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Thread: Manifesting Another Desired Future (After My Future Came True)

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    Manifesting Another Desired Future (After My Future Came True)

    I have written this piece to reach for BFTs in relation to my current work/job and as a desire to manifest my own business. Kindly let me know should you have any comments on it, this is my attempt to practice the teachings after starting to read in Astonish Power of Emotions:

    I am glad to see that my office is now taken care of properly especially the perfect room temperature up on my arrival. I am glad that my work assignments are less than usual. I know I have not be satisfied with my work lately but I am glad the situation has improved. I am glad I am not bothered much while at work or after work. I know I am a bit frustrate at times with my job situation not improving in terms of salary or money or other things such as more relaxing job position but I do view glimpses of it improving very soon. I know I am happy and now slowly feel freedom, after my ex-boss have left the company few years ago, and that my manager will be leaving the company soon too. I know I did not like them and had spent a long period of time to avoid them at all expenses. I am glad when I met our new board member, he was a very nice person and he suggested to use up free time to do things for myself. I know I made a lot of vibrational work to reach the stage where I am more free and less pressured at work. I know that things will improve tremendenously over the next few years toward the better and best for me. These days I am happy I have more freedom than I did before. I am happy that I have gained more experience than I did before. I am happy that I have a stable income at the lowest trouble possible. I know I will continue to maintain such situation for as long as possible while I manifest my own business hopefully I am inspired for an action as soon as possible. I know I would like a small to medium sized business with few employees to take care of every aspect of it. I know I would like to make as much profit as possible (somewhere between 40-70%) while reducing the operation costs to minimal. I know I would like to deal with large firms and companies to market or sell my products. I know I am fully capable of this and it is only a matter of time, until the economic situation stabilize, based on what I read in the news papers, hopefully sometimes end of next year would be perfect for such.

    I have taken that as a signal for me to write this piece and start to focus on improving my career while trying to manifest the lottery prize. I know that in the past I had a desire to be in stock market, and now it has been few years, my performance is not bad at all but it can be improved further. However I feel it is time to focus on other aspects also.

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    Wouldn't it Be Nice?

    1) I know that my job pays me realistically. Wouldn't it be nice if I am paid more money?
    2) I know that my job provides me with ease while going through assignment. Wouldn't it be nice if my assignment schedule is reduced?
    3) I know that my job location is the best and the area has nice furniture and privacy is excellent. Wouldn't be nice if I get an even better location?
    4) I know that sometimes I am a little annoyed by the traffic and I like to go a bit earlier to avoid it. Wouldn't it be nice if my work route is traffic free and always flowing?
    5) I know that I do love the type of work we do. Wouldn't it be nice if I manifest another position or job with the same type of work that I enjoy at a much higher rate and contract facilities?
    I know that I have support from our management. Wouldn't be nice if this support is translated into a higher salary or income with more facilities at lowest possible assignments or responsibilities (or most of them are delegated to a professional administration staff)?
    7) I know that I have respect from our management. Wouldn't be nice if I have a beautiful experience that shows their respect to me in public?
    8) I know that I like my job. Wouldn't it be nice if I also manifest a second income and my own business to feel security in my finances?
    9) I know that my job has given me good experience in my field. Wouldn't it be nice if my assigned work is focused more on gaining new experience in rare areas ?
    10) I know that my job has given me good resources in my field. Wouldn't it be nice if my resources start to assist me to find better opportunities in my field?

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    My Wallet Process (after two weeks of work on it)

    Transaction Reasons
    ($170) New Hookah For Display
    ($20,000) Investment in Bonds
    ($4,000) New Houses Drawings
    ($400,000) New Houses Construction
    ($70,000) New Car, Sport and Luxury
    ($100,000) House Staff (maids, driver, gardener)
    ($65,000) New Car, Salon & Practical
    ($3,000) New Hair Styling
    ($540,000) Three lands properties
    Spending Plan for the Lottery Money
    So. Now I am going to win $1,200,000!
    Which means winning the lottery grand prize twice!
    I am gonna update my state by increasing the tickets
    for the draws or raffle
    2 chances for location 1
    7 chances for location 2
    I have decided how to spend them for just now!
    I still have more idea for what comes next!

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    I am not at the Judge chair to make a decision about staying or going from my current employment.
    I know that if I was unable to resolve any vibrational contradictions, I will manifest the same situation over & over.
    Therefore I have made a solid decision two years ago, to just go with the flow and see where it will take me.
    I do not really know what the company management and stakeholders know or think about my work or other employees work.
    I really know very little about other employees who work here, I also do not feel it is my role to hear about it since their bosses monitor them.
    What I keep hearing from our management does not ring a bell. I do not understand their motives or intention behind some of their statements or instructions sometimes.
    Nevertheless, I have always found the BFTs from my perspective and have taken inspired action accordingly. It has helped me to manifest a near-desired state of being.
    I think most of the time my management is happy with my work. Other times they just understand that I am just doing my best. It feels balanced in some ways now. It is a relief.
    I do not see a necessity to approach them anymore since I am simply doing my work although the office scene seems too political & competitive with a new wave coming.
    I know some of my colleagues warned me about some employees who dislike me at my work place who try to misterpret my words or actions to the upper management.
    I do not care much about them, they are disconnected beings, unable to tune into themselves or others at all.
    I have delivered my point of view to our management in regards to those employees twice so far. I do not see a necessity to go beyond that.
    I do enjoy the variety and experience gained from working there. I know I gain knowledge and competencies in areas that are up to date and will increase my chance and potential for a higher position or another job altogether or increase in my pay rise or contract facilities.
    I have learned to make any task that I am doing, interesting with a life on its own. I know being there has many advantages more than the disadvantages. I do have the ability to keep myself happily in balance every time I decide to. I know what I appreciate the most is that management and employees use indirect tactics to communicate with me their requirements to collaborate with them.
    As for the disconnected being, they are simply sabotaging themselves and trying to blame that on me, when it is their own wrongdoings.
    So every situation or experience I had that has irritated or annoyed me has set me to a new improved future experiences. Especially conflict with other employees or management.
    I thank the Higher Power for this contrasting and wish to focus on my desires to get what I want now, instead of what I do not want anymore.
    I know that lately I have been aligned where I could even predict future outcomes of situations. It has amazed me really and saved me a lot of trouble by history repeating itself. Does that mean I have outgrown my job? I feel in a way, I have but in other ways, it remains unknown to me.
    Therefore it explains my first sentence I cannot make the decision and need inspiration from Higher Power.
    I learned that physical actions (whether repeated presistentely, whether using intensity or not) will not change an outcome of a purely vibrational situation that is driven by negative momentum that require inner reflection to resolve any split energy or conflicting ideas.
    Now I feel calmer and more able to focus. I will say my most honest opinion about how I feel about my workplace.
    I used to hate seeing these personality clashes but as time pass by I have noticed they are among a group cliche that has a very low vibration
    they even admit they are low and enjoy living in the muddy aspects of life. I do not judge them anymore, I only describe them, for the purpose of, explaining how I feel about them. I honestly do not care about them. They are free to do their wrongdoings and keep getting the blame for it or keep blaming each other as a low vibration group cliché.
    I shall continue to fly by myself away from the muddy aspects of things, knowing that there is a bright future to just come. These misguided beings in my office have positive aspect to them, they try their best to respect me regardless, they also praise me when it’s due time to it. Further more they do not annoy or interest me as often as others does. I know they still have negative aspect which I intentionally ignore and get less from it. I have been too busy, focusing on what I want. Now I feel I must have outgrown this place, so this next logical step should appear out of nowhere.
    Now, coming to the medium vibration group clichés, those are simply thinking that they know my best interest, more than I know it myself. Although I have made it clear I won’t engage with them or the low vibration group clichés. I feel a lot of employees has came to acceptance that I do not engage in office politics and only work through the office dynamic, if not creating it myself sometimes.
    I know I have never asked anyone to behave differently so that I can feel good. Although at some stage, I have to re-establish my boundaries to remove chaos or drama out of my experiences.
    It is now in the hands of the management to decide what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. I do trust it will serve all parties involved, but I do care about it serving me toward my next destination. That has been my focus, what I desire, and how to manifest it vibrationally.
    I know that my well being matters a lot to me, I know everyone else well being matters a lot to them, I know that at the end of the day, I am happy being in the light when I focus on what I want and I also realize that other are happy being in the dark or between dark and light when they focus on what they do not want or a mix of what they want and what they do not want.
    So is their misfortune my responsibility? Not really. Life has taught me that I shall care about how I feel and reach for best feeling thoughts. I know that I do not even call them my enemies, I simply call them the misguided ones now. I know that I do not even call them friends, I simply call them the in-between ones now. I think people sometimes make a choice to sabotage themselves and causing themselves harm more than I should pay attention to since they have no control over my experience and cannot really sabotage me in anyway.
    I have always desired a professional working environment. Where employee simply do their job and mind their own business. By minding their own business, I would say they will simply focus on their desire and what they want, instead of sitting to complain about their misfortune and what they do not want.
    I also still desire a work place that works in harmony and in synchronize with the flow of the company as a whole. I know that for us as a department, we are a cooperative component, of that large aspect of the company’s other cooperative components. I know that if we do not slow down our rhythm to match the pace of other departments, we will outgrow the full company and become a separate entities that is less effective and less efficient as a non-cooperative component now.
    I know LOA has always given me what I desire but what if what I desire now is to have a higher pay rise or higher position and engage in new responsibilities and authorities.

    • I expect to manifest a new opportunity that will give me the new knowledge and experience that will also benefit in my life and self improvement.
    • I expect to manifest a new opportunity that has a financial improvement in my overall life, whether through pay rise or new promotion.
    • I expect to manifest a new harmonized workplace where subordinates take up their work assignments individually and professional without much request of my guidance or support to undertake their own assignments.
    • I expect to manifest new employees who are young and fresh who become my supporters and assist me achieve my work goals through the shared desire to co-create that into our department as a cooperative component and company as overall.
    • I expect to manifest easier job requirements, reporting, administration, management, etc.
    • I expect less paper work, less progress reports, more brainstorm session, more training opportunities, less procedures and conflict among them, more reliance of risk assessment and analysis.
    • I expect to manifest a new version of myself, who is aligned and harmonized, toward what serves them best, toward a bright, happy future yet to come.
    • I expect to develop resources and contact and network that will serve me achieve whatever I desire and whatever would serve me the best through the application of the LOA.
    • I expect my life schedule starts to synchronize my work schedule to fit its intended intentions that will serve in achieve of my desires and using least resistance path to manifest effortlessly.
    • I expect my new manifested opportunity opens the door for me to establish my own business and have the best practices to it at the higher secure stable profit to make a second income.
    • I expect our management to decide to give me a new employment package with higher pay rise and contract facilities and flexible working hours and e-meeting tools for my new manifest opportunity.
    • I expect our management decide it is time for me to relax into a new position, where I will have all the support needed, to facility information effortless, to achieve my goals while my role is completely separated from my subordinate roles.

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    Yesterday, I have done two things, while I stayed up at night, I was actively working on my vibration.
    Wrote rampage of appreciation for my work place and future opportunities related to my owned business or second income or career advancement, etc.
    2) Played Prosperity Game, after I completed the Wallet Process (in the course 10 days or little more).

    Prosperity Game (Process 5)

    Date Transaction Type
    12/8/2017 $500 Deposit
    12/8/2017 ($10) Dinner
    12/8/2017 ($18) Gas
    12/8/2017 ($400) Car Repair
    12/8/2017 ($72) Grooming

    • When I completed my vibrational work, I was surprised to notice that my visual mind has a photo of something very undesirable, that has grown in size x100! That was not a bad thing, thank you High Power, for bring to my attention, how fast my stream has become and how large my desire is.
    • I understood that I am expanding, and my desire has grown large, but I shall pay attention, to any split or negative energy. My stream does feel definitely faster but I also feel a little tired therefore I am going a little General about it until I am able to understand momentum and energy leverages.
    • I have set my intention since last night to simply find more of LOA respond to how to clear up my negative momentum slowly and change it toward positive momentum before I go up to speed with what I desire.
    • So before I fell asleep, I slowly noticed what I do not desire, go back to its origional small size. I think I was successful but I still would like to learn more about clearing my own vibrations. I do not wish to make any quantum leaps, at same time I know that if my stream goes faster, with split energy still active, I will manifest both what I desire and what I don't. I am reaffirming my intentions to clear up any split energy in my vibrations starting now as my momentum has slow up a lot lately.

    So in the next morning, I decided to look up the ad I posted last night, and my aim was to get at least 100 hits within the first 24 hours. Now, I did calculate my total ad hits and there it was 101 in the first 14 hours or so haha. I was thrilled and excited now that there is no further physical work needed from my side for now. It is time to hand it over to my Universal Manager to take care of it.
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    Rampage of Appreciation (Process 1) followed by Scripting (Process 9)

    So I am sitting here, sitting my intention, to imagine my new future. I love my future that I live in now for these reasons:
    · I have completed my studies to the best of my ability and hold an excellent degree that will serve me to get more job opportunities than anyone else regardless of the economic situations, etc.
    · I have completed large portion of my training and gained experience in my work field in a way that will get me even more job advancement than anyone else.
    · I have manifested my major desire into my reality, to own my property and start to build my own house. It is the perfect location and features to my desire but I still aim for even better until I decide if I will settle with it completely
    Since I started working on my vibrations, I do not feel an urge to be in a hurry. I still would like to take things slow for around 4 months to one year from now to explore a little more variety before I settle into things.
    · I also have a very good car that has served me to transport easily and I am thanking the Higher Power for maintain it. My aim is to maintain it more and utilize it to the best of its capabilities at the lowest maintenance costs as usual.
    · I also have manifest a lot of the medium and small things (my own gym, my own guitar, my own furniture, my own wardrobe, my own medical & food items, my own spiritual & education resources, my own investment & stocks) into my reality, that came to my desire state features, but I would still like to enjoy them, while keeping my mind open up, for more possibilities to explore in the future.
    Today, I feel I have manifested my future as desire before probably a decade. I know there are some desire that still did not come out and some desires that require either expansion or modification. Generally speaking, I feel I am satisfied with my manifested future that became my HERE & NOW. My desire now is to manifest a new expanded future. So I am planning the vibrational work for it starting now to enjoy the pleasure of giving birth to new rockets of desires to create a new destination on my way toward expansion.
    My intention now is set on creating a visual reality script, so I am sitting here loving every bit of my here and now.
    I do imagine my new future, myself waking up in the morning at 4 am, having my morning walk for a 4k or so, in an area nearby the sea short, at reasonable weather conditions, using the most comfortable sports outfit. I do see myself walking in a medium pace, using my heart monitor, to keep my HR at the 65-80% zone, to ensure that I lose fat while I simply enjoy my time.
    While I walk, I watch the sunrise. It has been a scene I never image to see from where I live. The sky would have a combination of colors (violet, orange, red, blue, green mixed up in a way, that makes the sunlight barely visible to the observe). I have taken photos in the past and will upload them to my Magical Box of creation.
    When I walk, I feel myself, slowly going back, into physical alignment, while I readjust my emotions, to achieve a vibrational alignment, with my desires and outcome.
    I would probably return home by 5:30am, take a lovely refreshing shower to cool me off, releasing any negative energy on my way, then getting ready to go to my work place sometimes at 6 or 6:30am.
    I used to enjoy an early morning breakfast but I would like my breakfast now to be a little later. Sometimes at 10:00am would sound perfect after I have done my morning routine. My morning routine is variety now.
    · I like to prepare my Waterpipe for a 30-45 minutes session to slow me down. I do find the practice of preparing and maintaining my Waterpipe is more pleasant than smoking it.
    · I like to start my TV and watch some TV shows, etc for 30-45 minutes to take my mind off completely as a distraction. I know that there are some good TV material now that will come to my satisfaction. I also utilize my first 2-3 hours at work, to handle any urgent matter related to my work or genrally speaking in life. Afterward I can relax and let things flow, leaving it to my Universal Manager to decide on what I should do. I also like to read the paper or ads, to see what is going on, in my field and generally speaking in life. I know that I like to keep my scripting limited to my first 9 hours of the day. While the rest of hours, I prefer to leave it to my Universal Manager to take care of it. However, generally speaking, I do imagine myself drinking more water, relaxing whenever I can, taking a nap when possible, enjoy a full deep night sleep. I am going General about things that are more difficult and went Specific about doable things from my experience.

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    My Prosperity Game (Process 4)

    13/8/2017 $1,000 Deposit
    13/8/2017 ($200) Necklace
    13/8/2017 ($530) Gold Bracelette
    13/8/2017 ($17) Dessert
    13/8/2017 ($50) Dinner
    13/8/2017 ($203) New Home Gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by practicebyignoring View Post
    So. Now I am going to win $1,200,000!
    Which means winning the lottery grand prize twice!
    I am gonna update my state by increasing the tickets
    for the draws or raffle
    2 chances for location 1
    7 chances for location 2
    I have decided how to spend them for just now!
    I still have more idea for what comes next!
    I was inspired to increase my chances for winning to
    2 chance location 1
    21 chance location 2

    Quote Originally Posted by practicebyignoring View Post
    So in the next morning, I decided to look up the ad I posted last night, and my aim was to get at least 100 hits within the first 24 hours. Now, I did calculate my total ad hits and there it was 101 in the first 14 hours or so haha. I was thrilled and excited now that there is no further physical work needed from my side for now. It is time to hand it over to my Universal Manager to take care of it.

    Second day, my ad got 156 hits. Not bad but now inspired to post more ads.

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    Placement Process (No. 10)

    Things I will do Today Things I will leave to Universal Manager
    • Watch TV
    • Drink Water
    • Enjoy Meals
    • Center Myself

    ROA: I appreciate & thank the Higher Power, for everything that came into my life experience, that has causing me to create my here and now.
    Note to the Self: Oh it is just 4 items, not a lot of work, very doable things. I removed 6 item as a gift to Self.
    1. Take care of my life aspects as desired.
    2. Take care of my well being aspects as desired.
    3. Take care of my career aspects as desired.
    4. Take care of my investment aspects as desired.
    5. Take care of my new owned business aspects as desired.
    6. Take care of generating a stable second income on monthly basis as desired.
    7. Take care of my twin flame and any of their co-creation soothing requirements as desired (lol).
    8. Take care of generating money into my life on daily basis.
    9. Take care of my vibrational and momentum change toward positive aspects as desired.
    10. Take care of my new expansion and future to come as desired.
    11. Take care of my new involvement with people in stock market and making most beneficial outcome from the interaction that will serve me achieve my goals.

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    Prosperity Game (Process No. 5)

    14/8/2017 $2,000 Deposit
    14/8/2017 ($21) Gas
    14/8/2017 ($13) Brekie & Desert
    14/8/2017 ($530) New Phone
    14/8/2017 ($40) Message
    14/8/2017 ($1,396) Buy Stocks

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