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Thread: A few words I wrote about a recent break up to soothe me!

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    A few words I wrote about a recent break up to soothe me!

    Remember that YOU are amazing even though someone you care about has decided to leave. First and foremost it is not about YOU, its about THEM!

    Its about their loss of alignment with their inner being and their inability to ALLOW your love to flow over them day after day, year after year, without creating unnecessary RESISTANCE to the process. It is their RESISTANCE to the law of attraction that initially brought you together.

    The breakdown of the relationship was due to their misalignment with the universe! Its not anything PERSONAL about you as a being who gave of yourself FREELY and LOVINGLY, and from a place of JOY and LOVE.

    Letting them go is also an expression of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, in that you are allowing them to seek out what they want from the universe from their own vibration. If their VIBRATION once again matches you, they universe will bring you back together, IT IS LAW.

    So simply sit back and ALIGN yourself with the highest vibrations that you can get to, ALLOW the universe to take care of everything.

    THERE IS NO WORK TO DO! Only allow what your DESIRE wants from your next relationship partner.

    Simply choose your POINT OF ATTRACTION, and let all the rest go, again, there is no WORK! Just allow the right person who matches YOUR vibration to come into your life.

    In the meantime, ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Do not worry!! Each and every day you an now pick the things out that you LOVE and bring you JOY, and to feel good engaging in them! Doing anything else is insanity, and is RESISTANCE to law.


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    Welcome to the Forum, COGuy!

    I've moved your thread to the Practicing the Teachings sub-forum where our Forum friends do their soothing. That's where our coaching types tend to hang out and will more easily notice your thread. (The Teachings and You sub-forum is when you want to ask about and discuss a piece of these teachings. You'll get the hang of it, quickly.)

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