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Thread: I simply do not care anymore ... that is what makes me happy!

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    Day 8: Wednesday 19/07/2017

    Today, every time I am faced with a situation that brings me what I do not want, I quickly changed my vibrations using BFTs and I manifested good things that moves me up the ESG.

    I am now probably still at being Contentment although I feel I might slowly move to Excitement. However, in order to move up, I still need to understand the Abraham guidelines in terms of certain subjects, so I still post whatever questions I have in the "Abraham & You" subforum.

    Wish you a pleasant time ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by practicebyignoring View Post
    I have the same story since July but I do pretty much the same, resting a lot, sleeping a lot, watching tv, chatting online, etc whatever makes me happy. I also sometimes do not know when to stop.

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    Day 9: Thursday 20/07/2017

    Now I will work with myself more. I need to learn more about handling my emotions, clearing off negative vibrations & shifting my point of attraction toward Contentment or more. I am happy I did not fall down to Rage, although I am being pulled down but I thinking positively or distract myself will hopefully do the trick.

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    Day 10: Friday 21/07/2017

    Today, I woke up a little uneasy (which is good compared to waking up disturbed) and then I started to practice the guidelines to shift my thoughts to BFTs, I was seeing glimpses of Freedom at top of EGS.

    I hope I won't forget how to feels to be there because now I can tell this is where I want. Because in the past few days, I was asking myself, so why would I want to be at top of EGS? Now, I know it feels a sense of being "natural" & "normal" in a very pleasant way that signals moderation & regulation of my emotions.

    In other words, it feels like those old days, when I was a child who enjoyed my life intensely.

    I do think my dominant vibration has probably shifted to Positive Expectations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venus View Post

    LOVE to you and your work here....

    ( when you klick on the pic and then on "unlink.... the blue ball with the red X your pic is without hotlink)

    Thanks. Much love and appreciation unconditionally.

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    Day 10: Friday 21/07/2017

    Lesson learned

    1) Abraham on Being Bothered by People or Situations?

    • I am happy that Higher Power never distort my vibrational "offering", that is always give back to me how I am feeling about me.
    • How am I gonna know how to adjust my thoughts and vibrations if I am not getting consistent respond from the High Power?
    • I like the responds that I am getting.

    2) Abraham on Negative Emotions

    • You won't be able to feel negative emotions if you weren't finding a variance from how Higher Power feels about you.
    • I am thinking something Higher Power is not thinking so I am seeing signs of what I think, not what Higher Power think.
    • A variance between how you feel (you feel bad about yourself) and how Higher Power feels about you (you are wonderful the way you are).
    • This is how you are feeling right now but the way you feel about it, is different than what Higher Power feels about it.

    I have been listening to "Why Am I Bothered By People?" Published on Mar 18, 2016 and wrote few points for me as my lesson learned and hopefully to practice them in a more effective way.

    So it is now time for Self Appreciation to sustain my EGS movement!

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    Day 11: Saturday 22/07/2017

    So since yesterday, I have done the work of self love and appreciation then I was inspired to talk, about my Twin Flame relationship and how it has brought me ITV and how I am just speechless about being there.

    Now, I feel I am in there, there is definitely a sense of freedom and positive belief. I wouldn't say I have shifted my dominant vibrations to the top of EGS, although it is Abraham who says that it can happen, there are no limitations. I still think I am just a resident in the Positive Expectations.

    I still have to do some work in relation to self love and appreciation.
    I know I do well in working on this aspect but it will not be so simple.

    Just simple enough for me to apply it in my daily life.
    I was taught how to love myself unconditionally by the Higher Power.
    Now, I will apply this profound knowledge, this deep love toward the Self.

    I no longer belief things could go wrong, starting today it will only be in alignment.
    I know that since yesterday, I feel an intense love and appreciation for myself.

    I know that I will continue my journey of positive expectations from my self love and appreciation.

    How do I know I am at Positive Expectations now?

    First of all, it is how it feels: that sense that everything is alright and it will only get better soon.

    Secondly, instant manifestations after I changed my vibrations to BFTs or go down stream toward my desires.
    Thirdly, yesterday, I was practicing the self love and appreciation and asked for more support resources or material or guidance. As I just flipped TV channels and there it was FINALLY the ad of my favorite love story soap repeated from the beginning after one month of being stopped (I had that desire from two years now, that I will never see the final episode, and get to watch the full series one more time)

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    So we want you to understand that you are never only upon one of these journeys. In every moment you‘re experiencing two concurrent journeys: your action journey, your awareness of time and space and things already manifested, and your emotional journey, your vibrational response to your powerful moment in time, from which all future experiences are molded.

    There are endless potential combinations of action journeys and emotional journeys. And we will offer some examples of those

    We want you to come to know that the most important aspect of any journey is the EMOTIONAL aspect. 1) For if you are aware of how you feel, 2) and are able to affect those feelings deliberately, then, and only then, 3) will you have conscious control of all future outcomes of your life experience.

    We call this deliberate creation.

    On the other hand, if your dominant focus is upon the action journey, observing and responding to the things that are happening right now in your experience, allowing your feelings to naturally follow the patterns of your observations, and making no effort to guide your feelings, but merely responding to conditions and circumstances, then you‘ll have no conscious control of your own life experience.

    We call this creating by default.

    AAIG - Chapter 32: The action journey and the emotional journey

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    Day 12 & 13: Sunday and Monday 23 & 24/07/2017

    I will admit since I have moved to positive expectations, my momentum has slowed to my liking. In other words, it feels like life is moving at a moderate pace now (not too slow, not too fast).

    However, those two days I have spent them in a very strange manner to the previous days: I am now in a different world, nothing seems to bother me at all, I do see stranger wave at me, smile at me, mind their own business, etc. It is like the world is just telling me, we want you here, and we want you comfortable.

    My sleep hours has increased a little bit (which I do accept as my body set me to sleep earlier with a desire to retreat itself for whatever reasons I do not interrupt any natural calling) and crying has became a second nature (I do cry a lot, it sometimes starts with a topic that it suppose to be a sad thing, but I end up really in tears because I am just ... I don't know how describe it in words, I feel intense joy of relief and a lot of positive beliefs).

    Few hours ago, I think I could feel a little sneaky active vibration that was unwanted related to self love and appreciation, so I entered the forum and found the topic of "Ignoring issues, on purpose". I knew this is what I shall remain to focus on, it is what is needed for my reality, no one else could benefit from it as much as I would. When I reached for BFTs, I remembered something that I have missed out since I came back to Abraham Hicks "" that I was going through a lot of deja vu experiences in the past three years in particular, to the point where sometimes people have pointed out that I am very forgetful (maybe because I am just inside my head too often ITV I do not pay much attention to reality). Then here it was, Abraham himself reminding me that Deja Vu means alot, it means you are now becoming in closer speed with vibrational frequency of that broader perspective.

    Abraham Hicks quote on Deja Vu:

    "In other words, Deja Vu is a very wonderful indication to you that you are becoming such a vibrational match to that broader part of you that you're getting glimpses into what you call future experiences that the broader part of your calls already done."

    I have nothing more to add.

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    Day 14: Tuesday 25/07/2017

    So today, I looked at my phone and here it was that quote I have been looking for. Yes it does excite me and feels good to me.

    Wayner Dyer says:

    "if it excites you,
    if it makes you feel good,
    It's Higher Power speaking to you"

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