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Thread: OMG This is crazy!

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    OMG This is crazy!

    A a couple years ago i decided to leave my job and follow my dream, This ment taking a huge leap into the unknown with no idea how i was going to continue to keep supporting my self, I had some savings to keep me going for a while but not for long, I just knew that i could not continue to keep doing that job i was doing because it was full of resistance and i felt i had to compromise my own morals and integrity to keep doing it.

    "The intense resistance i felt from the idea of staying in that job actually felt far worse than going into the unknown risking it all going completely wrong and not being able to support my self."

    Looking back now the above statement is so powerful to me and it was so clear to how my guidance system was working. For me following my dream was never about making money, it was simply about releasing resistance enjoying life going to new places meeting new people and having as much fun as possible. It seems crazy looking back like i was ignoring the fact that i really should have been spending my time trying to find a job or ways to make money, but the thought of doing that filled me with resistance and thus i just focused on being as happy as i could every day, as my vibration rose i noticed i would rendezvous with people on higher vibrations, it could be just strangers walking down the street, in traffic, in the grocery store, but i could see the outside world change as i let go of more and more resistance it was amazing, i became more comfortable in my own skin and more confident.

    Despite all of these amazing UNDENIABLE things happening after a while my savings began to run out but i stayed calm and trusted things would work out, i was forced to acquire a credit card and lived soley on this for a while, my vibration kept raising, met more amazing people just everything in life was becoming so much more beautiful, it was undeniable that it was all from releasing resistance! however still no money! that credit card became maxed out, i had to acquire another!

    This is where the first amazing thing happened, just as the 2nd credit card getting close to maxed out, i am talking less than a weeks worth of money, i get a letter from an old car insurance accident i had, and a check for around $12,000! i can't even remember the exact amount LOL! literally the check took 3-5 days to clear and it was litteraly the day it cleared that the day i ran completely out of money.

    I used this money to pay of my cards and i bought a classic car and kept living the dream, fast forward another amazing year and i found my self in a similar situation, i re used the credit cards and have a very small amount of cash left, panic time again but i kept my cool, today i get a random text message to say my credit limit has been increased SIGNIFICANTLY!

    This again has come in perfect timing, and even tho i am in debt already this is amazing, however I STILL HAVE MY CLASSIC CAR, and i have just realized its now worth a lot more than it was when i bought it! i am going to just chill out for a while see what happens if nothing else magical happens i know i can sell my car, pay off the debt and still have cash to keep living the dream! what a crazy amazing jorunery this is i am in debt as super happy right now and have gone over 2 years with no job hahaaha

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    Sounds like a Success Story to me.

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    Wow brilliant manifestations. If you feel inspired it would be great to hear more about the abe techniques you used to stop yourself slipping into fear. Id love to hear the ins and out if you feel inspired to milk this further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forever becoming View Post
    Wow brilliant manifestations. If you feel inspired it would be great to hear more about the abe techniques you used to stop yourself slipping into fear. Id love to hear the ins and out if you feel inspired to milk this further.
    The most important thing i have learned is not to take action when out of the vortex, for example when money got very tight i felt the pressure to jump into action to try and change it, i didn't want a job i wanted to make it on my own, I saw abes teaching's working undeniably in every other area of my life and this gave me the confidence to not take the action of trying to figure out how i was going to make some money even while under extreme financial pressure by trying to fill in my own grid.

    I remember thinking to my self lets just push it to the limit, i am in desperate need for money but lets just chill out and see what happens, if i get to the point where i run out at least i then know this doesn't work. I can't quite believe how i manged to push it to the limit each time, literally getting down to a few days worth of money before some seemingly magical hand came to help. It was like a test of faith.

    This last time has been maybe the best yet, every time i have thought i can't possibly do this again, the other times must have been lucky, there is literately no viable path for money to come to me again. BUT IT DID.

    Another thing that really helped me was an interview i watched on youtube about an entrepreneur who started off in the music industry, He talked about how every time he started a new business it got to the point where the lights nearly got cut off every time, and how business partners would drop out when things got critical, he said that most of the time if you can wait just one more day you can usually make it on your own. He also talked about how that's how the music industry work's they get people to take poor record deals because they think they need the label to get to the next level and that he embraces being broke/cracked because it's pre game to being rich, he said he had the same cracked/broke feeling every time before everyone of his businesses were successful, and he also used an analogy i have heard abe use about embracing tough times, in that they are like surfing waves, you don't know when they are going to come or how big they will be you just know when they come you are going to surf them.

    That interview was really powerful to me because it was exactly what i was experiencing, i knew it to be true because i had real life experience and could tell they were also somebody who had embraced the same type of pressure as me.

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    Wow that's brilliant, I love it! Thanks for posting x

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    Hey IAmMe...this story of yours has come just at the perfect time for me!!!thank yo so much

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    I love this quote: " that they are like surfing waves, you don't know when they are going to come or how big they will be you just know when they come you are going to surf them."

    I look back on the last 5 years and I went through so much contrast BUT somehow things worked out even better than I could have anticipated. For me, the teachings showed me to stay presented-oriented and really inhabit each moment in appreciation. I bought a condo in an upscale neighborhood 18 months ago from a totally unexpected financial windfall. It's everything I wanted in a home with lovely, caring neighbors. It really is amazing how these teachings work!

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    Here is a link to the interview i was referring to, i have no idea how i came across the video at the time lol, There is some strong language at times but aside from that i just found it fascinating that this guy seemed to embody a lot of abes teaching weather he knew it or not and it came at the perfect time for me.
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