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Thread: Wealthy Wolf - shifting from lack to abundance

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    I just received some pretty good feeling thoughts about this forum.
    This is "off topic" but hey, any way I can practise feeling better (or even good) in the moment can only help me.

    I really like this forum. I like this forum very much.
    I like how this forum is focused on specifically Abraham teachings because they're the ones that I know the most about and like the most.
    I like how this forum is so active that I can log in every day and there are several new threads and replies.
    I like how this forum has so many helpful people.
    I like how people spend their time crafting thought out replies.
    I like how there are people here who want to spend some of their time helping others get the hang of this.
    I like how there are so many quote collections that POE (and others) have assembled, there is so much fun stuff to read about every topic.
    I like how a member can make a thread and post about their own experiences and how reading about that helps others.
    I like how very often all these people have similar things they're dealing with so no one's really "alone" with something.
    I like how anyone can come here and no matter what their question or desire is, people will come and help,
    iow no one laughs at anyone for anything they want, I like how people here just accept that okay this person wants this or that,
    I'll offer my perspective, it might be of benefit to them.

    I like how there are people here who REALLY KNOW this stuff.
    I like how there are those here that have proven this stuff over and over and who talk about their before-vs-now experiences.
    I like how the discussions on here are on point and how this forum isn't filled with all kinds of things other teachers say.
    I like how this forum goes deeper because there are some forums I've seen that are filled with threads to "get this tangible thing I want"
    but this forum actually gets to the emotional content because after all, if one doesn't learn how to be stable in good feeling emotions on their own,
    they'd just be looking for yet another condition to fill that void.
    But this forum teaches about the root cause, the emotion. I like that.

    I like that I opened this thread.
    This was a good choice for me.
    I already feel so much better emotionally than before I opened this thread.
    I like my own thread very much.
    I enjoy coming to this thread and writing.
    I really like replying to people.
    I really like when people write here.
    I really like reading what helpful things people can post.
    It is a pleasant activity now for me to come to this thread.
    I like reading others' threads, too.
    I like that I can ask questions and get clearer.
    I like that there are people who want to answer those questions.
    I like that there are people who have been here for years, who at once were just starting to find effective ways to do the work,
    who are, in my eyes, now very knowledgeable on it. That means they were at one time right where I am now.

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    Right now I'm feeling easier about money.
    I'm pretty alright with what is there.
    I don't feel all that much when I look at my bank account (and I don't keep looking, I just had to look when I wanted to make that purchase yesterday),
    it feels neutral right now.
    Feels like the yearning has slowed down.

    My friend mentioned something related to the business and money earlier that was kind of a needy statement in itself
    but I felt relaxed, I didn't feel like it was THAT big of a deal.
    I didn't feel all that much negative emotion, maybe even none at all, it just felt relaxed, felt okay, felt way less tense,
    I am feeling better than I've been feeling for months before on this topic.

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    I'm feeling good enough about money that I was able to make another small purchase.
    Under 10€ again. Go me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    Never fear manifestation. Just ride it out, take the clarity from it, and decide new, while you go FORWARDS. With your fast momentum, you will be fast out of this again, also!

    Contrast is no punishment. It comes to give you guidance and CHOICES
    , in the exact measure that you are ready for. Itīs actually a very helpful friend, when you become able to look at this wanted side of the stick!

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    I feel the urge to write some things about my game.

    I love my character and I love all the things I've gotten/received for her.
    I love that there are so many more levels to discover.
    I love how there are many new things added.
    I really like how I can still enjoy the game now just as I did years ago.
    I like my in game pet.
    I like the combat, I like the spells, I like the schools, I like the worlds,
    I like how there is so much to discover.
    There are more worlds I haven't been to, more things I haven't tried out.
    I only just got into PvP and I like it. Perhaps I will become really good at matches.
    I like how I have this to spend my time with.

    Just for a moment I thought the yucky thought that "maybe I should be doing something 'more productive' or 'responsible' instead of playing a game"
    and I felt my joy for the game diminished just a bit in that moment, realized I was doing that
    and now I'm saying SCREW THAT, I really like this game! I can feel how thoughts of this game come into my mind and how I want to play,
    perhaps this is my Inner Being saying hey this is beneficial and the most appropriate,
    the most allowing thing you can do in this moment and in this one and this one!
    There is no need to muddy that feeling with something else that feels worse to me.
    If I am doing anything, such as playing, that is distracting me and I'm feeling better, it's still doing the work because I'm feeling better.
    That must be better than spending time worrying or doubting.
    I have more things that interest me as well and I can always come here to shift some thoughts.
    I'm going to take my time with this. I am allowed to enjoy something as simple as this game.
    I think this game might be part of my POLR. My individual POLR.
    It's like my IB is saying do this thing you enjoy and when I think of it from that perspective, yes, I enjoy this very much.
    That must be beneficial for me.
    After all I have seen it said so many times here, too, that the POLR or the most allowing thing in the moment you could do
    is often something small, it's just a thing perfect onto this moment, that this inspired idea to do something and feel interest,
    it is not gonna be something that's gonna "solve all things forevermore", it's just the next logical step for me right now.
    Maybe just enjoying my game is the next step for me.

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    Wolf, thanks so much for starting this thread! This is exactly what I have to read/apply as well! So many thoughts/experiences are similar between us - it's really amazing
    Maybe I'll even start my own thread and use yours as a starting point... There are so many great thoughts in here... If I wrote a thread of my own, I wouldn't have visited so many areas, as you have...

    Feel yourself hugged!

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    If you start your thread, I'll be sure to come read and subscribe to it.

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    Yeah, that would be great!
    I'll send you a friend request, then it's easier to "follow" what is going on First I'm gonna be busy with another topic (Fred, clarifying email), but then I need to focus on that job/money topic for sure!

    Have a great day ahead of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunny_day View Post
    Yeah, that would be great!
    I'll send you a friend request, then it's easier to "follow" what is going on First I'm gonna be busy with another topic (Fred, clarifying email), but then I need to focus on that job/money topic for sure!

    Have a great day ahead of you
    Looking forward to reading all your thoughts.
    I really think it's great we can all read each other's thoughts because much of the time it's similar things
    and someone might think of a relieving thought that I haven't found before.

    I'm contemplating opening another work thread (in addition to this one) on more everyday thoughts I have about things
    and everything this thread isn't because I noticed that there are other subjects where I think stuff that gets in the way of alignment.

    As for my work right now, I might get back here later to pick another paragraph and find thoughts again.
    In the past days I've been drawn to just do the thing that is most enjoyable in the moment.
    And as for money, I do think there is some improvement that manifestations also show
    because in relation to this game I found for myself, they keep having discounts, I even get discount codes randomly sent to my email.

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    Finding some better feeling thoughts

    I notice that I wrote some things about my family's work positions and how I don't want such positions so I'll find some thoughts.

    I have the right to choose for myself. Clearly these positions aren't my preference but I don't have to push against them either.
    I realize everyone's got their own POLR, perhaps the work my family do is just theirs.
    I don't have to do what they're doing. I might not have to do what they're doing.
    I'm kind of already doing things "my way". That's not wrong. There's no right or wrong in this. I can't get it wrong.

    So what if I don't figure things out as fast as I'd like? Eventually I will anyway. I always have and then I've looked back
    always having the same thought - why did ever stress about this to begin with?

    What would it feel like to Know I was gonna end up in place I liked?
    Even if I don't specifically know what that place is. Or what that position is.
    I'm willing to contemplate that my IB knows what I'd like and is calling me to it.
    Maybe I don't have to know it in specifics.
    I don't have to try so hard to figure it out.
    I might see it in time.

    My family doesn't seem terribly unhappy to me. They seem alright.
    So I think that even if I did have to do something that wasn't a hell yes thing for me,
    I'd be alright, too.
    The one thing that makes this different for me is that I know about the importance of thoughts.
    I don't see any of them doing this work that I'm doing.
    Well that's not an accurate statement because I'm sure they're still reaching for a feeling that feels better,
    just in their own way.
    Abraham have also said that you don't need to be aware of this stuff in order to live a pleasing to you life.
    You just need to want to feel better and find ways to do so.
    I mean we're all hard-wired to do so. I notice how quickly I go from powerless to angry sometimes when something bothers me.
    And how naturally it happens.

    Sometimes I feel a sense of playfulness.
    Just a general feeling of let's see what happens if I think this thought.
    I've been quite successful at thinking some things around in my head,
    so that I went from a feeling uneasiness to a feeling of it's not serious and let's just see how this goes.
    And I did that about something that hasn't even happened yet.
    And with that, some of my better feeling returned, I didn't feel so nervous anymore in my now.

    I think that the reason my family work the positions they do is also because some of them believe way different things than I do.
    So it has to be that they're just creating that reality for them with their beliefs.

    Does what they believe matter? If I can separate what I think from what they think, or what I think they think, then not.
    It might be possible to live in the same space and have completely different things happening for each person.

    If I feel even slightly less uneasy, then it's been a successful session for me.
    I'm not on cloud nine over the stuff in my life but I'm also not powerless, so that's something.

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