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Thread: how do we know that what other people are doing doesn't matter to our manifestations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delilah View Post
    Abraham says this physical experience is not Kindergarten. It is leading edge. So I am a fearless explorer; a molder and creator of worlds.

    (...) I remember fear is Self-Inflicted Nonsense (sin). It is False Evidence Appearing Real.

    I curse, rant and rage. I feel annoyed, angry, disappointed, scared and bored. I have a good cry and take a deep breath.
    Pure gold! I´m already quoting you. Thank you, Delilah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delilah View Post

    Star fairy
    : I want to be clear. My IB’s post was not meant to be a “How To” for you replicate. The narrative was meant to help you remember the basics taught by Abraham. Any architect will tell you a good foundation can keep a structure from falling.

    Like discovering we are superhero’s, we must first acknowledge our uniqueness, and then learn how to manage and wield our power. Even a superhero has to develop a practice, and then practice over and over until they feel ready to kick some butt.

    You wanted to know HOW you could trust one person in the vortex was more powerful than one who is not. Well, being in the vortex means a significant stream of wellbeing is still flowing to your heart and mind. It means you are still consciously in touch with the Source of your power.

    My narrative was an example of how I move energy in the rare instance I feel stuck. A lot of times getting un-stuck involves more details like changing my story, changing a belief or expectation, or taking my focus off of the contrast once and for all.

    My daily practice consists of basic BFT’s. Remembering them each morning keeps the resistance in the face of contrast down to a minimum, and keeps the wellbeing flowing. Feeling better does not have to feel like a struggle. BFT’s you believe with all your heart can work wonders in no time.

    I hope you will develop a practice that works for you, and then keep your focus on practicing until feeling better and feeling good (in the face of contrast), comes easily and feels natural.

    Shake off the frustration as you do this work. Be easy on yourself. Abraham says you can’t get it wrong. If you feel frustrated as you practice it means you are taking score too soon.

    Remember, experiencing contrast and feeling a full range of emotions is part of why we are here. We can choose to stay OOTV for as long as we like. Having a practice for getting ITV again -- is priceless.

    I would suggest forgetting about “the stuff” for awhile and focus on your developing your powers. Train your vibrations and “your stuff” is a given.

    You’ve listened to Abraham for years. You’ve got this. Now is the time to focus. Train those vibrations so that you can get out there and kick some butt!

    thanks for the clarifications and this whole narrative <3 I do understand. You're also wise to suggest to me to focus on developing my powers. It's a super cool way to put that; it's very helpful to me these days. I do "got this" - Focus has been a "signal" I've been getting for a long time and this is definitely my time to start living it - I'm really jazzed about that!


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    Star fairy: I am so happy for you. Never, ever forget you are unconditionally loved and appreciated (by your IB) beyond measure. Tap into that delicious power and feel renewed and refreshed whenever the need arises. Offering your perspectives on the forum and participating in a local Abe group may also help to keep Abe's teachings in focus.

    Thank you POE. I didn’t come up with the acronyms I just try to remember them.

    I think Esther’s new book should be entitled ***REMEMBER!*** or ***WAKE UP!***

    As physical beings we are inclined to forget. Even Seasoned Aber’s fall back into habits like:

    • Resisting instead of allowing people and circumstances to be as they are. Resisting doesn’t work, LOA only sends us more.
    • Blaming others and circumstances for the way we feel when we are 100% responsible for our feelings and circumstances.
    • Trying to change people and circumstances through action instead of changing our focus, beliefs and feelings.
    • Forgetting our reality (with a buffet of things on which to focus), is simply energy that is being shaped and molded by our desires and our choices to feel better - good at any given moment.
    • Forgetting we came here for the JOY -- of feeling a range of emotions and shaping and molding our reality.

    I still believe posting on this forum benefits the poster. I feel so much better. Thank you Star fairy for asking your question.

    I don’t know where I’d be without the teachings of Abraham, Abe support groups and this forum. I’ve received an education here on the forum that is far more valuable and more relevant than the education represented by all the degrees I hold.

    Making a significant financial donation to this forum is still in my vortex.

    Thank you Abraham, David and Moderators!


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