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Thread: Scripting My Ideal Life!

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    Wink Scripting My Ideal Life!

    Script 1

    What I want with money?

    I love spending my money on more things that makes me feel good. I want money because I love the freedom that comes with money. I love feeling rich. I love feeling the ease of spending money. I love not having to struggle or think about money.

    I want a life where I'm rich and abundant. Where money isn't something I have to plan around. I want a life where I can go wherever I want when I want because I have all the resources to do so. I can buy anything I want that I need with ease. I can shop for the kinds of clothes that I want with ease. I want to have money because I want to live a life that is full of abundance and really embody that lifestyle.

    I want money because it feels good. I want money because I'm completely capable of having the money I want. I'm capable of living that life. I can have a life where money flows abundantly. I'm able to manifest that lifestyle. That is 10000% possible for me. I like knowing that feeling.


    I can't believe it! I just manifested over $25,000, jump started my income and now have thousands of dollars coming in every month! I'm so excited because I didn't think my abundance would come in like this, but here it is and it feels so good!

    I'm looking at the numbers and have to pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream. The numbers are stunning and amazing! And I'm seeing them increase every second. I can't believe how many people are handing me their money!

    I can't believe that this idea worked! I felt intuitively that this would be a great idea, but I had NO idea that this would be the outcome! People are loving it and the money keeps on increasing! I like this feeling that my own idea from my own brain produced such an amazing result. It is because of me and my alignment that this is all happening. No one came in and blessed me with a magic ward, I was in tuned with my own joy and all the steps lit up right in front of me!

    This feels so good because now I don't have to worry so much about the money I don't have yet, or think of ideas of how to create more of it. Now I get to rest, relax and not worry. Now I get to really chill out and not think about what other people think. Now I get to do the things I want to do because I want to do them.

    I keep looking at the numbers to see if they changed, but no, they keep increasing! The partnership that I said yes to really helped me out with this! They really helped me get all the details and pieces together, they did all the work I didn't want to do and wanted someone else to complete. And of course the universe provided that by bringing in this partnership to me. Everyone is so nice and really believes in me and my ideas. They were so excited to hear me speak and really bring in that divine energy that always flows through me. They were really impressed when they interviewed me, I didn't know what to expect so I didn't worry about it but it went way better than the both of us expected!

    The interview was supposed to be around 45 minutes but it ended up being 2 hours and I was taken on a tour of the amazing building! That was the best part of it all, meeting all the wonderful people and getting to know the company and what they did up close. It feels like a major blessing to be apart of their family and to just be in the space that I'm in now. I didn't even get a call from them yet but I know that they wanted to do a celebratory dinner just for me being apart of the partnership and for me to know the other members more.

    I can't believe this is how it's coming together! Doing the Abe work, ditching this idea that I'll only live in a certain financial state and more so, allowed myself to live abundantly was the best thing I could of done! Looking back, it was a lot of fear I was dealing with and the fear of what others would think of me having a lot of money. But, what other people think isn't my business. Nor is it my job to make other people comfortable, especially when I'm sacrificing my own well-being!

    It just wasn't working for me and I had enough. If people judged me for wanting to have a lot of money, to live in a nice house, to have nice things and to really, not hold my attention to the issues and problems people of a lower income bracket are dealing with, then I'm just fine with that! I LOVE living this abundant lifestyle and it makes ME HAPPY. I'm just glad that I let go of the old way I was doing things and really the subjects that wasn't serving me. Because since then, I have been focusing on what serves me! I've been focused on what I wanted my life to look and FEEL like. Not just being happy with the money I had, yet believing that I can't have more, but being happy that I can increase my income at any moment that I choose and not being limited on how I do that!

    Doing the work for my money was so much fun and full of ease. I just talked about money how I wanted to talk about money. Bought the things that I wanted to buy, and really got in touch with who I am and spent a lot of quiet time alone.

    Getting quiet and spending time alone really "neutralized" the momentum that my old money beliefs were carrying. Once that "noise" quieted down, what I really wanted and more so the new money beliefs where able to take serious hold. I started to see more money come in pretty quickly! Things started to shift quickly.

    I wasn't attracted to people, places and things that focused on lack and poverty. The way I dealt with those people changed. I just didn't feel the upset and the injustice anymore. I was happy with who I was and what was going on with my life. I stopped focusing on those people and their issues, I became truly selfish in that way.

    Everything just started to fall into place and then I got approached by that amazing company and the rest was truly history!

    I really am the decider of my prosperity, I really do create my reality! I had this power all this time but didn't realize it quite yet being focused on lack and other things.

    I love that things can change, and I can change them!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, itís more than enough!

    Much love,

    Kai <3

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    Script 2: My Art

    Script 2: My Art

    I'm having so much fun drawing right now.

    I can't believe how successful I'm becoming doing something that I absolutely love!

    I only starting selling adoptables and my creations for a short time and already I find the money coming in!

    I'm so glad that I started to just draw what I wanted to draw because not doing it was making me so sad and miserable! I'm happy that I'm seeing my art and what I love really become the life that I'm living right at this moment. The second I stop caring what other people thought and just did what I truly wanted from the bottom of my heart was the moment my life changed for the better!

    I'm finding myself creating all the time! I'm using all kind of materials as well, something that I always wanted to do! I'm making really colorful and fun art that makes me smile and I'm seeing my art gain a lot of popularity whenever I show it!

    I'm always thinking of new ideas, new color combinations, new mediums and just experimenting with each piece I make and it's so much fun. It's fun watching the colors blend with one another to make such vibrant hues and tones. It's fun drawing really big eyes and adding weights to the line art. I love making up new characters every day that constantly inspires me! It's just all really fun and I get to enjoy my talent all the time!

    I'm happy that my talent is so lucrative and I'm making a great living off of my art and gift. I was always meant for success anyway, there was no way that I couldn't become successful since it's never a matter on who is lucky and who's not. Success is something that you can create easily and I missed that for a long time trying to become someone that I'm not. When I stopped giving a damn about what other people thought and just focused on what felt good to me, success wasn't even an thought anymore because I was happy doing something that I love, then the success came to me easily!

    Having that success come through is so much fun though! I have more money than I had for a long time and I'm enjoying planning out what new games, kitchen appliances and art materials that I want to buy. I'm also having fun picking out new clothes and building a new wardrobe that matches my sense of style. My closet is pretty big so I don't have to worry about not having enough room in it for all the clothes that I want to buy.

    Having the space that I need to create bigger works feels amazing. I have an easel plus a proper drawing desk as well as a table for my crafts. I love mixing different mediums to create something amazingly fun.

    It's hard to believe that I use to think that having fun in life was a childish and bad thing. It was always in my face and made itself pretty obvious, but I kept pushing it away thinking that is wasn't appropriate for me and I needed to do something more serious. But that is not true and never was true. There is no wrong way to live life or to make a living.

    I never needed a plan and a "reliable" way to make a living, it was all a myth and it kept me pushing away my heart's desires. It just doesn't exist, but vibration does and choosing the vibe you want to put out in the world and I'm glad I started to choose a lot better.

    I knew I wanted something fun that fit my happy personality. I also knew that I wanted a lot of money to spend because I love buying things and filling my life with all kinds of stuff that reflected back my love of fantasy. I also knew that I wanted to be well known for what I did because that is something I always wanted even as a kid. I just knew what it is that I wanted to be and do, I just had old beliefs that was contradicting my desires. Which were all based on this idea that adults had to be and live a certain way to be "correct" or acceptable. But it's really is a lie, you can decide to live that way or not.

    You can choose to be like a child forever and have fun, take naps, not work for anyone and have a lot of money and spend it on whatever you want. You can live like that and there will be nothing wrong with it, even if other people don't approve! It's really amazing!

    Anyway, I love being myself and living the way I truly want. Drawing the things that make me happy and being unlimited in what I can do, be and live. It feels good.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, itís more than enough!

    Much love,

    Kai <3

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