My Inner Being and God/Source/Universe and All-Good-Beings tell me that it is possible when I am aligned with it.

Well I see evidence of me being in my most prefered job. I am finishing a contract with a company that functions mostly due to engineering work, so there are engineers near me at my position. In the past, when I was searching, it seemed there was not engineering vacancies in my area. Now, as I am clear about what I want, there are many and some are specific to my field in the area I live.
This evidence makes me happy and relaxed. This is LOA at working. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The Universe is good.

I took the step to get the job. I just sent my CV. Well, that is the path of least resistance. How can they hire me, just send the CV, let them know me, that is the way they contact me in order to get me for the job.

I like the clarity. I am appreciating this process. By now, I got some ideas like "I could go to company ABC next Monday" and talk to them. I like that idea because I enjoy talking to people, being open to hear them, letting them know who I am. I feel closer to be hired because I am in contact with the owners/recruiters. I like to be in the leading edge.