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Thread: Quotes about work- and career

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    The PERFECT career

    A very good career choice would be to gravitate
    toward those activities and to embrace those desires
    that harmonize with your core intentions,
    which are freedom and growth—and joy.

    Make a "career" of living a happy life,
    rather than trying to find work that will produce
    enough income that you can do things with your money
    that will then make you happy.

    When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you—
    and what you do "for a living" makes you happy—
    you have found the best of all combinations.


    Excerpted from: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008

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    Accomplish the Paradigm-shift from Motivation to Inspiration!

    That feeling of paralysis, that feeling of "I should be doing something, that I either donīt want to do-or I donīt know what to do", that feeling of paralyses, letīs just call it like it is-
    is just the absence of inspiration!

    (...) I find myself resisting the impulse!

    And here is why! Youīr gonna like that. (...) When you were standing in the
    "old world", that said:
    Just do something, to get the juices started. Just do it, anyway. Push through! Persevere. Be diligent! Use your effort! BUCK UP! MAKE it happen.

    But those tactics donīt work for you, anymore! Because you are standing too much in the
    other world! (...) This feeling of paralyzation is speaking of these 2 concepts:

    The concept of MOTIVATION,
    and the concept of INSPIRATION.

    (...) You could say to yourself: "I could follow one of two paths. I could allow momentum to increase, in either of this concepts!"

    So letīs increase momentum on the concept of motivation, which is making yourself do something- because you just NEED to. So, you donīt feel like acting, so you donīt. You donīt feel like acting, so you donīt. And you donīt feel like acting, so you donīt.

    And you donīt do anything to feel better, you are just riding in the what you should be doing, and what you donīt feel like doing- so you donīt feel like doing it, and you donīt, and you donīt feel like doing it, and you donīt, and you donīt feel like doing it, and you donīt, and you focus upon what you should be doing, and youīr not doing it, and your focusing and therefore your momentum is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
    -Until a crisis ensues, that just FORCES you, to do something about it.

    Itīs sort of- you donīt feel like paying the bills, you donīt feel like paying the bills, you donīt feel like paying the bills, but after they turn the lights out- THEN you feel like paying the bills. Thereīs just something sort of MOTIVATING, about the lights, being turned out!

    So, THAT is the way you allow momentum, on the subject of motivation. But what if your desire is to allow LoA and momentum to increase, from the INSPIRATION-side of the equation?

    Which means, you start with something SIMPLE and EASY. And you just rest with it, until it becomes a little more, and a little more, and a little more, and it becomes a little more, and it becomes a little more, and it becomes a little more- until you feel the inspiration TO MOVE.

    This is reeeeaaaallly a good conversation! Because most of you- we love you so much- but as much as you heard from us- you still have one foot pretty solidly set, in that world of action!

    -In that world of motivation. (...) When you feel paralyzed, weīr NOT encouraging you to take action!

    Weīr encouraging you to understand:
    Youīr on the wrong PARADIGM!
    Youīr on the wrong track.

    Because whatever you are focused upon WILL get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and BIGGER- and donīt you want to create from the INSIDE out? Donīt you want the inspiration to come from your FULL on, inspired version, of source flowing through you?

    argues that he has not the faith to do that.

    (...) Itīs accurate to say, you canīt get there from there.
    No really, you can get anywhere from anywhere!
    BUT NOT WITHOUT slumber!
    Not without pushing the reset-button!
    Not without a paradigm-shift within yourself!

    Have you heard about paradigm-shifts, where larger parts of consciousness begin to feel a perception of life in a different way? Well, itīs really individuals doing it! And you donīt have to wait for anybody else to do it!

    You have the option, right here and now-
    and in any right here, and in any right now-
    of focusing on a condition that BINDS you up,


    focusing on the absence of conditions, which FREES you up.

    An thatīs the whole point of meditation! The whole point of meditation is to clear your mind of thought, that binds you. And THEN begin with thoughts that donīt bind you, understanding that LoA will apply to them (...)

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ The Feeling of Paralysis

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    To the teachers that we are

    As you understand that you are a body of teachers
    coming forth having different experiences,
    that you may culminate in gatherings like this
    to offer your differences to the greater knowing,

    then you start to get the sense of what your unique experience
    offers to the greater understanding.

    It has been our observation and it is our absolute knowing
    that in the majority of cases -- not all -- but in the majority of cases
    of those who have come forth, who now label themselves homosexual or gay
    or whatever the popular label at the time,

    that they are almost without exception very powerful, very deliberate beings
    who are of a family of Teacher who want so much to make a point
    of allowing that they come forth and choose an environment
    that for the most part is condemned by the norm,
    so they can through their difference say:
    It is alright to be different.
    It is for the purpose of making a point that it has been chosen,
    at a very deep level.

    Now what happens, that kind of gets it distorted after that fact is that,
    so often one who has chosen that, who has felt the sting of condemnation
    by the majority -- rather than staying in the mode of the allowing
    which he came forth to teach -
    - then gets resistant and angry about those who do not allow.

    He becomes a condemner of those who condemn.
    Which is just more perpetuation of the very thing
    that he came to assist in alleviating, you see.

    When you are able to allow those -- even when they are not allowing you -
    - you know you have reached your place of inner harmony,
    when you can say 'I understand that you don't understand
    and it's alright with me that you don't understand,
    but I'm alright whether you understand or not'."

    ~ Abraham-Hicks 11-9-91

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    Let no "experts" ideas limit you!
    Be unique and new and push the limits!

    If this life experience, and all that is causes you to put it in the vortex, can cause you to identify a desire, than without exception, that desire can come to full manifestation.
    But you have to find a way to keep that desire alive,
    under the experience of conditions.

    You let the establishment, you let the statistics, you let the experts in the field, you let those who you think are wiser than you make proclamations about things that have to do with you, and then you modify your expectation to match their expectation,
    even though your desire is in a much
    more productive place, than their desire would ever be.

    There have been so many things that have been said to be impossible by the proclaimers of the status quo, by these proclaimers of what is- and we think this is the time for a large enough segment of population to take that leap forth.

    Which is what an unconditional approach to this is,
    rather than having generations die off.

    We really wanna say: can’t there be a different way? Does someone has to show it to you before you can believe it? Do you believe that you have ability to create something that has never been created before? Well, here’s the guidance – stop talking about the label. You’re gonna give birth to things that maybe no one has ever given birth to before.

    The very desires coming to you, are coming from source in understanding of the readiness, that you are to receive your own intentions that you put into your vortex. Some of these things you put there before you even came. What if you said:

    "I’ll go forth and have experience unlike anyone else
    and I change something that is said to be unchangeable?"


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    About true leadership

    To be charismatic, or attractive,
    or have this leadership-thing,
    you canīt have contradiction in your vibration.

    So- leaders have an idea that they donīt
    beat the opposite drum of, all the time.

    IOW- a leader is usually
    really in harmony with his idea,
    and that makes him the leader:

    In his purity -by purity we mean clarity of his idea
    and not always thinking the opposite of it,
    he has very strong attraction power.
    And so he brings people to him who-
    in some way- match the idea.

    And often, the leader brings others around him,
    that are equal in their desire,
    but often not equal in their belief.
    And thatīs why you call him the leader.

    He is the one that is most often pure.
    He is stubbornly attached to the idea and will not join
    in with the naysayers or the worriers.


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    You’re always on your way somewhere.
    The key is: find a way to be happy wherever you now are on your way to where you really want to be. (We’re speaking of the state of being you want.)

    It does not matter where you are; where you are is shifting constantly – but you must turn your attention to where you want to go. And that’s the difference between making the best of something and making the worst of something.

    Excerpted from Detroit, MI on 9/27/03

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    thank you, Qzi!

    You are Creators of Worlds

    You are Creators of Worlds. You didn’t come to create trucks and, and... stuff. You are Creators of Worlds. You are Creators of concepts. You are Creators of people living together in joyous harmony. You are Creators of people living on the planet in their joyful rightfulness. You are Creators of children waking up and feeling secure in their lives.

    You are Creators of, of worlds of joy and lives of expansion. You didn’t come here to just take care of the details of day-to-day living.

    Your, your quest and intention was so much bigger than that, you see. But you can’t even begin to taste that until you step into the Vortex and so, as a mass consciousness, you look at some people and you revere that one as a master of this, and that one as a master of that but the majority of people hold themselves far from the mastery that they’ve come to live as they sort of quibble and squabble outside the Vortex over resources and about how much I’m getting and about how I should be getting that I’m not getting, bringing themselves to places of inferiority and into places of feeling lack.

    When who you really are, and by who you really are we mean, who this life and this struggle and this diversity and this contrast has caused you to become and who now you are real time, is over here expressing and radiating to you if you could just hear. And so everything we do is about getting you closer to the Vortex where maybe it will take you in for a moment and maybe you’ll feel that power in your being. Maybe you will know for a moment the clarity of who you are. Maybe you will feel the bigness of your charge in being here. Maybe you will understand that you are a Master here to masterfully create the creation that is you in your life experience, you see. You don’t begin to fulfill your reason for being until you have control of your emotions and control of your vibration and your operating real time where questions and answers and problems and solutions are all this magical dance you do, you see.

    The phrase "it's true" simply means somebody gave their attention to something long enough to achieve a vibrational alignment with it, and Law of Attraction gave them what they were thinking about. That's what "it's true" means. "It's true" means -- if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would at least add another phrase to the words "it's true." And that other phrase would be, "It's true, and I *want* some of it!" "It's true, and I *want* some of it!"

    Because if "it's true" and you *don't* want any of it, it being "true" is not a good enough reason for you to give your attention to it. Play it for a little while over the next five to ten days. "It's true" - but I don't think I would like any of that. "But it's really true!" - but I don't think I would like any of that. It's going to be quite shocking to you how many things you give your attention to that you *don't* want to be activating in your vibration, but you *are* because "it's true." We're inviting you today to find a new criteria. A criteria that the Source within you has found long ago.

    The criteria to give your attention to something is: Does this thing that I am holding as my object of attention resonate with the true core of my being? In other words, does it feel good when I think about it? This thing that I am focused upon, is it in such vibrational sync with the Source within me that when I focus on it I am wide open to the energy that creates worlds, allowing the cells of my body to accurately communicate with one another, bring me thriving resonance and wellbeing? *That's* the sort of truth we would encourage you to look for.

    THE Truth. The ONLY truth of Pure Positive Energy that ripples through your being when you find alignment with the Source within you. That's Truth. That's Truth that will serve you. That's Truth that will refuel you. That's Truth that will rebalance you. That's Truth that will give you clarity.

    Abraham-Hicks, Stamford, CT 10/2/2010

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    Your homework for the rest of your life:

    Make no effort of trying to slow unwanted momentum- because it just speeds it. Because, this is a universe of inclusion, there is no exclusion-


    (...) and when it doesnīt feel good, just lay as low as you can lay, as fast as you can do it. So rather than to stop negative momentum, your work- this is your assignment, for the rest of your life, we never give homework, but today weīr going to:

    Thatīs it.

    Thatīs your work:
    Get on the disc, stay there as long as you can,
    as you fall off- no big deal. Get on as quickly as you can- as you fall off, no big deal.
    Get back on.

    from the clip
    Abraham Explains Why We Get What We Get =D!! (AMAZING!)

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