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Thread: Finding Someone That Recognizes and Appreciates Your "Inner Being"

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    Finding Someone That Recognizes and Appreciates Your "Inner Being"

    I don't know if this means anything, or if Abraham has anything to say about this, but I met someone recently who when showering me with rampant appreciation, put it into words that really resonated with my Inner Being. I've never experienced this before. The best way I could describe it is "Everything that this person likes, loves, values, appreciates, and praises about me are the things that I like, love, value, appreciate (and recently thanks to Abraham) praise about myself."

    I am sure that many of my previous "relationships" (be they romantic or platonic) have also valued these traits in me, but I've just never had anyone actually specifically tell me these things before.

    He tells me that he likes how "different" I am (from other girls), how I'm a "good person", how I'm unique, and how I surprise him by how I respond or interact to him by answering always straight forwardly, honestly, and just "being my own person" being myself, and not trying to impress anyone, etc.

    I have always felt very different from other girls, but I've always valued that. I've always thought it's good to be different, it's good that I'm unique, it's what "makes me ME". It's my favorite thing about myself.

    I was just telling one of my people of interest the other day that the Right person will value how loyal, caring, kind, easy going, positive, uplifting, loving, etc I am, plus all of my quirky weird differences *mostly around hobbies and different things that are rare in my age/gender demographic*.

    Then 2 days later I meet this person for the first time *though we were chatting for a few weeks* who does appreciate and value all of those things in me.

    The whole time he was showering me with such praise, I just thought "Yes, yes, that is me, that's who I really am, thank you for seeing and appreciating the real me, thank you for reminding me what I already knew about myself. I don't always see it sometimes (we can't be in the vortex 100% of the time lol), so the reminder is a nice touch"

    And then I'm feeling confident and like "Yes, I am pretty amazing, aren't I?" .

    Not only does he appreciate the things I appreciate about myself, but he praises and appreciates the things I wish I could change about myself too (my negative resistant not good feeling thoughts about myself etc). He likes bigger girls, even though he's fit. He likes my hair even though sometimes I wish it was straight, etc.

    Since then, I've looked at myself differently too (high flying disk or vortexy maybe). Took selfies yesterday and even though it was 2nd day hair, which normally never looks good because it's curly, and when brushed dry it gets frizzy, but I thought damn, my hair looks really full and soft and sexy, and even though I don't always appreciate my "curves" I thought wow "I look slim" or "wow that dress looks amazing" or "Wow I have a great body" or "Wow I love my "curves" or how the dress hugged my curves".

    And then my "feeling good continues".

    I don't know how to explain it really, but it felt like we were in alignment with each other. Appreciating each other's inner beings and like our energy was playful and dynamic and exciting. I don't care much what happens in this "relationship" (or whatever we want to call it), because I'm still hung up on 2 "Freds". This person is quite different from both of those people, and quite different from me as well probably. Since I wasn't really looking for anything serious because haven't fully let go of these Freds yet, when I met this person I was more relaxed and carefree, and things as abraham says were "Flowing" and "Downstream" and felt really easy and good and natural. I just decided to just "go and have fun".

    He told me how he felt that I was perfect and that he must be dreaming and when I told him no, he said because he rarely finds anyone that is his type (a bigger girl) with a genuine and fun personality and great conversation, so it hit all of his checkboxes. He told me that before our date he was getting nervous and he told his friends that his heart was thumping and they asked what's wrong with him because he's never like that. He just said he was nervous because I was so perfect. And the next night after our date he told me he thinks he misses me. I feel like maybe it is because we are in such vibrational alignment with our inner beings right now.

    It's super early for us right now, we are nothing, but becoming good friends . We've only had 1 date, although we have a whole (long) weekend of fun things planned.

    It is a great feeling to find someone who respects most about me the things I respect about myself. I've never had that happen, at least not that anyone has specifically said in exact words.

    And I know that their words are giving me THOUGHTS (hearing those words, then thinking those words) and that my Inner Being is in alignment and agreement with those words/thoughts which are about myself, and that those are my true feelings and thoughts about myself, so I know that I don't always need to be told these things, because I can tell these things to myself and still feel happiness and "rightfulness" in knowing those thoughts about myself are true and good. .

    He does other things I like a lot too which I mentioned in another thread, but which has continued and intensified since our first meeting. Messaging me/calling me. Initiating contact, throughout the whole day. Sometimes the text literally just says "What are you up to? I'm thinking about you". Even if there's not much to say or we've been talking all day, the constant contact is what I desire in a romantic relationship. Probably what I've been putting in my vortex for a long time. Things I've been trying to get my "Freds" to want to do (and which one of them used to do and I was for awhile obsessed over the absence of that) (even though I know we can't control "Fred", that thought was still what began me on my LOA journey so I should thank and appreciate that some "good" came from that thought anyways).

    The new friend is also always on a high flying disc, every day he goes on rampages of appreciation just about life, work, that it's a new day, that life is good, friends, job, etc, all good, he's always posting social media updates about this, and he's such a positive uplifting person, and I like that, especially as I've been on this LOA journey and working on being positive too!

    Life is good New friends are good! I had an amazing weekend, both with him, and without him, last week both days were things that were like once in a lifetime occurrences and experiences, and I realized I was fully enjoying and appreciating the day before I met him, even though I was single and alone / lonely missing my "Freds" I was at an event that was so positive and beautiful and uplifting and even spiritual on many levels and something I had always wanted to do / bucket list. And life was just sooooo good!! I was happy!! I AM happy. Happy to be Happy, happy to have had amazing experiences and happy to finally feel some relief and feel better. About 2 months ago I was crushingly depressed over the Freds, and as I started working on LOA, I felt a little bit better, and a little bit better... and...

    And now a new weekend begins in a few hours!!! I feel so excited and happy and positive. I'd be lying if I said I never thought about or missed my Freds, but I am fully aware now that I can be "unconditionally happy" and that is such an amazing feeling. To be happy - like super ecstatically happy, without the condition of having or needing Fred. Would I still like to see the Freds? Of course, but now it's no longer from a desperate place, but a place of "Wouldn't it be nice if..." And that FEELS BETTER
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