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Thread: Quotes about work- and career

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    Donīt contradict your action!

    “There are a lot of people who say
    “I have to do this, but I want to do that” and
    “I have to do this but I want to do that”.

    And we want you to reach the place where you say,
    and really mean it, “I can derive pleasure
    from anything I am involved in.

    I can feel good no matter what I’m doing”.


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    Reduce your workload by 30%
    and increase your fun load by 30%.
    And you will increase your revenues by 100%.
    And you will increase your productivity by 10,000%.

    (If there could be such a percentage.)

    More fun, less struggle - more results on all fronts!


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    Kings of the molehills...

    When you shift your point of attraction,
    everything shifts; everything shifts. Everything shifts.
    And as it shifts from inside the vortex, it shifts for the better.

    You keep that up a little bit,
    people watching you will say "What is your magic?"
    And you'll say I stopped trying so hard,
    I discovered that effort was counterproductive,
    because the time I felt that I needed to offer the most effort
    was at the time I was offering the most resistant vibration.
    And I discovered I could not buck my own current.

    All I did was wear myself down, break myself down,
    and defeat myself and make it harder.
    -"So what did you decide to do?" They ask.
    "You decided to stop effort?
    If you stop effort, won't the world come to a screeching halt?
    -Then they really come after you!
    Well if nobody went to work then what kind of world would it be?"

    -Happier. (Audience laughter)

    But that's not what we're suggesting, we are not saying
    don't go to work; we are saying
    don't go, unless you're in the vortex.

    We are not saying don't have a meaningful conversation;
    we are saying don't have it unless you're sure you're in the vortex.
    We're not saying don't offer action;
    we are saying let action be inspired from inside the vortex
    and the action will not only will be profoundly more productive...

    ...Oh, the leverage from inside the vortex is almost incalculable!
    The effort from inside the vortex,
    the leverage from inside the vortex is huge.

    Because you have the energy that creates worlds
    flowing through you and the cooperative components are immense.
    But we are not encouraging you to offer effort from outside the vortex,
    because it backfires.

    Now there are a lot of people, in fact most everybody you know
    spends most of their time outside the vortex.
    They don't know about vibration;
    they don't know what they're emotions mean;
    they want to be positive and they try,
    they make some effort to be, but they're not really managing
    their vibrational flow very well.

    So most people are outside the vortex most of the time.
    And then they gather together in groups on the internet
    or just in neighborhoods; law of attraction
    sort of brings them in their similarities together.
    And they come up with conclusions about how they
    and everybody else should live life.

    Laws are made from that group.
    In other words, they are the ones that decide,
    they sort out the good piles from the bad piles;
    they decide what's the right way of life and what's the wrong way of life
    and we will acknowledge that among those outside-the-vortex-efforters,
    that it is evident when someone is trying and when someone isn't.

    They have diplomas. They have better paying jobs in many cases,
    they live in nicer houses in many cases.
    Those who effort; you can tell which ones are trying
    and which ones aren't in that out-of-the-vortex group.

    But friends! It's the out-of-the-vortex group!
    It's like being king of the molehill.

    It's the out-of-the-vortex group. In other words,

    the masters come from in the vortex.
    Your clarity, your inspiration, your creations, your inventions,
    your wonderful new ideas, your zest for life, iow-
    come from the inside-the-vortex group, you see.

    Boca Raton, March 2011

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    "Once you align with your desire,
    the Energy that creates worlds will flow through you... which means
    and Passion
    and Triumph!

    That is your destiny."
    --- Abraham

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    Your CALLING

    Could you speak of the interplay between choice and destiny?

    ALL that you call destiny IS CHOICE.

    What feels like destiny are the incremental choices, that you made
    by knowing what you do want and knowing what you donīt want.
    And throwing them, indicidually, into your Vortex.

    (...) When you get a whiff of your Vortex, it feels like destiny!
    Itīs calling you in SUCH a strong way. But the "destiny" in this
    conversation was made up of individual choices, that you were
    making. And than, we must speak to choices that you have made,
    even before you came into this physical experience, that donīt
    vary at ALL from what you vibrationally are determining now!

    But it feels to you as a "calling",
    and thatīs why you call it destiny.

    (...) Sometimes there is a feeling that is just SO STRONG, and it
    CAN NOT be denied, and if you feel it- and you turn away from it, to
    do something else instead, sometimes you start sort of feeling
    paralization- iow, you CAN NOT NOT GO into the direction of this
    powerful calling, and be satisfied!

    But that requires a little trust!
    Thatīs why we explain it to you, in this way: You were nonphysical
    energy, before you came into this physical body. YES!
    And here you are, in this physical body. YAY!!
    And the nonphysical part of you is still nonphysically focused- and
    flowing to you, and through you, all the time- but, nonphysically focused!

    So, here you are, with your physical perspective, sifting and sorting,
    knowing what you donīt want and knowing what you do want, and
    asking CONTINUALLY for this and that.

    And so, this rockets of desires are going forth, into this vibrational
    reality that we have named the Vortex. Because, we wanted you to
    feel the REALITY of it, even though you cannot yet see it or hear it
    or taste it or smell it or touch it.

    Itīs THE VIBRATIONAL VERSION of all that you have become.
    And your IB stands there, STRONG and benefitted by the choices
    that youīve been making as youīve been sifting and sorting!
    So, this nonphysical part of you is standing there, in all of that
    clarity, and all of that knowing- AND NO DOUBT, no lackful anything-
    ALL things wanted, because:
    YOU SIFTED IT OUT, one experience at a time.

    And now, your IB is there- and, most important, because LoA
    is responding to this entity called "you", and your nonphysical inner
    being, and ALL that youīve asked for -as LoA is responding to that,
    cooperative components are called to that.

    And you- who has the most vibrational... weīll call it "DNA", itīs
    wrong terminology, but the most vibrational hooking to it, because
    -you CREATED IT!- there is NOTHING in all of the Universe, that
    this cooperative... you are THE most desired component!!
    Letīs call it this way!

    Your IB is MOST DESIROUS of you, being a
    cooperative component to your own creation!!

    And thatīs why it feels like such a
    powerful CALLING.

    And thatīs why you feel such satisfaction, when youīr having
    any thought thatīs moving towards it. And thatīs why youīr
    feeling an uneasy tugging, when youīr having a thought that
    takes you from it.

    (...) When you go contrary to ANY of the
    KNOWLEDGE that you have COME TO -through all
    that you have lived!- then you arenīt moving in
    the direction of your DESTINY!

    And the reason that the word destiny is a good word is, can you feel
    the INEVITABILITY of it? The ABSOLUTENESS of it?

    We just donīt think you should have to croak, to get there!
    We think you have the ability to pay attention to how you feel- and
    to, thought by thought, allow yourself to be called by this powerful
    LoA that is calling you, and all of the cooperative components there!

    How many what you call synchronistic things, or maybe even
    coincidental things happen and you marvel at the oddness of that
    coincidence, when we revel
    in the sureness of the attraction!

    (...) In time you will understand, that your destiny

    GOT you! Your destiny HAS you!
    Your destiny, made up of individual choices. But youīve got to make
    the choice to wanna FEEL GOOD, to be anywhere near it.

    Is "Destiny" a word like "God", that we can never speak to you again?
    Donīt mess up the idea of destiny.

    Let it be your longterm-intentionality that you are adding to, every day
    of choices. Destiny couldnīt exist, if it where not for choices.
    And destiny couldnīt be discovered, or you couldnīt find your way
    to it, if it wherenīt for the CHOICE of wanting to feel good.

    There is no destiny, where you have to think those thoughts.
    You have free choices, free will in every thought you think!
    But ultimately, youīll end up in a really goodfeeling place
    -for a minute, for a little while, because youīll jump right back
    with both feet, into MORE choosing.

    Because, choosing is whatīs necessary for eternity.

    San Diego January 14 2017

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    About being weird, genius and
    "doing it your own, DIFFERENT way"

    Say to them:
    "Hey!! I donīt face reality! I CREATE reality!!!
    -I KNOW that I have created it. I know, that there is a vibrational reality, that exists, that I have access to.

    And Iīm working to bring myself into a vibrational point of attraction, so that when I will see it, when it is near me. And EVERY master of everything, every brilliant genius scientist, or entrepreneur, anyone who made his fortune, doing anything,
    has done exactly what Iīm doing right now.

    He lived enough life, until he birthed a dream. He kept his dream alive, even though contrast kept him from it, some times. But he knew, he could tell by the way he felt, when he was on the path, and when he was not, and the difference between those who have outrageous success and those who have no success
    are those, that are able to keep their eye on something,

    If we need it to be tangible, before we believe it, weīr just regurgitators! Running around, regurgitating what somebody ELSE has done. And usually feeling pretty... ahhm, complacent sometimes, and entitled at other times,
    but NEVER PROUD.
    Never EMPOWERED.
    Never like the creative genius, that we ARE.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    No one outside of you can give you your access.
    Your access doesnīt come with your diploma,
    or your birth-certificate, your access comes
    with your vibrational attunement to it.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    "crazy and whacky desires"

    When we say to you that we really like it,
    that those ideas that you might be calling whacky,
    those ideas that you might be calling crazy.
    Those are viable things
    that you have honed out of the fabric and the buffet of life.

    And if you had any idea the enthusiasm that source energy is feeling
    for those things that you call "whacky" because other people don't understand them…

    You have a whole cadre of energy that was in on the inspiration,
    and will be in on the actualization of all of that."

    From the workshop in San Diego, CA, 1/21/12

    (you often donīt believe in the rightness of your desires...)

    "Itīs RIGHT for this time-space-reality to inspire desires within you!
    And those desires, that are inspired within you-
    hear that-
    We want this two words to ALWAYS BE TOGETHER,
    in your mind- for evermore:

    Desire, that was inspired.

    Not desire, that was greeded out, of this time-space-reality!
    Not desire, that was hammered out of the difficulties,
    and of the backs of the masses!

    DESIRE THAT WAS INSPIRED- from the eternalness, that is YOU.

    And so in a weak moment (...) desire got inspired,
    and source is saying: "ahhhhh!!!! It got through!!!!""

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks- Foreordination Vs Predestination

    "When you were thanking us for supporting you in your dreams,
    they were our dreams, too....
    We are in this together."

    (Sedona, March 2014)

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    Weird is always this new, leading edge,
    where just a few reach beyond what is accepted by the more.
    Weird is where genius resides.
    Itīs where mastery resides.
    Itīs the willingness to reach into the unpopular norm.

    Denver, September 2012

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