Hello again! Thank you, thank you, everyone, for your responses! I've read what you've had to say and been trying to make peace with where I am.

"The more you practice ignoring or walking away from unwanted conversations, the fewer unwanted conversations you'll run into. The more you focus on what is wanted, the more wanted conversations you run into. As you get better at ignoring and turning away, it's amazing how all of the complaining and hand wringing peters out and turns into sweet, fun exchanges all day long."
I've been practicing the past couple days to do this, being really aware if I was complaining about something (even comedically so), and watching which conversations I put myself around. Apparently, I've been practicing this 'funny complaining' quite a lot. However, on the day I really though about not doing it, I did notice an improved mood in myself and an improved mood of those who encountered me. I'm gong to keep doing this because it felt really great.

Thank you, Marc, for your long, in-depth response. This had a lot of things I think I needed to hear. Moving forward, I'll try to note my expectations with other people. As you pointed out, just me expecting them to throw me out of alignment is probably what is attracting them and their alignment-bursting to me. (After all, Abraham has said that we get what we think about and expect. I could tell a new story about who I am going to interact with and how they will make me feel).

"Why? What's so awful about where you are? That's not to suggest that there's anything wrong with wanting to get wherever you want to go, but what's all the angst about?"
I wouldn't say there's anything awful about it (in fact, there is a to be grateful for!). I think during the couple days that I wrote these initial posts, I was feeling that way because Over There, I can do things that I need to do. I want to work on big projects that require a lot of capital and resources that I do not yet have. There's nothing wrong with where I am now (truly, I do have a lot of be grateful for when I focus on that. This awesome couch I'm sitting on, for example!), but I want to be playing in the "Big Leagues", so to speak, and was getting a little frustrated that I was/am not yet able to. Based on what you said, I've been trying to make peace with where I am, and enjoy the present, and be fine with what I have manifested thus far (which is really quite a lot!)

"What's wrong with focusing on the parts of "What Is" that you DO like?"
You're right. I should be doing this, and only this. Thanks!

"Think about where you want to be if you're able to enjoy thinking about it. If you're doing it because you're trying to make yourself launch over there, then you just use your not being over there your reason to push against where you are. So yes, make the best of where you are on your way to where you want to be."
OMG THANK YOU. This makes so much sense. So, I think "doing it because you're trying to make yourself launch over there" is totally what I was doing. Sorry, I got a little confused! All right, I'm going to think about the things I enjoy about right now. Where I am on this journey. Not try and think about the future to get myself Over There, but just do bask in my imagination and do "would it be fun if--?" or "wouldn't it be nice if--" type things.

Am I getting this more right now?