt but LOA has always proven itself to me that every time I find myself going through a rough path, I decide it is time to go back to the one law that has been ingrained in my consciousness as a kid and is a representation of a real universal law in action.

    I was unconsciously feeling up & down still after being treated from bipolar depression for two years, I will admit I did not feel optimistic about going off the medication although it felt like the next logical step. I decided it was time to make an active work, to control my mind's thoughts, start to have overall control, over my conscious thoughts, moving slowly to control my full psyche. I remember when I came here, it was WellBeing who told me to "just stop that vicious cycle or loops in my mind". It was the new beginning for a beautiful 27 days. All I recall is that, I sat there and told myself with a strong will power, you can do it now "stop it, stop it, stop it, just stop it, just stop it, just stop it".

    It took probably some times until it was finally under my control. It stopped! Now, it was the best decision I ever made. It has changed the outcome of my experience immediately. I went from being unable to sleep or relax all day long (for one month before), to achieve what they call ease and peace (current month).

    I appreciate the High Power for the energy, guidance and support through good and all. I do appreciate my life now, living consciously in control of my own thoughts, because it has brought me what I desire, “serenity” in life. Today I took the time to write this Rampage of Appreciation because I feel simply appreciation for everything & everyone in my life, even the people I simply do not wish to hang out around anymore. The most interesting part: I have met new people during this 27 days experience, not only in the but even in other venues, whom I share with life interests.

    One of the most valuable lesson learned, that I appreciate the LOA correspond to, is the “bottlenecking” issue: that I block the life source energy, from moving through my full being smoothly, so I learned to just accept being myself (if I desire to expand, I cannot stop it anymore) and let them be (if people are no longer a vibrational match, the Universal Manager will show them the door). While I allow the energy to move through me, I am trying to “always find relief” from where I am regardless. I do not dwell on where am I or why am I here anymore; I simply find “relief even from relief itself” and move on to the “next higher disc”.

    So thank you Higher Power for the guidance, ease, relaxation, happiness, freedom, support, signs, effortlessness, centeredness, simplicity, etc.

    Note to the Self: So we have finally moved out, to this lovely home at the leading edge! Congratulations!

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    Day 28: Monday 14/08/2017

    This morning, I feel like I had one of those moments of long sigh of relief. I have came to place where I truly believe in simplicity. I have came a long way from being unable to sleep for day after day, unable to relax an hour after an hour. To becoming someone who simply does not care anymore about anything other than feeling good. Last night, I thought I am just gonna give up on LOA, because there is this evil monster called momentum, that will ruin everything so things cannot be sustained.
    Now I discovered how facing my misconception thoughts was easier than giving up on the LOA guidelines. I woke up the morning, the same person I have been in the past 27 days.
    Someone who want to focus on what feels good, someone who wants to sooth themselves in topics related to their desires, someone who just want relief and they want relief from joy now.
    I am most skeptic person in the world, I only stick to things that works for me.
    Relief is now vital sign or element like water and air and vital signs at hospital. If I do not actively seek it, I will be chocking myself (bottlenecking) the Stream of Well being.
    Who thought this could ever happen? Me sitting here relaxing and thinking about next adventure with positive expectations. Certainly I did! It indeed feels good when I think this way because it is simpler and with one issue
    clearly defined and addressed regularly "bottlenecking the Stream". It all falls back to place few hours later.
    What a relief to know: I no longer need many stuffs actively working in my brain, those endless spiritual concept about deep traumatic psycho-injury, the endless efforts to always dig for what went wrong, all the Abrahamic guidelines at taking me back to the same seat. Stop blocking the energy, always find relief & relief from relief. It is the way to go!

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    Day 28: Monday 14/08/2017

    I Am At Peace with Fever and Enjoy it!

    I had a slight fever today and I was like "I like it". It felt like all the germs are being killed off my body and it is realigning itself back to the Source Energy. I woke up with a clear mind but slightly tired body. In other words, clutter in my head has been cleared off. When I went out to drive, I would see the traffic lights go green "Woohoo, Welcome our precious PBI, you are granted road access. HERE & NOW".

    My most desired manifestation makes me excited! That is what really matters not getting it.

    Today, I visited my most desired manifestation into reality (not yet into "my" own reality) and I just appreciated it as it is whether it eventually is mine or it will not be mine. I do trust there is still more good to come from LOA correspond to my newly offered vibrations. So watching it made me intensely excited and that is how I know I manifested it, even if it is not yet mine or I end up losing it. Does it really matter? The way I feel is pure freedom. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Changes in My Work Place

    Today, I also want to appreciate my work on my vibrations at my career (which is not one of those easy topic to talk about). I have stood my ground in some occasions, and I was just grinding my teeth talking myself into "trusting my own judgement", and even thought I had "tiny" bit of doubt, I was right in my judgement.

    I got a lot of things out of my head and when I did my Scripting process of an understanding collaborative (as oppose to a judgmental resistance one) environment that will take care of things, yesterday I prepared my Placement Mat process with orders send to my Universal Manager. Now I can relax further, enjoy my self.

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