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Thread: Understanding- and being understood

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    Do YOU really understand, what is going on, here?

    Can you understand how much Well- being is flowing to you?
    Do you understand how much orchestration of circumstances and events on your behalf is available to you?
    Do you understand how adored you are?
    Do you understand how the creation of this planet, creation of this Universe, fits together for the perfection of your experience?
    Do you understand how beloved you are, how blessed you are, how adored you are, and what an integral part of this creative process you are?

    -We want you to.

    We want you to begin understanding the blessed nature of your Being, and we want you to begin to look for the evidence of it,
    because we are showing it to you in every moment that you will allow yourselves to see it: in the lining up of lovers, money, fulfilling experiences, and beautiful things for you to see, in the lining up of circumstances and events; and in the lining up of amazing co-creative experiences where you are rendezvousing with one another for no reason other than for the fantastically important reason of fulfilling, satisfying, and pleasing yourself and giving yourself joy in the moment.

    Your motion forward is inevitable; it must be. You cannot help but move forward. But you are not here on a quest to move forward - you are here to experience outrageous joy. That is why you are here.

    -Abe, Ask and It Is Given

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    thank you spiritualcookie!

    On why we seek validation from others

    At the basis of someone wanting fame
    [or a relationship*] is:
    The desire to be understood.
    The desire to be recogniced.
    The desire to be known.
    The desire to be validated.

    And the reason for that... All of you came from non-physical energy where you felt that constant validation, that constant respect and acknowledgement of your value and power.

    And then a part of you, a part of that consciousness was born into this body where it's a little dicier in this human realm because your parents have already forgotten their connection; a lot of people have forgotten their connection. And yet humans keep looking to each other for validation. They want to get approval from each other. What they really want is alignment from Source which Source is giving them all day every day. (...)

    You're looking for it in the wrong places!
    (You're) craving resonance with your Inner Being
    and wanting so much to be understood.

    You gotta not give a rip about what anybody thinks about you because:
    - First of all they're not all that interested in you.
    - Next of all they haven't paid all that much attention
    - And next of all they may or may not be in vibrational alignment with who they are.

    But so many people are seeking that natural desire to be understood and loved , which Source will give them all day every day. But because this connection, especially in the beginning is very subtle..
    (You have to) tune, you see. Most humans have not learned to tune with that subtlety for that connection that they are craving.

    And so then they lazily, or in a flawed-premise-misunderstanding kind of way, they look for it in others. And that's why so many people seek that kind of fame
    [or relationships*].
    It feels like validation to them.

    - From the clip Abraham Hicks ~ Desire is the Root of all Suffering
    Asheville November 2017

    * additions in [square brackets] = not in original Abe quote

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    The secret of the universe is minding your own business.

    The secret of the universe really is minding your own business.
    -What we mean by that is: don’t get so involved in the desires or beliefs of others that you cause confusion or chatter in your own vibration and compromise your own alignment.

    When you let nothing be more significant than your own alignment with your own desire then everything in the universe is working in concert for you. It is anyway, but you’re not letting it in, if you are misaligned.

    -Abe 9/28/02

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