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Thread: Practicing, practicing, practicing

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    Practicing, practicing, practicing

    Hello my friends

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place so feel free to move it if I'm not.
    I just want to share how I have been making headway with things recently. This forum has been marvellous for me to read the tips and tricks and figure out from them things that work for me (long time lurker here)

    I spent nearly a year listening to the abe videos, reading the abraham books, but not actually doing the 'work' or processes to actually shift my vibration.

    It is my actually doing the work that has things shifting.
    i just see and feel things differently now. I know any contrast is just an indication of vibration, nothing more. I try not to condemn my negative feelings. I try to focus on a better feeling thought, I milk successes more. I feel more in control, even in the face of contrast.

    Momentum sometimes makes me feel like I'm falling out of an airplane but I know I'll sleep and can choose better feeling thoughts when I wake.
    I am still in the middle of my 'contrast' but doing the work now, I know it must shift when I tip the balance to what I desire.

    It really is practice practice practice. Little by little shifts.

    1. For the first time in my 3 years at my job, my job has 'suddenly' gone in the direction I always would have loved for it to go. I can see it morphing into the job I always wanted (even though I no longer want to 'work' a 9-5 job anymore I think it's huge to see this manifestation that at one time was in my vortex)

    2. I am a homeowner, still have a great marriage and we adore our son (who teaches me so much about law of attraction)

    3. I start next week helping at my local maternity hospital giving ladies positive talks on pregnancy. This is my dream role. I am volunteering and hope this is the start of my positive pregnancy consultancy business. Not hope... I feel stronger than hope...I feel optimistic.

    4. I now have a new fun feeling about money (money tips thread is excellent, thank you to all you contribute, it's amazing and I have 400 more pages of it to read!) I have a fun money account that keeps growing that I love to play with. Dare I say it, perhaps once I finished reading the money thread, I could add some of my own fun games to it!

    5. I feel more control of my life. I can look at manifestations and see oh yes that's where you came from and so forth. Even though I'm still in the contrast in some aspects, but I'm wading through it, laying new pipes, softening the old doubts. Figuring out ways to feel better, letting me feel crappy if I want.

    Thank you to all of you x
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    beautiful story Getting Happier , thank you so much for sharing it with us

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    Thank you lemon-up. It's so marvellous to have this space to discuss the teachings on. Thanks to those that bought this space and that moderate it.

    Another really fun recent manifestation was my bank wrote to me to tell me because I now earn over 100,000 per annum (I don't!, well in my vortex I do, but not in my 'reality') I have been upgraded to a premium banking service for their high income customers! Well I nearly died laughing when I read this! The bank got the memo that I am a millionaire before I did! lol! So I made the call to the bank to ask them to run through my perks. I was laughing as this lady told me about how easy it is for me to make high monetary purchases now and to transfer large amounts of money, because she was looking at my bank account that had 53 in it at the time!! I found that so funny. I sat back, listened to her speak to me as the millionaire the universe knows I am and I soaked it all in like a sponge!!
    I get lots of perks including free access to airport lounges before I fly. Which is even funnier because I really love watching YouTube channels about first class airport lounges and airlines Lol. The universe is really funny! Love it!

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    this is so wonderful Getting Happier thank you for sharing your story!
    and laughed so much about your money manifestations and soaking it all in as an upgraded customer, just beautiful and amazing the way things go

    much love xxx

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