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Thread: Friends doing pretty well

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichKing View Post
    It also worked for ME & my vibration. There is a saying that goes something like "If you bless another person, you first get blessed for it". You see that when you buy a Christmas present for a child. Yeah, the child is going to feel awesome when he receives that present. BUT you already felt awesome before that, since it felt sooo good to buy the present as you thought about the smile that would be on their face.

    And, yes, it's a double-win when you plan something & then you milk it on the way: like I was saying, it's a form of foreplay. It's not just the actual "final act" that is going to bring you pleasure, but it's also the whole way there that can be just as exciting & fun.
    Yes, exactly its fun ALL along the way. Which is exactly what Abe teach isn't it, that there is no happy ending to an unhappy journey! Happiness IS the journey. Love the inspirational vibe that you were able to maintain and share with your friends. Such a great story. Milk it as much as you can enjoy.

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    RichKing!!!thank you so much !!! How wonderful i was inspired and ready to read this first thing in the morning!!!

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