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Thread: Lawn mower & weed-trimmer

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    Lawn mower & weed-trimmer

    I've mentioned before that it's usually easier to manifest deals/discounts/freebies than it is to manifest money. And these 2 success stories are a good example.

    The first story: last month, I was trimming my lawn with my weed-trimmer (a type of powered lawn equipment) & it broke. I really didn't want to fix it because it always turns into a pain to fix. I went on Amazon & found one that I liked, but I didn't want to spend $180 for it. So what was I going to do?...Well, I chose to ignore it & just let the Universe figure it out. And the Universe did figure out & rather quickly. What happened was later that day my neighbor came by & I mentioned that my trimmer broke. He said to not worry because he just bought one at a garage sale that I could have. So, I go to get it out of his shed & I notice that it's the exact one that I was looking at on Amazon!

    The second story:
    I was mowing my lawn yesterday & when I was done mowing, my lawn mower made a loud bang & just died right on the spot. It was like clockwork: I got done mowing & "BANG!" the lawnmower just broke. Well, I went online & looked at some new lawn mowers. I found the one that I wanted & it cost $400. However, I figured that I would just hold off on buying one & see what the Universe delivered. I really had no clue how it was going to get solved.

    Anyhow, fast forward to today. I look out my front window at lunch time & I see my neighbor backing his truck up to my house. I walk outside to see what's going on. Well, my old boss (me & my neighbor were co-workers at one time) was throwing out his lawnmower. It worked & runs, but my old boss is a millionaire & he likes to constantly blow money on upgrading stuff around his home. And this lawn mower was one of those things. Anyways, my neighbor had decided to bring it home to me, even though I never told him or anyone that my lawnmower broke.

    Either way, almost exactly 24 hours before that, my lawnmower broke & all of a sudden I was looking at a new one being delivered to my door for free. The kicker is that this lawnmower was the exact brand & model that I was looking at buying...I've have a past of getting the make & model of vehicles I want (& several of them have also been delivered to my front door), but now I'm doing the same thing with lawn-equipment...and getting them for free!

    Again, (& while it's mostly psychological) I always find that it's easier to believe that it's possible the Universe just manifests me great deals, discounts & freebies than it is to "try" and manifest all the money to pay full-price for the items I want. Yes, the Universe can manifest me (& many times it does) all the money to pay full-price, but I've found that I release a lot of resistance when I leave the other options open. That might be "common sense" to many people that listen to Abe, but I just want to include it because trying to leave as much money out of the equation as possible has really allowed me to release a lot of resistance in the past.

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    Thank you for sharing this!! I love how these things worked out for you 💕

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