Day 5: Sunday 16/07/2017

Since last night until today, I was a little bit trouble by the fact that I lost my phone plug charger although I do not need it but I do trust LOA to bring it back to my reality at the right time. In terms of my home repair, I will use visualizing while being at the new place of my newly established vibrations or point of attraction. Today, I will do a rampage of appreciation about my work. Maybe later I will do more of it, I do visit this site at least twice daily now.

My Work
  • I am happy that after 10 days time off (tomorrow is my last day), spent wisely to co-create into my physical existence: I will be back to work, completely refreshed now.
  • I know, in the past, I was unable to spent my time off wisely nor it would make me refresh. I do appreciate my current ability to utilize and enjoy my time off work efficiently and effectively.
  • I know I will return back to work with absolute freedom mainly because I do not have much work: the way I want things to be or I will have new interesting assignments with minimal troublesome.
  • I know that employees and management attitude will be a pleasant, understanding, very patient one. I know that I will simply do what I want at work, as usual.
  • I know I have appreciated for a decade the above features about my work but at same time I know it will only GET EVEN BETTER than before, more facilities, a payrise, more money generally speaking etc.
  • I know that our management appreciate my hard work and will compensate me fairly, I have no doubt I will get a pay rise soon. I am just intensely enjoying the fact that it is coming soon! and that although I do want it, I do not need it at all.
  • I know I will be given intensely enjoyable experience when I am back.