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    Red face Wobble

    Hey Abers My bf and i are in so much struggle together; I lied and he then insults me beyond any imagination . I get hurt and defensive and want hus attention , he keeps me waiting and tells me it is over but is never sure himself and I am never sure if he will break up at one point . Fact is : it is tiring , what I want is our beautiful funny honest moments back and I want him and not his rude behavior and the power struggles. I simply cannot breathe anymore ... the wobble is the distrust , the lies I constructed which came out and a low self worth because : what would I be without him ? Well , I hope you can help me, maybe someone? Thank you

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    Because this is the ABE Forum, where our intention is to discuss the teachings of Abraham and how we are applying these teachings to the topics of our lives, and because your thread doesn't not satisfy those intentions, I have closed your thread.

    For your next thread to remain open, you will need to bring a piece of these teachings into your question. Otherwise, it too will be off-topic for this Forum.

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    HitC's quote from one of your previous threads is instructive:
    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post

    You pick an Abe Process or two or three, and you apply them. The books APOE and Vortex will help you with that.

    You somehow keep thinking that the answer lies elsewhere...but it lies only in your actually being willing to Do the Work.

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