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Thread: Main take-homes from the Alaska cruise

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    Main take-homes from the Alaska cruise

    I just returned from the Alaska cruise! It was soooooooo wonderful! The best part was the deepening of my understanding of Abraham's teachings. I want to share some insights that really stood out to me.

    Meditation gives MAXIMUM bang for buck
    Abraham spent the entire first session talking about meditation, and returned to this topic frequently throughout the cruise. What really fell into place in a new way for me was
    - make meditation as simple as possible, but find the specifics that work for you. You're an individual and you're unique and there is no one right way. We're here to discover the power and joy in our own unique journey with these universal laws
    - meditation is the most powerful technique because it stops resistance while you are conscious and awake. It allows the stream of wellbeing to take you, and this alone is enough to significantly change the dominant momentum of your vibration. It really is worth it. Because feeling good is the name of the game, and this is the quickest most powerful way to feel good
    - we're constantly attracting thought, based on our dominant vibration. Meditation raises our vibration, meaning we're able to attract high vibration thougths, in other words, it gets us into a state where we can RECEIVE THOUGHTS DIRECTLY FROM OUR INNER BEING, and this is truly they key to living the happy lives we meant to live. So get into this receiving mode! NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS!
    Abraham frequently shared the power of a constant sound as a point of focus during meditation. I have always used my breath, but I finally relented and agreed to try to use sound as a focus. I like it. It's easier to focus on than breath. I've since downloaded a beautiful inexpensive meditation/sleep app that has various sounds/noises that I can adjust, and I've been loving using pink noise for my meditation.

    Leave your friends out of it
    This was a strong message for me personally. Don't expect or require anyone else to understand, agree, validate, affirm my understanding of Abraham and my application of the processes or my progress. This is about me and my inner being only. Bringing others into it just introduces additional resistance. I understood this in a new way through the cruise.

    Feeling better FEELS BETTER. The path of least resistance FEELS BETTER.
    Again this was something I felt in a new way, not sure if it was triggered by anything in particular that Abraham said or if it was just the result of understanding the teachings in a new way. I have often resisted seeking a better feeling thought or changing the subject because I have believed these options feel worse. But they don't! It really does feel better! And if it doesn't feel better, I either haven't given it 17 seconds, or I haven't yet hit on a thought that fits.
    Changing the subject doesn't feel better for the first few seconds. It does actually take 17 seconds, which can feel like a long time when I'm down in the lower reaches of the EGS! But, if I just persist (either focusing on a sound, or ANYTHING else that's easy to focus on) for a little while I do actually tangibly feel better, and I can return to the troubling subject later and rework it if necessary (Eg if it's something I'll keep bumping up against). It really is worth doing because it really does feel better LOL!

    Take it easy
    It's never done. There will always be new contrast and there'll always be resistance. Resistance is a form of contrast. Don't dwell on it. Let yourself off the hook. Don't think about it, don't try to understand it, don't analyse it. Now is OLD NEWS! It is done! Be easy on yourself whenever you're out of the vortex!!!

    The vortex is the most current version of you. Your past is so irrelevant, such old news. The only real significance of the past is that it created your vortex. Other than that it's irrelevant, and it is totally uninteresting. The vortex is where it's at. There's no need whatsoever to ever focus on the past. Any focus on the past is never going to feel as good as focusing what's in the vortex. Don't explain, justify, analyse anything. Pay attention to how it feels when you do. Never feels as good as focusing on NOW, and the most current now is the vortex version, that which is JUST AHEAD, about to be manifested .... yipeeee!!!!!!

    The vibrational journey is fundamentally different to the action journey, it feels better and is so much more fun
    Can't really add much to explain that! Says it all! Moulding it into place by moulding my vibration FEELS SO DAMN GOOD.

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    THANK YOU Peia!!
    So very very much appreciated!

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    Reading your summary of the cruise is refreshing and has added good valuable information to me.
    Thank you for sharing! Much love and appreciation

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    Thank you Peia! I feel Ease and Gentleness in your words.

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    Thank you for transcribing! I liked the last 2 paragraphs "Take it easy" and "The vortex is your starting point" brought me tremendous relief.

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    What wonderful notes! Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to hearing the whole workshop!

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    Oh me too! It was absolutely exhilerating, we went to new leading edge places - in the last two days particularly.

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    Love feeling how it lands with you all thank you for sharing your appreciation

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    Thank you for the lovely notes, Peia. Sounds like an absolutely glorious time!

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