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Thread: Growing taller: getting to manifested "Greatness"

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    He dreams that his lost arm has grown back.

    (HS lost his left arm, and wants to regrow it.
    He received very realistic feeling dreams, where the arm is back, again.)

    When you have a vivid dream like that, it means,
    the vibrational aspect of your desire is complete.
    And in your dream-state, since there is no resistance in your dream-state,
    then you were able to experience the manifestation of it!

    Now there are a lot of people- realists, that would say:
    "Abraham, you should not be encouraging something, for as life goes,
    seems pretty unrealistic, or illogical." And we say:
    There is NOTHING that falls into that category!

    You donīt look at your television and think, that there are
    little horses and little people, running around in there.
    You KNOW that it is a vibrational TRANSLATION, of an image
    thatīs being offered, and there is a receiver that is depicting it.

    And we want you to understand, that this thing, that you are calling
    your real life experience, that feels SO flesh-blood-and-bone-real,
    so knock-on-wood-real, is ONLY an extension of vibration!

    Itīs all about vibrational interpretation!

    So, as in your dream-state, which you accept as a vibrational
    interpretation, you dreamed it and those images were "real",
    you said it was as real as life itself- and we say, YES, IT WAS!
    And as you know that you were able to accomplish that
    in your dream-state, as you have that knowing- it does not matter,
    what anybody else thinks about it, as YOU hold that knowing,
    you have the ability to accomplish it in your wake-state!

    You just have to not let the "reality" set you off your course
    of what you are reaching for.
    (...) And when you come into alignment enough, that you have
    a VIVID dream about something, your alignment is very well in place.

    So, iow, you believed it enough to dream it.
    Do you believe it enough,
    to live it in your physical life-experience?

    And the answer to that will be given to you in your emotions.
    A feeling of doubt says: No, not yet.
    A feeling of worry says: No, not yet.
    A feeling of exhilaration says: Yep, right on track!
    A feeling of anticipation says: Right on track!
    A feeling of hope says: Enough, to dream it.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks-Dream meaning!

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    Your body can shift around in 1 day!

    You could stand here sick with ten illnesses today,
    and tomorrow have no evidence of any of them.
    Your body has the ability
    to replenish itself that fast.

    But most of you do not have the ability
    to change your thoughts that fast.
    So the amount of time that it takes between sickness
    and wellness is only the amount of time
    that it takes for me to figure out how to let it in —
    for me to figure out how to feel good,
    when I'm looking at something that makes me feel bad.

    --- Abraham

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    Your body should have as much -or more!- stamina and greatness, when you get older!

    As I’m aging, I just notice my body is not as resilient as it was when I was 20. And….

    Why not? That’s odd.

    Yeah, I guess that’s my question. Does there have to be a natural aging process?

    Aging, yes, because you’re moving through time.
    Declining, no — that’s a mental state.

    Q: Yeah.

    But what happens is, because most everybody you know is looking at manifestations and then coming to conclusions, based on manifestations rather than looking at energy and coming to conclusions based on energy.

    - in other words, if you could see a declining person and you could understand the conflicts that have been going on in them all of their life, then you would understand the decline of their body. And then you would be able to make the association and you would not necessarily attach the same thing to yourself.

    But because you make no association between what they’re thinking and feeling and what’s happening to them, then you assume this is just what happens. And we want to say to you, this is not just what happens.

    This is just what happens when people believe,
    that there is decline with age.

    Mm-hm. Like, a specific example, I used to run a lot, and now when I run my left hip hurts. And I would like to be able to run, but it’s just, it’s uncomfortable to run.

    What you are saying to us is you think that your left hip began to hurt and then you noticed it and had a vibrational response to it. And what we’re saying to you is, you had a vibrational response to the society that believes in decline and therefore are living the self-fulfilled prophecy of what you expected.

    Q: Right.

    And so the question that really is before us is:
    how can I expect differently than everybody else?

    And we say, try to think more singularly. And try not to base your conclusions on the manifestations that you’re watching. Instead, base your conclusions on the energy that you are watching.

    We think it would be helpful, when you see a person who has strong evidence of decline, to acknowledge what their day-to-day mental state has been like. In other words, what have they been pushing against?

    And sometimes people will say, “Well, that’s just the fact. The fact of it is that this many people get such and such.” And we say, well, what does that have to do with you?

    And they say, “Well, one in five has it and I might be the one.” And we say, but why are you letting the way somebody else flowed energy, which created what they are living, why are you now using that as the club to beat yourself over the head?

    It’s where we began there this morning, as we said
    would you choose something that is true,
    or something that feels good?
    Many people would choose what is true.

    “I’m choosing this true thought.” And we say, but it’s only a true thought because somebody manifested it. And somebody only manifested it, because they gave their attention to it.
    So what you’re saying is, “I’m now going to give my attention to this thing I do not want because somebody because somebody else gave their attention to this thing they [did] not want and got it.”

    And we say, we know there’s reasoning in there somewhere, but it feels quite unreasonable to us. And that’s why we’re playing with you a little bit when we say… “Why?” … when you talk about decline.

    We hear Jerry and Esther say quite often — Esther, especially, is saying it lately —
    “I feel more stamina today than I did when I was a teenager.”

    And we say, it is because she has very little resistance moving through her today, and when she was a teenager, like most teenagers, there was a tremendous amount of trying to fit in and trying to please too many people.

    In other words, she can tell a physical difference.
    Now, if you were to say, “Does she have the same physical capabilities today as she did, when she was a teenager?”,
    we would say there would be no reason for them to be less. She’s hardier, she’s stronger, she’s surer, she’s more balanced,
    she’s more connected, she’s allowing more of us to flow through her, you see.

    Q: So I can still have my 20-year-old body when I’m 44, or…?

    No, your body will still be 44 because you are moving through time.
    But what we would do if we were standing in your physical shoes is -we would disassociate age with activity or age with the way that you feel because your body is a cellular mass
    that is monitored and created through electrical charges,
    and the cellular mass has the capability of regenerating
    itself endlessly.

    And each new cell has the ability to be as much,
    if not more, than the original cell.

    In other words, that’s the nature of this physical structure. And so the only other factor is how the energy is being allowed to flow through. And so decline is about electrical circuitry being disallowed, not about cellular degeneration.

    Your doctors are beginning to discover it, they are beginning to make the factual leap between attitude and wellness, you see. And while we know you would count yourself among — and so would we — the more positive people on the planet.

    It is clear to us, we can feel it in your energy. We also know, that you take life very seriously. You want to get things right. You care very much about parenting.
    You care very much about your work, you care very much about making the world a better place.

    In other words, you have issues you’ve picked up along your physical trail, you’re taking life rather seriously, you see. We like it when you take life seriously because it’s a wonderful thing to focus,
    but we would also like you to lighten up a little bit and relax,
    and have more fun in more moments and realize that all is well, because that is the only thing that is taking the toll on your body.

    Q: Okay.

    Abe: Very good. Something more?

    Q: I was going to ask about this whole idea of enlightenment, but I don’t know if I’m really that interested. I’m more interested in…. (Laughter.) I’m having so much fun, more and more fun all the time, I could care less about enlightenment now, so…. (Further laughter.)

    Well, that is the most enlightened remark we have ever heard. (Laughter.) That’s where it’s at. We’re not kidding you about that.
    Enlightenment means, literally, ‘aligning to the energy of my Source.’ And genius is only about focusing — Law of Attraction takes care of everything else.

    Physical humans often want to make enlightenment about finding some process and moving through the process that has been pre-described, but true enlightenment is moving to the rhythm of the internal inspiration that is coming in response to the individual desire.

    Ooh, that was so good — did you hear that? Enlightenment is allowing my connection to the Source that is me,
    for the fulfillment of the things that I have individually defined here in my time/space reality.’

    That’s as good as it gets, you see.

    — Abe — Boulder, CO, 6/7/03

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    NO condition is unchangeable!

    There is no condition that you cannot modify into something more,
    any more than there is any painting that you can paint
    and not like and just paint over it again.

    There are many limiting thoughts in the human environment
    that make it feel like it is not so, as you have these incurable illnesses,
    or these unchangeable conditions.
    But we say, they are only "unchangeable"
    because you believe that they are.


    Excerpted from: San Antonio, TX on April 21, 2001

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    You are unlimited.

    “Law of attraction is your very best friend.
    And when you go with the flow of these Universal energies,
    you will feel your full empowerment.

    What fun it is to be physically focused
    and have the energy that creates worlds
    flowing through your focus- to assist you in the accomplishment,
    in the creation of anything
    that this space-time reality has inspired within you.

    Feel that feeling of unlimited-ness,
    and understand that in anything less than unlimited-ness,
    there is limitedness that you cannot stand from a nonphysical point of view,
    because the nonphysical part of you truly understands that you are UNLIMITED.

    We think it would be a good thing for you to CUT THAT OUT.“

    Abraham Hicks, Portland, OR 06/28/2014

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    All of the characteristics that man has been assigning to
    are possible WITH YOU!

    -Instantaneous healing.
    -Teleportation from one place to another.
    -The creation of wanted, in the moment that you want it.
    Iow, there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have!

    But you HAVE to understand the wholeness of who you are,
    and train yourself into the vibration of that, which is as complete
    as you have become, so far!

    Boca Raton, 2010-03-24, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - You can live the delicious life that you deserve

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    Wanting MORE

    HS tells that he has an absolutely wonderful life,
    and feels hesitating to want even more-
    as to move to a less humid climate.

    (speaking for him):
    "How dare I to be such a nit-picker as to want this thing,
    that in the sculpt of things SHOULD be insignificant, when

    -Because itīs the leading edge!!! Because, you canīt stand still!
    (...) And holding yourself to the perfection of what is,
    will bring you eventually to a place of resentment.

    (...) You get to have it all!
    You get to have EVERYTHING that you want,
    and never route for standing still! MORE is the mantra.
    And other. Different. MORE exposure, to MORE life.
    More opportunity, to refine and define.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Give yourself the permission to have it all

    Are you ready to let yourself have
    everything that you want?

    Still same interaction as above:

    Are you ready to let yourself have everything that you want?
    Do you think you are able to factor out how everybody else feels about it?
    Do you think there are people in your environment, that acknowledge
    the perfection in which you live, and just think you are out of your mind,
    to even THINK about walking away from that- into something,
    that is unknown?

    (laughing) Oh, maybe a few.

    Maybe everyone you know?

    (laughing) Pretty much, yeah!

    Do you think you can give yourself permission,
    to follow your path of least resistance?
    Give yourself permission to satisfy your hearts desire?

    Do YOU think, you can have it all? Do you think, you have to give up
    something for something -or do you think the Universe has the ability

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Give yourself the permission to have it all

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    Your cells are brilliant geniuses!

    “…think not about instructing your cells, but about taking instruction from them…
    it’s not so much about what you’re telling them
    as about what they’re telling you,

    because they are consciousness who is in direct conversation with your source energy, and it is to the degree that you are worried about things and blocking that communication that makes you then not understand.

    So, the more you are reaching for thoughts that feel good and the more that you are finding thoughts that feel good, the more rampages of appreciation and lists of positive aspects, the more that that is just a natural easy natural way for you to feel as you begin each day, then the less you will be blocking the communication between your cells and their source.

    Now, we don’t want to separate you from your cells and we certainly don’t want to separate you from your Source, but we do want to tell the story in this way: Your Source has direct conversation and communication with your cells,

    and if you aren’t in the way it will go really really well.

    So, your cells are giving you commination all the time in forms of impulses in forms of craving, but most humans are not allowing their cells to let them know what they need because:

    “You stupid cell, there’s far too many carbs in that thing that you are making me crave, than in what I want, and so I’m going to override your request and not give you what you’re asking for, because I’m responding to something outside of me rather than something inside of me.”

    Your cells know what to do. They are brilliant genius.
    Your body is a veritable chemical factory. It is in concert with itself.
    Think about the forming of the body!

    Do you realize that not that long ago, you were just like a little smear on a petri dish, and out of that little smear here you are? Don’t you find that amazing, that each part of the little smear
    knew what it was supposed to do
    in order to turn out the way you are? Don’t you just find that amazing?

    That’s intelligence and consciousness that’s going on between Source and cells, that you don’t need to get actively involved in, but you do want to trust the knowledge of these cells, these intelligent cells, and trust the knowledge of the source within you, and then you do your work, your work, your work, what is your work all day long,

    which is to get feeling as good as you can
    about anything
    -that you can feel good about, and then follow the impulses that come, and it is our promise to you that you’ll be on a path of good feeling, energizing, good feeding, good fueling beingness.”

    The recognition that you will have as your cells participate in jubilation with you, that will translate in the form of clarity, in the form of vitality, in the form of energy, in the form of physical wellbeing, in the form of sleeping well.

    ….there will be so much evidence of the alignment that you have found,
    but you have to be willing to find the alignment…

    you’re looking for the feeling of ease first, trusting that the impulse will come, that will continue to bring you the evidence that you are looking for that is more striking evidence that others can see and hear and smell and taste and touch.”

    North LA, Febr. 2014

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    -A desire to move from their inferior-by earth standards-bodily condition to something improved. And so now the Spirit that is them, joins them in that new thought and NOW they have essentially, ENERGETICALLY BEEN RE-BORN.

    And now as the human form, as they bring themselves up to speed with this NEW IDEA, their body will transform to the new idea

    Guest: Really?

    Abraham: REALLY.

    Guest: Oooooooo!

    Every cell in your body is resilient, and responsive, and flexible, and able, you see. And your body is just made up of those trillions of cells that are cooperative and compliant. And so when life experience causes you to want something more, SOURCE SAYS “YES”! -Now all you’ve got to do is come up to speed with it.
    Which means, follow the thoughts that feel best.

    And so you say, “Well, I’m going to grow my arm into perfection.” And the sociologist or the psychologist says, “You’re delusional. Don’t wish for something that is impossible!"

    And we say, Don’t listen to someone who does not know. Don’t listen to someone outside of your vibrational crack, you see.

    Abraham-Hicks. 2005

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    Pretend itīs Done!

    …you could sit in your car and be driving down the street.
    You could pretend that you were in a convertible.
    You could pretend that the sun was shining on you.
    You could pretend that you were in a bathing suit.
    You could pretend that your body was tanned .
    You could pretend that your body was beautiful.
    You could pretend that people were looking and whistling.
    You could pretend that you were proud.

    You could pretend that you were lying on a beach-towel.
    You could pretend that you are playing volley-ball.
    You could pretend that you are running down the beach.
    You could pretend that you are jogging a little bit.
    You could pretend that you are on the horse.
    You could pretend that you are on the tennis match.

    You can pretend anything that you want to pretend
    and in the time of pretending your body lines up.

    You get a sense of what we are talking about?
    And as you spend a little bit of time showing yourself that mental image,
    the cells of your body are responding to the mental image.


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