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Thread: A perfect repair work for house & car made me get a glimpse at freedom at top of EGS

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    A perfect repair work for house & car made me get a glimpse at freedom at top of EGS

    I have been working on these two manifestation for two to three months now.

    1) I wanted to attract a contractor for some major repair work at my place. So I have looked them up and then decided what to do, bought some materials for them and ask them to show up at my door steps; it all did not work out, so I decided to forget about it completely!

    Then out of sudden: I was inspired to accept one contractor, who has been doing a fantastic job, in the past week and is supposedly to complete "all the rest of work" tomorrow. I do trust it was a perfect LOA experience that has shown me that an impossible task can be accomplished, sometimes if you just ignore then let LOA decide on your behalf, or inspire you into next action.

    2) I wanted to fix all problems in my old car that I absolutely love and wish to keep as long as possible although I was told otherwise. I did not really care or listen to anyone who contradict my established belief about my car, then out of sudden: all the complicated problems in my car were either quickly resurfacing and being fixed properly and the rest of problems just disappeared out of nowhere!

    I had one issue in my car that cannot seem to reversed for five years. Now out of sudden it is gone completely.

    Those two experience has shown me a glimpse of, my hopefully very soon, new dominant vibration of freedom & trust. Those two tasks were difficult, complicated for me but I was able to manifest them regardless of my feel about them. Now deep inside I feel I cannot be stopped when it comes to manifesting the perfect things I have in mind, ITV and (magical box of course: there are quite a lot of things there some my manager only remember since I handed most of the things to manager to handle)

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    congratulations practicebyignoring
    such wonderful manifestations!
    the Universe always has your back, and will sort everything out for you perfectly, every time

    much love xxxxx

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