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Thread: Anyone from Western PA?

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    Anyone from Western PA?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone is from the Eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

    I have been believing for an Abe group in my area, I'd love to meet some like minded people to discuss the teachings.

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    I'm about an hour north of Pittsburgh. I had just been thinking about workshops / meetups etc as well. I'm very new to all of this still though. I just purchased Ask and It is Given, because it seems to be the most recommended book, at least on this forum, which is where I first learned about the teachings. If there is a meet up group, I'd be interested also in monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly meetings etc.

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    Hi luckygirl - I am from Greensburg. I sent you a friend request. Let's try to connect!

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    Welcome out of lurking, jillZ!

    (I'm not nearby; just being friendly.)

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