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Thread: 2 Manifesting Stories

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    2 Manifesting Stories

    Hi all,
    I'm new here and thought I would introduce myself by starting with the positive and sharing 2 quick manifesting stories from the last two months:

    (1) Last week, I needed a new purse (old one had fallen apart). I searched online for a few hours, ended up at the website of a manufacturer who'd made a previous purse I really liked, and clicked on a style and color that looked interesting. When I saw the photo I thought/felt, "That looks nice!". It was discontinued, but I found it on another website for less than the original MSR price.

    Never having seen it in person, and therefore not committed to the outcome, plus needing something right away, I instead went first to a local outlet store to look at their purses. Seeing nothing suitable, I went to Macy's, knowing they carried the brand I'd liked before. I saw the style of purse I'd seen on the website, but only in boring black and brown, so I asked the sales clerk about the color I'd seen on the manufacturer's website. He dug around a bit and came back with exactly one of the ones I'd seen in the photo; their last one, and on sale for roughly half the MSR price because it had been discontinued.

    Time from wanting to manifesting: Less than 24 hours. (I'll be honest here and say that once I saw it in person, I wasn't as enthralled with it as I had been with the photo. I had him hold it for me while I looked around, but found nothing better or more suitable than that one, and at such a great price, too. I bought it.)

    (2) This was the one that really got my attention. I'd been affirming/had the intention and visualization, "Money flows to me easily" for a short while. An old friend emailed me asking for my current mailing address because she wanted to send me something. I assumed it was going to be a copy of the CD she'd been working on, that I'd helped her with (and she had paid me for that help in a professional capacity). But around the time of my birthday, in the mail I received a check from her for $100, as a birthday gift.

    This was so completely unexpected and random that it gave me goosebumps. We've known each other almost our whole lives and she's never given me money as a birthday gift, nor is she, as far as I know, in a much better financial situation than I am. In fact, no one in my whole life (I'm in my 50s) that was not related to me has ever given me a birthday check. So this one REALLY caught my attention.

    I've been listening to Abraham books and talks since then like they were the air I needed to breathe. I was introduced to the LOA at a much younger age but, feeling it "didn't really work for me", had pretty much given up believing in the concept. I wish I could say I was now strong in my certainty of its validity, but, like everyone else, I have my dark moments of denial. Listening to yet another talk is the thing that usually releases me from the grip of that.

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    So cool now you know how to do it! ❤️��

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