This happened a few months ago. Before I got my new car, I was driving a 1994 Blazer that I loved very much, but which had started to have all kinds of expensive mechanical failures. So I made plans to go car shopping with my mom. I looked at a local dealer's website and saw a nice little 2014 Corolla, priced under 20k, with very low mileage. I thought it'd be nice to have a car like that but knew it would be gone by the time Mom and I went to the dealer.

One day, at work, I did the Menu Process, and put "a car no older than five years with low mileage" on the right-hand side and went about my to-do list.

I did that for a few days, maybe two or three weeks at most, not worrying about the car or anything else on the Universe's side of the list.

When the day came for Mom and I to go car shopping, we stopped at the dealership I saw the Corolla at. Lo and behold, it was still there! So we test-drove it and I adored it. It had less than 20k miles, the interior and exterior were in perfect condition, and best of all--the AC worked! (The AC did not work in my Blazer and that was miserable)

The salesman told me he'd give it to me for 13,800 which is well below the blue book value for a 2014 Corolla in excellent condition. I also got a fantastic loan through a credit union with a really great interest rate, and a payment plan I could afford.

It's amazing how when I stopped worrying and just trusted that I'd get what I needed, that I got what I needed and then some!