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Thread: Two years after Abraham came to me, I met my twinflame!

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    Two years after Abraham came to me, I met my twinflame!

    I was one of those who got introduced "accidently and out nowhere" to Abraham Hicks in you-tube back in the end of 2008.

    I grasped some concepts quickly and started to apply them in my life but I stopped coming to the Abraham Hicks forums after two years because I met my twin flame!

    There is very little information about what Twin flame relationship is but from what I read and IMOE, I would say only someone who met their Twin flame know what it means.

    I remember few days before we met, I was having surge of energy out of nowhere, that made me jump here and there physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

    Then there were constant thoughts inside my head, about someone coming into my life. In fact my IB screaming out loud saying “someone is coming to your life”.

    The date we met each other, there was an instant telepathic connection. I started to feel like I was moving up, up, up … sitting in a heavenly place out of sudden where everything was perfect.

    My intention was to say something nice for a good first impression and they did like it and always remember it. Then, I have said something that upset them & suddenly I felt I was stabbed in my heart.

    The date of our first meeting was not easy to forget because it was the birthday of my childhood bestie (we separated and went our separate ways because we were no longer a vibrational match).

    Then when we talked to each other, it just felt like they were “me”, in many ways but opposite of “me” in many other ways too. It felt effortless and in-alignment. Then suddenly I was in tears, lots of tears of happiness and joy.

    Our relationship was discreet we never felt a desire to announce, all of our mutual friends found out without us saying because whenever we were present in the same place, those around us always leave us alone with each other.

    I know it has been almost a year or more since we spoke to each other but I do miss them a lot in a sense that I only wish them happiness and freedom, blessing and serenity, and maybe hope for a little chat.

    It was a perfect match of similar values in life, that has created a perfect experience in alignment, that was inside my beautiful vortex where it feels like heaven on earth.

    In so many ways we love and respect each other, even when we break things off, it was always with admiration and respect for each other.

    Now how do I know it was a twin flame? We inspired each other and added-value to one another’s life.

    Out of sudden, I went from a doing nothing much in life to having three major tasks or commitments in each day and I was inspired to do many things that I never imagined doing. They were the same way too.

    We grew with & learned from each other. We accepted each other fully and unconditionally.

    • I was not very surprised, when I knew that we both were born on the same date and month but not the same year.
    • I was not very surprised that we understood each other without words or expression at all when we were together.
    • I was not very surprised when I found out what was the place they come from, what were the things they see, those were all the things in my vortex.
    • I was not very surprised when they resemble my favorable features that I have left with my manager after visualization sessions about attracting a lover into my life.

    And I did it. I was inside my vortex.

    (I do not post it in success or manifestation stories because this was not really about manifestation, this was a spiritual experience that has changed my life completely! We are going here beyond Abe's here)

    I have probably cried in the past 7 years more than my whole life which is 5 times the amount. Pure tears of feeling joy, strong trust, positive belief, freedom.

    I don't really have the courage to disclose how our experience evolved more than I did, maybe part of me is still in positive belief: it will be a non ending story, a story to tell for a life time!

    A story that is not meant to be told. A story that is not meant to be turned into a movie. A story that is so private & precious I only keep it in our hearts. For that precious things must be kept in a safe place.

    The only thing, I wish to say, toward the end of my thread, is that I just love you unconditionally and want you to be happy and you are so delicious and cherish the times of us co-creating in each other life experiences.

    PS: The person never knew Abraham Hicks but they were more Aber than I ever was! Lol - an adorable feeling I have now in my heart, that seems to beat a little faster.

    If there is a label I could put on this experience, I would say "an unconditional, profound, deep love for another"

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    I am someone who battled with bipolar depression for two decades of my life. A decade ago, when I was introduced to LOA, I went through a major change in my life (I separated from all my relationships family, friends, colleagues, even my own birth Mother) and when the separation process finalized completely. I met someone who was a match made in heaven. It was a relationship but we both experienced spiritual growth while we were together, they were practically my only family, only person I came home to. Then five years into the relationship, I walked away from it because I fell out of love but I did not expect that I would live 11 months in hallucination that we were still together (I lived away from everyone in my life and ended up in an asylum ward for a month, when I suddenly realized the person was no longer in my life and I had a mental break down after the realization but it was also a breakthrough to a brighter future). I think my real struggle since this happened (it was three years ago) is that this person is the one I “truly” opened up to and trusted in my life because they were with me at my lowest period of life, when I had nothing, had no-one, etc. People who left my life (family, friends, colleagues) are now back (in deep regret & troubled now) but I keep them a mile away from my personal life (you can never trust someone who has let you down when you were at your lowest but now when you are climbing up mountains, you have many fake friends).

    This person taught me what I want in life. I want someone like that, someone who will be by my side, when I have nothing and no-one. This person was aligned, while I was aligned, we both felt like emperors, like we have it all now, they never left my side, until I confirmed to them to leave or good. Since I have been with them, I have a permanent change in my mentality, I would never settle for anything less. If Higher Power brought this person to my life for five years, it is a strong message that what you dream about is possible, there are unlimited possibilities that could match everyone. I am not trying to bring this person back to my life because we agreed to go our separate ways. They were everything to me, a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a best friend, a friend, a lover, a partner, etc (it took them around few minutes to take every role that was no longer in my life I practically reversed my whole life story while with them into a completely new bright version). For someone like me, I just wanted to know how it feels like to have a real father, a real mother, real sister, a real brother, a real best friend, a real friend, a real lover, a real partner. Everything I missed out in my life, they made me feel while with them, I was a child who never had a strong bond, with any other children nor adults. It always felt like a conditional love "If you do so, I love you. If you do not do so, I no longer love you". This relationship was all I ever want or need, to feel a strong bond to one person unconditionally. It was my twin flame. I never told them this but every time things go really wrong, first thing I bring to my mind is their unconditional love to me and I would calm like a child who was soothed by his Mother.

    Most of my life, I had many relationship but they were all superficial, materialistic based that was my definition of a relationship. I was also conditional in nature, I only want you if I get what I want, if I do not get what I want, I no longer pay attention to you. I never knew how a healthy normal, unconditional love relationship is, only what I saw in TV which made me a bit curious, until I met my twin flame even when I cheated, they never stopped their love and care for me. In fact at some point, I got involved with another person, and my twin flame walked to that person, told them to take care of me.

    I am not surprised to learn now that I was diagnosis with delusional disorder for 11 months because I simply thought they were still in my life but then I remembered I told them to walk away for good for the 5th or 6th time (I knew they never walked away before because they noticed I was not well whenever they leave so they came back to stick around until I assured them I will handle it myself). Since then, I know I have been happy (generally) because I know I had an angel that watched over me, I am no longer alone with these beautiful memories I hold to tightly. Why did I walk away? I couldn’t give them what they ultimately desire in life and they couldn’t give me what I ultimately desire in life, so I asked them to go be with someone who can fulfill their desires and when I learn that they had someone, I was happy and was able to let them go. I knew they weren’t mine anymore and I was at peace with it. Whenever I remember my memories with them, I sit alone & cry for hours, this is what I know is tears of joy hat wash any doubt, worry or troubled emotions about my future. That’s how LOA supported me to beat my worst enemy: depression for two decades.

    I still dated while with them & until now I do but every time someone comes around, I tell myself “I know how it feels when the real thing comes, a sense of calmness that brush away all worries”. I am not in a rush mainly because this relationship was deep & intense, it was probably deeper for me because it took my out of depression back to normality. That is when my psychiatric told me “Your depression is from your old past not those recent events but you need medical intervention for a while, to correct the hormones but I feel sometimes you want to repeat your past as a child, you are a grown successful adult who fought it off so keep going forward. Your depression is gone for good”.

    That is how I re-wrote my whole past story into a new beautiful version, that I feel on the mental and spiritual levels of my life. What I did a year ago, I bought a long chain, with their initial letters online, when I got it and wore it, their initial fell right there nearby my heart, I broke down in tears for 5-6 hours and every time I wear this chain, same thing happens. A beautiful happy ending story, that I can never stop myself, from cherish for those memories. I still think this person was not human, it must be an angel that came by, to change my inner world that has reflected in my outer world. I was probably living as an angel too but we both learn to be just humans, that was our major lesson, to accept our desires and move in alignment with them.

    In past few weeks, I was in intense experiences where I found myself mumble their name. I feel sometimes like a small child who wanted to feel this unconditional love (they were suppose to feel as a child who was still developing: it was okay to make mistakes, it was okay to get less than perfect grades, it was okay if you fail in something, things will be fine, you can get what you put your mind to, etc). I know my family, friends and colleagues did their best to guide me toward this materialistic future, but my twin flame has given me the foundation to live a spiritual life; without that final dosage from my twin flame, I wouldn't be able to enjoy life to begin with.

    While I was busy living in heaven with my twin flame, people in my life thought my emotional unavailability was my way to get back. I know they suffer & keep quiet but I also smiled and told myself "they will be fine just like I was fine". That's my story toward manifesting my ultimate desire: a connection with another. I know deep inside my twin flame has been upgraded to the image of the person I had ultimate connection to, those kind of bonds cannot be ever be broken.
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