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Thread: New Processes!

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    New Processes!

    I'm trying out a new routine for 30 days (or depending on how it goes hopefully for the rest of my life). This is a modification on a previous routine.

    Wake Up: Meditate for 15 minutes and then proceed to do a RoA OR BoPA in a notebook for 10 minutes.

    Then for the rest of the day just live life joyously (make appreciating a habit).

    Before Sleeping: Do another RoA or BoPA for 10 minutes, then go straight to a Creation Box and put in whatever you've collected today.

    Go to sleep and repeat. Other people seem to have had wonders with this process, saying that within a few days to a week they could feel the vibrational alignment with Source, and everything would fall into place! A good friend of mine (a very educated Aber I must say) has been doing this for almost 3 months now and he says life literally could not be better -- meaning he can't think of anything to make it better because it's so good! He says anything he puts in his creation box will either manifest or start to manifest within days! And best of all, he says that he is always in that "light" feeling mode. Whenever he drops out of that high flying disc, within a small little RoA (a few minutes)(or sometimes a FW although he insists RoA's are better) it's easy to get right back on!

    I'm excited! Would anybody like to join me? I'm starting tomorrow - on the 5th of September and will continue to do so till Halloween!
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    This is what I do instead of a Creation Box (I posted in another thread but don't seem to remember). I call it "My Book of Desires." It's basically a creation box, except with scripting. I have 3 sections, one for body, one for social, and one for the career prospect. So what I'd do is I'd script the nowness of my desire in the journal (basically scripting), and then, just like the creation box, let it be. And it would happen! For example, for social:

    "Oh this was was such a good weekend! I had a great time with my friends! And my girlfriend bought me such an amazing gift for my birthday! I feel so good! I feel so appreciated and loved! This is the best birthday I've ever had! "

    I wrote that this past Thursday, and I had a great weekend! My friend offered to pay for the drinks -- which the cheapskate never does haha -- and my girlfriend brought me a jersey that I'd wanted a while ago and forgotten! I still don't understand how she found it!

    I've noticed that the key is for me is to feel good in general. When I am, it seems as though everything happens so quickly! When I'm not, it takes a lot longer-- until I align or feel good.

    Oh, and good advice would be to have no limits -- be out of the world! Script scenarios that feel silly but good, and let Source surprise you!

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    Loving yr advise bigguy, especially on have no limits .
    ROA to be done daily but how often would you write out your script ?
    Would this be done daily too or would this be done once and then let go ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by janewills1 View Post
    ...but how often would you write out your script ?
    I'm not TBG, but Abraham had recommended we do any of their Processes as long as and as often as they help us to feel better. That's all the Processes are able to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by janewills1 View Post
    Would this be done daily too or would this be done once and then let go ?
    The Processes were intended as tools to help us feel better throughout our days so Abraham would encourage us to play with (operative phrase here. Abraham originally called the Processes "Games.") with them as often as possible for that purpose. (I highlighted that last piece because if you're doing your RoA, your Scripts, etc. as a sort of magic spell to get your stuff, you'll be shooting yourself in the vibration foot, so to speak. The Processes don't have that kind of power. This isn't Hogwarts.)

    Over the decades, Abraham have, from time to time, offered us daily routines in this similar vein. (There are the stories of Esther doing hundreds of Focus Wheels each day, because she found that Process personally helpful.) As long as your intention is to feel better and these tools help you fulfill that intention, you'll be helping your vibration out.
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