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Thread: feeling,feeling,feeling and getting the feeling place

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    feeling,feeling,feeling and getting the feeling place

    this is my personal work thread

    happy to be here

    love that any doubts or nervous feelings regarding my new home can calm down and i can simply allow myself to feel peace
    love the peace here
    love that my life is moving forward
    i trust that my new place will be good
    everything is going the right direction
    things are going very well
    love this good feeling place
    love the happiness here
    love my zen here
    everything is going the way i want it
    i trust the universe
    this new place is really nice and i can feel it
    "i hate home moves" can be replaced with it all goes smoothly
    i can smooth out my feelings with:its all easy
    its believable because there are not too many things to do
    i believe that we can do it
    i can let go of overwhelment
    i can settle mentally in my new better place
    i can find peace there
    everything is going well and the universe is arranging everything
    i can find very nice harmony inside
    i feel this place is full of love,peace and harmony
    all is well

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    today is a very nice day
    i love peace and harmony at home
    i love something easy that i could focus on
    for example this energy flowing inside my body
    everything goes easily and smoothly and i can feel it

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    i feel excited now
    i follow my excitement
    its after seeing my imagination and visions
    i feel safety and easiness
    source takes care of me
    i surrender to source

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    today im happy cleaning
    cleaning makes me happy
    its actually quite absorbing
    i dont feel any tiredness
    its all very interesting
    i enjoy every interesting moment
    i saw a lot of interesting things
    i can enjoy some nice music now
    during this relaxation i can feel my future
    i can feel my desires
    i love feeling my new home
    i love feeling my feelings
    what a pleasant spa

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    i love feeling my home
    i love feeling one with source
    i love feeling these sandy wallpapers
    i love feeling this cosiness
    i love my warm blankets
    i love being here with my family
    i love all this sweet music
    i love this cosy feeling
    i love my wonderful time here

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    i love feeling peace
    i love feeling joy
    im at least able to feel it when im writing it
    i love visiting my vortex full of desires
    i love feeling my desire
    i love feeling that all is well
    i love feeling that god takes care of us
    i love feeling joy and beauty
    i love my wonderful time

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    i love my new home
    i love my lovely place
    i love my privacy here
    i love that its so peaceful and quiet here
    i love my wonderful time here
    its such a happy mood here
    i love feeling it

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    i love feeling my home
    i love the colours and the warmth
    i love feeling my peace,privacy and quiet
    i love my great garden
    i love great entertainment at home
    i love this fabulous place

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    i like the silver mirror
    i like the comfy cushions
    i like this elegant walpaper
    i like these reclining armchairs
    i like this shaggy rug
    i like this coffee table
    i like this whitewashed oak effect furniture
    i like these lamps
    i like the softness
    i like the comfort
    i love it how i can stretch my legs

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