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    Milk It!

    Hello everyone! This is a place to milk it! Abraham says that when we are feeling good, in the Vortex, and the thoughts are a'coming, and we want to milk it, we should! I'm going to come here to do some rampages of appreciation and milk it, and please feel free to do the same!

    I already did the "3 things I appreciate about today", but I had a bit more things to appreciate about today:

    That I seriously listened to metal music that I love for hours and hours today (love metal!!). That I immersed myself in the epic sounds of the guitars and double-bass drumming! Mmm, so delicious and energetic and LOUD! That I watched an interesting show about how modern things are made. That I am grateful that, through technology, we all live like kings and queens compared to 100 years ago. That I am always open to learning new things. That I made a great dinner that just hit the spot. That I shared that meal with my friend and then watched a funny episode of a show we like. That I am enjoying the current book I am reading, after finishing a book I really enjoyed! (I'm on a roll!) That I am working only four days a week. Seriously, how delicious are my long weekends! Yes! That my friend got me a used book for 50 cents of funny cat pictures! (He knows me so well!) That I talked on the phone with my mother today and had some lols. That she said I lifted her spirits up with my phone call. That I got a GREAT response to an e-mail I sent yesterday. That I have the knowledge that all I must do is feel better, and chill, and relax, and allow. That I have the knowledge that the Universe is my team-mate and knows what I want, and I must just not show resistance. That I have the knowledge that all I must do is feel better and bring myself to a level of happiness. That even though today, I might have had upstream thoughts, I had the knowledge to know what that was, and corrected it toward better feeling thoughts. (Downstream time!) That I am in this room right now, that is decorated how I want it (and getting cooler and cooler buy the day), and this bed which is big and comfy! And this fan, oh man, keeping me cool during this summer. That I am using tools to help me achieve the things I want. That I have large projects on my horizon that will make strong my creative muscles. That I am close to tears right now to be so surrounded by things I enjoy. That I am going to segment-intend this sleep coming up right ahead of me and it's going to be so fulfilling and great and will jettison me into a great week! That I've listened to one of my favorite band's new song on repeat the whole time I wrote this and LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH.


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    i'll play too today

    i'm milking the office chair that works perfectly in my "cave" room so I can roll it out of the way... and roll it out if I want to sit in it

    i'm milking that I am ready for the good times I have planned for tomorrow

    i'm milking the many spots I have that I can simply relax and recline

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    Hello lemon-up! Is your "cave" where your profile-pic dragon lives? :P

    Feeling grateful! Things I appreciated about today:

    I got a call from a friend and she left a nice message. I am excited about seeing this friend I haven't seen for at least over a year! My co-workers and I were in such synch that we had a bunch of good ideas. I wrote a bunch of fancy reports and graphs for work today which made me feel super smart! Ha! This guy came up to me and told me my bike tire was flat and it needed air! (Thanks for the tip, man!) I found money on the street! I know the Universe is with me at all times, and letting me know what vibrations are bringing me. I had a fun bike-ride to and from work. I read more from the book I am currently reading. I am really loving this book. I am grateful that I this first volume is 500 pages and there are three more after this. Ooh, how exciting! It's like a many-course meal and I am just in the delicious appetizer stage! I am happy that when I am done, there are not one, not two, but three television adaptations (!) of the book, which all look interesting and fun! I am grateful for fantasy books of yester-century and now, for they inspire me and set my imagination going. I am grateful for my imagination, that gambols about rampantly! I am grateful that I had an eggplant and asparagus waiting for me when I got home. Mm, yum!! Grateful to have an oven to roast them in. Grateful that every day, I am getting healthier and healthier and my body is lookin' pretty rockin'! I am grateful for this fan and this couch that is amazing. That, although I have to miss a party this weekend, there is an outpouring of those wishing for me to go, letting me know I am much loved. I have many friends. Many friends who are funny and fun to talk to.

    Mmk hungry so going to eat that yummy eggplant and asparagus right now!

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    bfh yes , the dragon lives with me

    I had asparagus today too . I milk that I love asparagus!
    I milk this wonderful day and I milk every unfolding now

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    Hello lemon-up! I had asparagus again today, lol! Milking that for sure!

    Feelin' vortexy!

    I am fine with where I am right now. I am content with where I am, and eager for more! I'm grateful for all the money I have manifested, and that it allows me to live comfortably, and allows me to do things I want. I am grateful for pizza, and that I had a bunch today! I am grateful for this apartment, that has been made homey and comfortable. That my home has a bunch of places to lie and relax. That my home has everything I need. That my tomatoes outside are growing like crazy! That I had a really great lunch meeting with my friend today! That I am attracting more and more people into my life who help me achieve my goals and are like-minded. That the barber today was really funny and we had a good discussion. That I ran into my friend at the store (what a pleasant surprise!) That my friend and I got some great costumes for upcoming movie project! That I had a fun conversation with my sister. That, in fact, every interaction I had today with everyone was good, and that I brought those about. That my friend and I are watching a good, entertaining movie now! That I have food all around me all the time, and can readily get it, and am free to eat whatever I want whenever. That I walked four miles today in total! That every day I am getting more and more healthy and more fit! That I have tomorrow off and I am going to relax the hell out of it. That I am having fun reading the old Chinese book I am reading now, and enjoying the creations of others who have come before me! That in the book today, two characters basically went on poetic rampages of appreciation together. Here's an excerpt!:

    Falling tide moves my boat away;
    I rest my oars, my song comes with the night.
    The coir coat, the waning moon - how charming they are!
    No seagull darts up from fright
    As rosy clouds spread through the sky.

    I sleep without care at reeded isles,
    Still snoozing when the sun is high,
    I work after my own plans and desires.
    Vassals in cold nights tending court,
    Could theirs match my pleasure and peace?

    I am grateful for those passages. I am grateful that I listened to fun music today, and it has been stuck in my head since then! That there has been over a hundred years of recorded music when I came into the physical existence, and I can go back through and listen to it all. That there are so many talented people making so many things that I can enjoy. That artwork is always coming for me to be engulfed by, and that I can engulf myself in my own artwork and create things. That I know what I an wanting, and that I have tools and processes to focus on those things. That I can focus on what is wanted and feel better feeling thoughts!


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    Listening to one of my favorite songs. I love the lyrics and the signing. I love all the instruments. I love the way it builds from bridge to climax-chorus. I love that it is about feeling good and being at peace with everything. I am grateful for this couch, which is soft, and I napped on today! Ha. I am grateful for this new song now on the shuffle, with its collection of violins and cellos and trumpets, and expert composition. I love to think that all the musicians playing there are in alignment with their Source, as well as the composer, and that I can enjoy the fruits of that alignment. I am grateful for all the music that has come before me, and continues to inspire me, and be released. I am grateful that I have an apartment that I have made my home. That I have a big room that has all my things in it and is undoubtedly me. That I have running water in three places in my home, and I can have water and delicious tea whenever I want. Food is abundant here, and within walking distance can I go and retrieve whatever food I desire and have it. I am grateful that at the beginning of the day, I can decide what food to have, and get it by mid-day. There is nothing I can't be, do, or have…or eat! Delicious! I am grateful for my healthy body and that I am getting healthier and healthier every day. I am grateful for the ideas that came to me to help me achieve these goals. Every day, I am getting better and better. I am receiving more and more ideas always. I am grateful for Abraham, and the knowledge they have imparted to us, and that I go out into this physical being-ness with their infinite knowledge within me.

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    If inspired action makes you want to post here, go ahead! All are welcome!

    I am feeling so appreciative in this moment. So appreciative of all the things I have allowed into my existence. This amazing song I am listening to, this comfy couch, the delightful tea I just finished. (Mmm!) I know that when I enjoy things, I am allowing more of what is in my Vortex, and I just have to sit back and enjoy my time and be at peace with where I am, and not keep score. I am where I am, and that is just fine. There are many things to be grateful in this moment. I am grateful for this apartment, that I have made cozy and homey, and that I love being in. I am enjoying the book I am reading at the moment. It is teaching me a lot and making me laugh as well! I am so happy that I am attracting all the right things and people into my life, and not a moment too late, for they seem to come right when I need them, because everything is always working out for me. I am happy that my attitude towards life is one of optimism and surety, for when friends ask about my "crazy ideas" or "dreams", I respond with a cool confidence, for I know that all in my Vortex is already manifested and I need just allow it.

    I am always attracting ideas to me (so, so many), or people to me, and enjoying the little evidences that I am in alignment with Source. I love being in alignment with Source because it feels so good and is so enjoyable. I know that even when I get thrown out of whack, I can quickly get into alignment again. I know that some contrast is good, allowing me to know what I do not want, and know that this will help me focus on what is wanted. Such a smile comes across my face upon thinking Better-Feeling Thoughts. I am a deliberate creator with Source as my partner, and I just have to let go and trust that all will to be delivered to me. I have seen evidences of it, many of them, and must just chill and have a good time. As Abraham says, nothing is better than that I feel good.

    I appreciate many things in my life and all their positive aspects. I am so grateful that that market is so close to my house that I can just walk there. I am grateful they always have just what I need. I am grateful that there are always, always attractive people there (!). I appreciate my body, and the fact that it is healthy, and can go on long walks. I appreciate these walks, because it allows me to be slow and pensive (and read a bunch!) In this moment, I am feeling nothing but appreciation for the things I have manifested, and feel nothing but excitement for what manifestations will come into my experience. (As Abraham says..I will feel excitement over things not manifested!)

    And now, for more chilling on this amazing couch and this amazing music!!!

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    Feelin' a rampage coming on. . ., even though it is 1:15 AM! Lol!

    It is 1:15 AM and I have to get up in the morning for work. . .so one would say as they look at what-is! There have been many people who had to get up in the morning for work, and no longer have to. I know that I am a deliberate creator and I can bring about an existence where I don't have to go to work for money. There are many ways that money can come into my existence (so many ways!) Money just flows to me infinitely. Money loves me. It comes to me every single day, in big amounts, small amounts, whatever, but always enough to live off. Enough to chill here at home and watch shows and work on creative projects. I know I can bring about a day of fun and creativity into my experience, and another day, and another day, and another day, and another and another and another. I know that I feel so good right now because I am in alignment with Source. Being creative all day and every day, just having so much fun, is my IB. This is why it feels so good. I am on a high-flyin' disc!

    I love how comfy this bed is right now, and how this light is illuminating this room perfectly. I love how I am hunched over the keys, and my fingers are going so fast, typing this all out. Truly, it is not even me typing, rather, my IB typing through me. I have felt inspiration like that before, and I am feeling it now. I am in alignment, and I can feel it coursing through my whole being. I am listening to songs I love and that make me move my head and make me feel good inside. It makes me want to pick up a guitar and make a song of my own!! haha. This bed is great, this apartment is great. I like where I live. I like who I live with. I am proud of the things I have done and the creative accomplishments I've made. I know that a huge amount of new fun projects awaits me ahead of me. (Seriously so many!) Ideas come to me to constantly. Good ideas! Good ideas that make me feel good. I receive these ideas from Source, and when I love them, and recognize them, then they are soon in my experience.

    It makes me feel good to say things out loud that others would find "delusional". That I am going to be a great artist, be a great filmmaker. That I am going to be a billionaire. And that I am going to be retired by this time next year. That I am going to have enough prosperity to have every day off and enjoy absolute freedom. With every head-shake I receive from them, I know it is true all the more! My desires rush to me as fast as they can! As Abe says, I do not "give a rip" what anyone thinks or says about me or what I desire. Other peoples' opinions, I shrug off. They have nothing to do with my relationship between myself and Source. Only I have control over that, through my thoughts and feelings. I am feeling so good right now!!!

    Alignment feels so good. It feels good to feel good. I am excited and eager to see how the Universe and I will go about the day tomorrow. What good will be brought into my experience? Every encounter and everything is another gold chain on my way to success and what I want! The Universe is always sending me signals about how in-alignment I am! I bless the things I have now and am eager and excited for more! Give me what you wish, Universe! I am excited to see what we cook up together!

    I intend for this sleep to be so restful. Just to be the best sleep I've had all year, and I wish to wake up refreshed and full of energy. I love being in alignment. It feels so good

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    I'm relaxing in my bed....going to MILK IT!

    I feel so relaxed and at ease right now.
    I love how comfortable my bed is. Everything from my mattress to my pillows and sheets feels so good!
    I love that I have this time alone to do whatever I want. I love the freedom.
    I love that I can choose to watch funny videos, read a book, listen to music, or just be on social media at this time.
    I love unwinding.
    I love listening to motivational music or speeches.
    I love great advice.
    I love teaching and giving advice to others.
    I love being loved.
    I love compliments; especially being complimented on my intelligence, style, and/or sense of humor!
    I love being a great mom.
    I love my children and how sweet they are. My kids are the best!
    I LOVE a great workout. I am physically becoming more fit, sexy, and shapely!
    I love feeling accomplished.
    I love my new sense of confidence!
    I love that I'm enjoying ME more.
    I have such a great personality.
    I love bear hugs.
    I love massages. Especially head massages. I LOVE them.

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