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Thread: I manifested a weekend younger companion

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    I manifested a weekend younger companion

    I have been a little quiet over the past few days mainly because it has been 10 days I am inspired to do virtual reality to manifest a companion.

    The theme of my desire was certain characteristic but main characteristic "they would be 15 years younger (to make my manifestation even more difficult to achieve)".

    • Main Process: I go to my virtual reality to simply relax & imagine myself with another, we both relax with each other, I start to observe my desire characteristics and start to get a "feel" of how good it would be for me.
    • Supporting Process: I do a rampage of appreciation (in my head) about my last companion, I appreciated their good qualities and beautiful memories, I was literally loving them over and over, in an unconditional manner.
    • I maintained my position that while I appreciated how I manifested my last companions' uniqueness but I am still edger about new characteristics in my newly-expanded companion version.
    • I told myself we will not be improving a situation, we should just follow through a newly-expanded desire. Afterward, we will see what would be the next inspired action.
    • I released my desire for their younger (still legal) age and left it to my Universal Manager to take care of it.
    • I had to reassure myself that it would just happen and I should simply enjoy how it feels in virtual reality.
    • Pre-manifestation: Suddenly, I was inspired to watch some movies, that brings that "feel" about the companions' newly expanded version.

    I did not want to post about it until the Higher Power gives me a signal that I should post about it. Although I won't really talk about this in the forum since it is not relevant to the guidelines, I did manifest into my reality through processes a weekend younger companion, so WooHoo for my vibrational work coming into my reality.

    If I did it, you can do it. Now excuse moi, I am off to ITVortexy!

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    I love this

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    Congratulations , and a great story

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    Isn't it even better when someone consistently follow up with their desire and their expansion after their origional desires?

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