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Thread: Quotes about living "happily ever after"

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    Quotes about living "happily ever after"

    ...I just love those.

    Step 1 is "the fruit of your experience"!

    Always, when you know what you don't want,
    that's when the rocket of desire is born of what you do want.
    That is the fruit of your experience.
    Now pluck it and savor it and enjoy it.

    Visualize it, and find the feeling place of it.
    And live happily ever after, once you get the hang of this.


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    Enjoy the fun and adventure of "doing it wrong"

    Abe tell a long and very funny story how Esther missed the right exit, boxed herself into a dead end at the airport, picked the worst parking place, got lost and had to walk a very long distance to her gate.

    (Esther) was flowing with such new found SELFRESPECT.
    NOT because she had learned a new airport! But because she didn´t beat up on herself, about how TRULY STUPID she had been!

    -How do you know, until you know?

    The airport is under construction, none of the signs are quite where they ought to be. And thinking back on it, she now sees how silly her mistake was- but HOW MUCH FUN she had, with all these people along the way!

    And then, when she got on to the airplane, THIS is really the part that we want to get to. She was in such a state of new found appreciation NOT because of her brilliant transfer through the airport- it was maybe the worst one anyone has ever done! But because it had been an ADVENTURE that did´nt get her down.

    And a learning experience, that will serve her well, because she will use that airport frequently. (...)
    The revelry in living happily ever after! That is what we wish for all of you, you see! But it takes some opportunities to beat up on yourself, in order to know the deliciousness of no longer doing that.

    Now, that part is done with you!
    You´ve beat upon yourself LONG ENOUGH.

    But what we wish for you to know, is how your IB feels about you, when you do those things, that you´r being hard on yourself, about: Your IB NEVER looks there. Your IB is always solution-oriented.

    And how remarkable it was, that every step along the way there was someone to help Esther out of the pickle, that she had gotten herself into. There is always someone there! There is always a path of less resistance- or a path of more resistance. So you can make life as hard on yourself as you want to, and most people- from the moment of their first realizing that they have made a mistake- they go down a road of harder and harder and harder and harder for quite a while.

    And it´s just not necessary! From the moment that you realize that you´r off your beat from where you want to be, your IB is even MORE available to you, because
    THAT´S when the real fun of life begins!!

    When you know exactly what you´r doing, and you´r not doing any strong asking for guidance, and you´r just in a sort of road-way, following the patterns that you´ve always done, doing the same thing all day, every day- putting everything right where you meant for it to be,

    -that´s NOT creation!
    That´s regurgitating!

    That´s not expansion.
    That´s just repeating the same old thing!

    That´s not adventure-
    that´s boredom.

    Life comes, when you make mistakes!

    Life comes, when you REALLY know what you don´t want, because that causes a stronger asking. And so, when you can just get used to that when there is something that you really know that you don´t want- to KNOW that the solution-oriented part of you, which is your IB and the team that is all of us- we´r on the case!

    And we´r offering suggestions, and there is no life MORE FUN or more WORTH LIVING, or more adventures then the life that you live, when you´ve made a wrong turn, and your IB- and all of the IB´s friends are ON IT. The entire Universe becomes this cooperative playground, as you watch things balance out FOR YOU!

    It´s why you seek adventure!
    You want to feel that exhileration-
    of all of that energy, moving with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Self Criticism - Discover the value of your mistakes and wrong turns

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    "This is the secret to living happily ever after:
    You just have to decide that you want to feel good SO MUCH,
    that you are willing to give up the opinions about EVERYTHING
    that doesn´t make you feel good!"


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    Hmm ... I like the title and ideas within this thread! Thank you for sharing!
    Much love and appreciation.

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    Thank YOU for the appreciation! So appreciated!

    The recipe

    This Satisfaction-goal WILL keep you on track in a really consistent way!
    Not only will it keep you on track to receive everything you want- it will keep you on track to live happily ever after!

    THIS is the recipe for HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
    Getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready
    IS living happily ever after.

    How most humans are doing it: "Not ready, not ready, not ready, WANT THIS! Not ready, not ready, not ready WANT THIS!!!! Not ready, not ready, WANT THIS!!!!
    Wanting a way to find how to get there, get there, this happily ever after - I´ll be happy ONCE I´LL GET THERE!"

    -NO, YOU WON´T!

    You´ll ONLY be happily ever after, if you understand that with EVERYTHING that manifests, like all of those things that are manifesting for you- for EVERYTHING that´s manifesting, you´r putting MORE into this Vortex!

    So, there is this continuing cycle. It´s like the new crop, the new seed is in the ground, and the new crop is under way. And yeah, there´s gonna be manifestation. But you can´t disregard the process of planting, and the process of taking care of it, and the process of ENJOYING the natural unfolding of it. And yet, you´r gonna have a LOT of magnificent crop, it´s sort of mindboggling, if you knew!

    If we were to say to you what we see coming forward, we´d set you off your balance. And we might have just done it, anyway... but as you just take it as it comes, take it as it comes, take it as it comes, don´t ask for more than you´r ready for, and be SATISFIED with what you´r ready for!

    Don´t ask for more than you´r ready for,
    and be SATISFIED with what you´r ready for
    THAT´S living happily ever after.

    Which pretty much means, you´r gonna leave everyone out of the occasion because they don´t have the ability to FEEL the vibrational frequency between what´s in your Vortex and you! ONLY YOU can feel that.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 ~ Think less to receive more (No ads during video)

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    Living happily ever after means
    coming into this physical body and allowing yourself to be a consistent extension of that source-energy- who is willing to expose themselves to some contrast, in order to ask for something BEYOND anything that you´ve lived before.

    So, when you comprehend that life is gonna continue to cause you to ask for more, than you MUST comprehend that that means that there are going to ALWAYS be things that you want, that haven´t manifested, yet!

    Always and always and always. There is always going to be more than you asked for, in fact A LOT MORE, that you´ve asked for, than has manifested yet! Therefore it is imperative that you find a way to be satisfied with the idea of it- een so it hasn´t manifested.

    Here you are, on the leading edge of thought.
    And YES, manifestation is wanted, and it is wonderful that you want it. And you are manifesting, have you noted? But you´ve gotta get out ahead of it, by allowing momentum to CARRY you to the manifestations,
    rather than looking at the manifestations that already exist and letting those dominate what you´r doing vibrationally!

    Asheville April 2017, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks (No Ads) ~ Where are your manifested moments coming from?

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    You didn't come to support mediocrity.
    You came to encourage deliberate creation.
    You came to create your own reality.
    You came to teach to the clarity of your example.

    You came to teach about momentum.
    You came to understand momentum and apply it.
    You came to use the leverage that creates worlds toward your creative endeavors.
    You came to feel the blessed awareness that non-physical has about you.

    You came to experience the continuity of fabulous well-being that is already in motion.
    You came to promote the general welfare.

    You came to experience freedom at every level of your being.
    You came for expansion, knowing it was inevitable.

    But most of all,
    you came expecting to
    live joyfully ever after.

    Abraham San Antonio 28 April 2013

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    To feel better is the root of desire.
    For us, to feel better is the only reason
    any of us wants anything!

    If you had only one goal, and that was to feel good, you would live successfully and happily — and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose — ever after.


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    Don´t work "hard". Instead, accomplish Mastership

    When you align with who you are first and foremost,
    then the thoughts that flow to you and through you
    are joined by that broader perspective,
    and there is a leverage in that aligned thought
    that surpasses any action that you have yet discovered,
    in terms of physical human leverage about anything.

    In other words, it’s not even the same conversation
    about the same creative environment.

    You can bang it out the hard way
    by working to overcome your own resistance.
    Or you can understand what we’re saying
    and not let the resistance get started.

    And be aware of the resistance, when it does get started
    and go with the flow of things, and find out what your true power is.
    And every one of these people,
    who are coming to you for advice, that’s what they are looking for.

    They really don’t want you to teach them to have more stamina,
    or how to offer more effort or how to get more hours in the day.
    They’re really not asking you how to beat the other guy
    or make an end run about something.

    What they are really asking for is inspired life.
    Because that’s the only life that is really, really fun all the time…

    So those words will come easier to you now,
    when they say, “What’s your strategy?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Accessing the power of the Universe.”
    “What do you mean? ”
    “Going with the flow of who we really are. Mastering this.
    No longer dabbling,
    mastering it.

    -Understanding some simple premises,
    and focusing until we really get it.
    Understand that there is not a shred of evidence
    in all of the Universe contrary to this:
    Harnessing the power that we were born understanding.
    Getting our power back.
    Focusing it.
    Living it happily ever after.”

    “Oh, that’s more than I realized.”

    Atlanta, May 2014

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    Esther wanted to know since a long time, why we continue to talk about surprise and delight- surprise and delight. She said to us: "But Abraham, if I´m the creator of my own experience, why would it ever be a surprise?"

    And we say: Because you´ve created it incrementally. Because you´ve asked for some of this, and some of this, and some of this and some of this, and you didn´t have the full comprehension of what ALL that you´ve has culminated into being. And you didn´t know, how perfect the timing of your awareness of it could be, either.

    So, here it all is, ready for you. And the question is: How much of what is ready for you, are YOU ready for?
    And the answer lies in your satisfaction-factor.

    The more satisfied you feel, moment for moment, the more you allow yourself. The revelation has been flowing to you! The revelation is THERE for you. The question is: What is your perception of the revelation? How much of what is being revealed to you are you RECEIVING?

    And that´s ALL about your satisfaction-factor. You´ve just gotta find reasons to be satisfied- no matter where you are standing. Even if you have to meditate, to do it!

    And when you do, what unfolds for you will be this eternal experience of graceful ease and flow of

    Which is what you planned on.
    Which you deserve.
    And what we all want, for you.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - The rising of your vibration (rampage Atlanta 2017)

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