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Thread: Probably Manifesting Things with Someone New

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    Probably Manifesting Things with Someone New

    (NOTE: This is a cross post from another LOA forum. Some of the abbreviations, terms, and techniques and such may not make much sense to this paticular forum, but just know it's about visualization / scripting / and LOA, so basically the same concept. I do practice the Teachings of Abraham and have made reference to some of those techniques too - Also not that it matters, but for background info, My POI (person(s) of interest) are not exes, but rather friends, or fwb, who I've been wanting to Manifest a more meaningful relationship from. Instead what I think is happening is I'm seeing a lot of the qualities in new people, especially recently one person I'm going to meet soon.)

    I have been having a "Manifest-full" week...

    Sunday night as I lied in bed, I did a very long (to me lol 20-30 minutes maybe) PW session on one of my POI, I did it quite differently than I usually do, as I spoke everything aloud instead of just visualizing it. And a lot of what I spoke was me talking to him, instead of him talking to me.

    Somewhere along the way, I suddenly remembered that I had not set my alarm. I got up to go to my phone plugged in on a table across the room, and I saw this particular POI had commented on a social media post, in it, he complimented me and spoke kindly to me. It wasn't like I was that surprised, because obviously I know we're attracted to each other and everything, but since he'd been more distant the past few months I was surprised he'd put a comment like that out publicly.

    I was pretty excited because this happened while I was doing PW. In that same 20-30 minute window. I felt so good, I truly believed I manifested him to do that, and I went to bed on a super super high. I had a very large project at work (still ongoing) and that one tiny comment, 3 or 4 sentences, just made my whole day, whole week even.

    I did a focus wheel on Monday about all the wonderful things I was grateful for in this POI, I looked at the focus wheel and kept it around with me all day, I put it on a sticky note where I could stick it everywhere and keep focusing on the positives. There were other things he had said/hinted at the days before that also had me feeling pretty darn good. One special thing in particular. A plan for something we were going to do next time we hang out.

    I took that idea of that plan we made together, and elaborated on it, began using that in my scripting. The plan basically involves going to a specific restaurant, and a certain specific thing, and in my script I write about how we would take dozens of selfies together and laugh and have fun doing this thing and going to that specific restaurant.

    So about 2 or 3 weeks ago I "met" someone new, and we're going to meet in person this weekend. Mmm It was maybe Monday or Tuesday or so, shortly after I did the focus wheel and wrote that script about my POI, and while I'm feeling all positive and loving and on an emotional high, and I'm talking to this new guy on the phone, and he mentions he's going to this same specific restaurant the next day. I'm like oh we have that restaurant here too, and so the plan was that we would eat there at the one near him when we meet up this weekend. I didn't think too much about this, other than I do like that restaurant lol.

    Then last night, again talking to the new guy on the phone; and he just OUT OF THE BLUE randomly says we should take lots of pictures together; and that we should take a picture of everywhere we go on our date together.

    EXACTLY LIKE MY SCRIPT!! Except a different person!! I've never had a guy want to take like "couple selfies" on a first date. lol. I kinda "guilted" or more like my family kinda "guilted" one of my POI to do it on a date (I think it was our 2nd or 3rd date tho) lol. When we left the house she just said "Take lots of pictures" -- But I've never had a dude just suggest it before.

    He's also doing a lot of what I want my POI to (resume) do(ing). Like texting me every day. He told me last night he thinks about me when he's at work - and other things that once again I've been trying to get my POI to do/say lol.

    I am a little bit excited honestly about my date with the new guy this weekend. I've been on other dates after my POI, but I haven't felt excited nor physical attraction, or chemistry, nor ease/comfort, etc until now.

    I do listen to abraham hicks, and recently listened to the "Fred" segment, and Abraham tells the hotseat guest "Wrong Doorbell" when she talks about her "Fred" (a person she can't let go of). I feel slightly the same, like I don't really want to give up on either of my POI, and they're both still in my life as friends right now, but maybe universe has someone even better for me romantically, who knows... We are supposed to trust that God / Universe knows exactly what we want and that they are leading us to that "essence".

    I am just kinda floored that I'm seeing my script and visualization unfold almost EXACTLY like I created it to be. It would have had some different meaning and connotation with the other POI, but still, it's like totally happening, just the way I thought it would. And that is pretty amazing lol.

    I think the catalyst was my emotional high from that silly comment early in the week, and all the focusing and visualization and PW and scripting which helped me to fully enjoy and carry that emotion with me all week.

    Abraham talks about how you have to align with source energy for manifestation to happen, and that you are in alignment when you feel joyous. So based on what I've seen unfolding this week, I think they are on to something there.

    Will be interesting to see what happens Sunday with this new person

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    Interesting read!

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    such a great story to read AqueRose
    thank you for sharing, and I love how you just decided to talk out loud instead of visualize and the way things unfolded for you and have been unfolding!
    It creates such a feeling of excitement as well
    all good

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