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Thread: I simply do not care anymore ... that is what makes me happy!

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    I simply do not care anymore ... that is what makes me happy!

    So what I read in this forum is that you express your rampage of appreciation (& I think also happiness) therefore I will just write about my decade experience with Abraham Guidelines:

    Maybe writing about it will serve me profoundly in gaining better insight about my experience and create a wonderful book of Rampages of Appreciation (I remember I tried to start this after 6 months of learning Abraham guidelines but after few posts I did not feel I was ready. I hope I will be now after a decade of application in real life):

    PS: I am not the type of Abers who only apply one process at a time. I need a combination of process which I will write about and include my rambage of appreciation.

    Day 1: Tuesday 11/07/2017

    Now, I feel I appreciate how I have spent a decade of my life being fully conscious of my surroundings, trying my best to be mindful about my journey, understanding that my journey by asking for my desired state of mind, then expecting contrasts to amend old desires or launch new desires, to form my new future or experience in life. I was never mistaken nor regret it now!

    I know things did not turn out as I expected them to be, maybe they were not that "easy" to undergo, maybe they were not that "simple" to comprehend, but they have created who I am today, which is exactly what I am satisfied with.

    I do not want to tell the "wrong, false, fake" story my mind keep racing with. This is NOT REAL at all. The real story is that I was simply enjoying experience in life, that has defined my new desire (in a more precise form) and have cleaned my negative vibrations.

    Now when I sit here and let my mind calm, I get that intense pain in my heart. I know it tells me: you need to love yourself unconditionally, regardless of your position on the EGS.

    But why is it so difficult to love myself unconditionally?
    I know whatever my Mom told she did not mean it.
    But I can only say I will try my best to forgive and forget.
    I cannot promise anything more in life to anyone but myself.
    It was the LOA that has shown me my real self.
    Then suddenly a new companion in life appeared out of nowhere.
    That companion and I decided after a long while to be just friends.
    But they showed me that I am lovable & unconditionally.
    They taught me a lot about myself that I never knew at all.

    I do appreciate you my ex-lover and very close friend. You have shown me heaven on earth.
    I want you to be in bliss and happiness wherever you are hopefully until we see each other again.
    I want you to know that I have managed for almost two years without you although I miss you a lot.
    It does not mean that I do not appreciate or value your presence in my life, that is not what I mean.
    It just means that we both need more experience in life before we re-unit as close friends only, regardless.

    I know I do love you and you do love me but we have decide it was good to amend the state of affairs to just friends. Hopefully we re-unit soon but now I only hand over matters to my manager to decide, they also want what works best for us so we trust them to decide on our behalf.

    I know now that everything happens for a "good" reason.

    Without going into much "details" about it, I will simply say that my mind has registered all my experience with a stamp "on good will or purpose"
    I know I feel a little "sick to my stomach" with some experience or outcomes that I had to encounter during this decade but it was not my fault that things were not meant to be "finalized" I guess.
    I know that I have done my best with my career, post graduate, family, etc
    I know it hurts a lot that I have encountered some losses but I am completely in fine state of mind-heart-body without them really. So I decided the best way to go about is that I DO NOT CARE ANYONE.

    I trust the Higher Force to give me only what I need.
    I trust the Higher Force to move me toward my desires.
    I trust the Higher Force to guide me to what serve me only.
    I trust the Higher Force to prioritize my experiences in life.
    I trust the Higher Force to just ... just understand my pain.

    That intense pain that I feel when I talk about how I feel.
    I was most of my life, they type of person who kept their emotions: good or bad to themselves
    Now I feel that pain whenever I express my feelings as authentic as they are.
    But at the same time, I feel I need to express it out loud.
    It helps me accept it as it is and find a better feeling thought.
    No more wearing masks or yellow smiley sticks.

    I trust the Higher Force to bring positivity to my life.
    I trust the Higher Force to take away the negativity from my life.

    Tonight, If I feel I need to cry, I will allow myself to.
    If I feel I need to calm myself, I will allow myself to.
    I am giving myself the complete freedom to do what it wants or desire.
    No judgement
    No criticizing
    No brain loops of past nonsense (it is a false story) - Stop giving it attention, Allow it to pass by you, moving toward a more negative destination.

    Amen to that!
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    Day 2: Thursday 13/07/2017
    So yesterday I tried to sit here and write in my thread but it felt I need some time off for myself to just relax.

    I know I am just unable to express myself
    because I cannot process whatever is on my mind
    So I decided to just take it easy and relax into it as it pass by
    I do not care what happens and why it happens
    Then it all happened as I wish for it to be with my repair contractor
    So I know it will be a speedy, durable, cheap work as expected
    I only care about my vibrations NOW
    I only care about my emotions NOW
    I will find the better feeling thought
    I am gonna continue doing whatever it takes to get that
    But now I want to focus on manifesting more money
    That is what has been on my mind since yesterday
    with a precise desire of profit of 10% of more
    I was able to manifest smaller money profit of around 2% or less
    but now I am focusing completely on the subject of money
    My IB has alerted me it is the right time for me, for this kind of focus.

    I want to imagine that I do live in abundance of money but I am intensely happy with the money compiled in the previous years.

    I want to imagine that I have build the house I needed which will happen the same I was able to manifest the money to buy the land itself.

    I never understood you (LOA) but you make me laugh a lot; every time I try to convince myself of a wrong idea of the old, wrong story; you tell me otherwise that it is a "false" story and that my vibrational level has already shifted but it was my mistake sometimes to ignore or neglect such signs that has return negativity and toxicity into my life

    Your message was always "You are worthy of unconditional love and abundance of blissfulness from the Higher Power"

    It must be, what they call, Synchronicity or the Higher Power giving me; an indication that this is my desired state almost coming into reality, it is already there in my vortex and I am moving slowly toward its physical manifestation although I do not necessarily need it since I will be expanding afterward toward new desires and goals.

    I want to imagine that I have landed on a large prize ... out of nowhere ... and if it does not come, although I highly doubt it, I am still happy with what I have.

    Then suddenly yesterday while I saw the newspaper, the funniest wink or corresponding to my vibrational changes and refocus from the LOA into this new subject:
    I saw one of my relative who recently won 1st prize in lottery
    which happened to be a very large sum of money on monthly installment
    This is EXACTLY what I seek to win ,,, so I must be in alignment with my desire.
    Then I was really happy for her because I knew I will be next ! ! !

    How do I know I am doing fine and appreciate myself for it?

    • Now, every time I see something that anger me I change my place (do something else or change from sitting to standing, to moving to another places, etc, then simply focus for 68 second on a different blissful idea).
    • Now, every time I see something that upset me I simply turn the other cheek (not look at it any more or longer than first glance, to avoid getting more of it, then simply focus for 68 second on a different blissful idea).

    Rampage of Appreciation (Money):

    • I do appreciate myself for doing the above. I know I will be able to succeed with LOA
    • I do appreciate the amount of money I have and I know I will get more money than ever
    • Every time I feel I need to spend more money on myself I do it without feeling guilty at all
    • I do realize over the years that whatever I invest in terms of money has brought its' value later in the future
    • I trust my judgement and those around me too and I will continue to manifest more money and large sum of money
    • I do imagine the dollars all in my bag, I do enjoy watching it and feel I am able to manage it wisely
    • I never had a problem spending money at all, I spend my money wisely at the right time always
    • I enjoy my time using my money, going out dinning with my close ones (family or friends)
    • I love how I spent my money in a way that pleasure me and those around me in the most effective way.

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    [Deleted photo of large stacks and stacks of US bills with a URL in it. Please review our Image Posting and Linking Policies. Thanks!--Mod.]

    That photo inspire me to have like big stack of dollars, nothing less than that!
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    Day 3: Friday 14/07/2017

    Yesterday and "whole week" of my time off work, I had an interesting experience: when I go out of house, and try to experience more of the world around me.

    I do see a lot of what I want, very little of what I do not want, neutral things which capture my attention briefly, a little signs from the High Power, that my desires will come into physical manifestation.

    I am a little too excited especially after my repair contractor almost nearby completion of job to my satisfaction. I was really happy that I have manifested some things "out of charges"; then a repair contractor will do it to my standard, that have reduced my work budget.

    Now, I just need a little time of "distraction" until I am inspired to start up my other goals so I am going "sit in" the passenger seat and enjoy the ride. So after: I left the house and spent time with people, then I came back inspired to fulfill my desires & goals.

    • I am content & happy after the Higher Power showed me, more of what I want and less of what I do not want.
    • I am excited after the Higher Power showed me, signs of my physical manifestation almost coming into my reality in nearby future.
    • I do trust in the process, knowing its a world based on well-being: if you think positively, you only get positive things. It cannot go wrong!
    • I do experience glimpses of my upcoming vibration of pure freedom: it feels as if it would be "freedom from false stories and beliefs, freedom from expectations that do not serve me".
    • I do experience nightmares lately, but I do trust it will clean my split energy and bring me back to ITV, I do feel aware and able to control my dreams now so it is not bad at all.

    Abraham says about "Dreams":
    In our dream state "we cannot deny": we are resistance free, so whatever point of attraction, we have accumulated in our wake state plays out completely in the dream state. Our dreams are indicators that tell us what sort of vibration we have going on in our wake state.

    Continue later ...

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    Day 3: Friday 14/07/2017


    So I decide that today is the best day to create my magical box and my creative workshop (at the aspect that my vibrations are high above middle in), as per Abraham guidelines in using these processes:

    Rampage of Appreciation (for whatever is in my Magical Box now - I asked and it is given ALREADY!)

    • I appreciate my ability to specify my desire in a little more details now because it appeals to me
    • I appreciate and know for a fact, that using LOA in past: I was able to bring a perfect match lover
    • and I do trust I will manifest another very soon since it is going to happen anyway
    • I "refined" my previous experience to a new launched rocket of desire for a new lover
    • I want a lover that will appreciate moments of serenity (like my previous lover did)
    • I want a lover that enjoy spending time in beautiful & exotic destinations
    • I want intimacy this time, unlike my previous desire, for a lot of fun. I know it is time for it.
    • I also want money, I know I won few times, and increased my income few times, but I intend this time, to win the grand prize.
    • If I was able to manifest winning prizes, I will manifest more of it; I no longer believe it is not doable because I do know it can be.
    • I know I want to use the money now for a purpose to build a new premium luxurious home and to travel around the world.
    • I never had the desire to travel worldwide before but now I ask and it is given.

    My Creative Workshop

    My Body

    This is what I desire about my body:

    • I want to return to my ideal weight because I will feel my best at it.
    • I want to be strong & fit because I will feel I can take care of myself
    • I want to work out because it is fun and good to distract me while I feel my body. It will bring me more into alignment.
    • I want to become taller because it will make me my best at it. (note to self: many think it is not doable but I was able to grow few cms taller in my 20s using LOA!)
    • I want to stamina and endurance because I will feel my best at it.
    • I want white hair to disappear from my head and my original hair color to come back because it will be fun (note to self: many think it is not doable but it is very much in your DNA)
    • I want to be pain free and illness free because it will bring me more into alignment and ITV.

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    Chapter 45. 99 Percent Of Every Creation Is Complete Before You See Any

    Evidence Of It
    Now, when you feel frustration mounting, or impatience, or anger surfacing, you can stop in a
    moment of true realization and ponder, just „what am I projecting into my vibrational escrow?
    Should I take a moment now and redirect my thoughts, and change the course of my probable
    manifestation? Or should I just let my thoughts run away with me, supported by LOA, and just live
    the consequences of my unmanaged, undirected thoughts?“ And although you can turn anything
    around at any time, even after manifestation, it is our encouragement that you turn it around while
    it‘s being vibrationally formed, for it‘s ever so much easier then. But even more important, we want
    you to consider the millions and millions of moments of your real life experience that could be
    feeling good now. Feeling good now. Feeling good now. Yes, of course manifestation will come. It
    certainly will come – good or bad, wanted or unwanted. It is coming. But your life is now. Your
    emotions are now. The way you feel is now. Direct your thoughts to improve your now moment,
    and the manifestations will take care of themselves.

    From Abraham Hicks' "Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" ,,,

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    Day 4: Saturday 15/07/2017

    So I had a minor car accident but it has broken three parts, so I need to look at the positive aspect of this incident and use it in my rampage of appreciation to celebrate this day & incident from the High Power:

    · I appreciated that I spent my day off, like the rest of them in past week, enjoying my time eating out, morning time. I know that when I arrived at my favorite place (for today), it would be another interesting experience from the High Power.
    · I know I felt intensely in disgust from whatever my feelings where when I was asleep & it has manifested in the restaurant crowd with two visitors with some disgusting habits; I sat there quietly refusing to endure such experience, they both disappeared and I completed my experience with intense joy. · I appreciated that my accident was minor, not major. I appreciate that this accident did not causes anyone harm. I know the car will be fixed at lowest possible cost. I know the car will come out of maintenance into a better state of condition & operation (or being). · I do not need to know how I attracted this accident to my reality. When the accident happened, I felt in a pure state of appreciation that no one was in harm and it could be much worst and my car was not severely damaged, I do trust the High Power to only bring to my life what serves me and not get me into trouble. · Life is a stream of well being. I know that when I called my insurance, I overheard this guy in the background, who was screaming out of his head “Why me? Why me? Why me?” It reminded me of my previous vibration and I could tell that I will not face it anymore. I no longer feel like a target or victim of circumstance nor will allow anyone to make think this way. So that inspired me to few actions to prevent being brought down by awful or unexpected circumstance. · I know that around half an hour before I started to write this, I woke up from my nap and I felt an intense feeling “that my life will be going down spiral. It is the end” but there I went to see my repair work and it was completely perfectly, then I had a bite and sat here to write. I do know that writing this has changed my vibration from powerless to empower.
    · I know I do feel a little bad about losing my car for some time to get the repair work after the accident. But I do see it in a different perspective, I do think it will be properly repaired and brought into a better state of operation (& being). I do trust it will be a vacation for my car to be going back into a better state of alignment.

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    Chapter 22. The point of attraction and the relief factor: Continually reach for relief from resistance

    A rather effective way of balancing your energy is to continually reach for a feeling of relief. A feeling of relief always indicates an improvement in your vibration, and it always means a releasing of resistance, or an increasing of allowing. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would make the relief factor the most important part of our personal awareness. When you continually look for a way of looking at everything that feels slightly better than what you‘re currently feeling, you‘re getting closer and closer to seeing your world as your Inner-Being sees it. And in the process you will be leaving resistance behind. Your own resistance is the only factor that keeps you from realizing all the wonderful things that you desire. Illness is about resistance, confusion is about resistance, poverty is about resistance, sadness is about resistance. Even car accidents are about resistance. All things that you consider to be bad exist only because of resistance to your natural Well-Being.

    Chapter 7. You are manifesting the essence of what you‘re thinking about
    It is never too late to change direction
    You can either be aware of your point of attraction post-manifestation, after it happens, or premanifestation,
    before it happens. Of course, we encourage having conscious awareness at all times about the direction you‘re headed. It would be like travelling in your vehicle, having a particular destination in mind, being on the wrong road altogether, and travelling in the opposite direction of your desired destination, but having no awareness that you‘re going in the wrong direction, until you arrive to the wrong place. You can always correct your course. But the sooner you‘re aware that you‘re off your path, the better and more satisfying your journey will be. The key to joyful deliberate creating is to choose the subjects of your thought intentionally, while paying close attention to how each thought feels. For less you‘re aware of how the thought feels, you have no understanding of where you are on the sliding scale of vibrational possibilities

    Amazing Power of Powerful Intent …

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    so nice to come to your thread and see your work in progress practisebyignoring
    I love your style and approach and the ease of it all and your intuitive way, feels good
    thank you for sharing your journey

    much love xxxxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild and Beautiful View Post
    so nice to come to your thread and see your work in progress practisebyignoring
    I love your style and approach and the ease of it all and your intuitive way, feels good
    thank you for sharing your journey

    much love xxxxx
    Thank you and I hope it will be an inspiring thread to all who read it.

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