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Thread: Wealthy Wolf - shifting from lack to abundance

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    My desire to be able to take care of a puppy is really making my stream go faster on the work aspect.
    I now feel way more decided than before.

    Since I haven't come across anything on the available jobs list that would meet my preferences or interest me,
    I started thinking about what I can actually do, where I have skills,
    and figured that I've been making little images, banners, ads in a program and they turn out alright.
    I found a company that offers such a service, looked at their works to get an idea of how this stuff is done,
    they seemed to me like professionals and I was happy to realize that everything I saw in their portfolio,
    I could easily recreate in my program, that I have the skills for this.
    Plus seeing their work gave me way more ideas of how to position things on images.

    The more I think about starting with this as my work, the more I like it.
    This doesn't have to be any sort of permanent thing but I don't feel opposed to it, I could do this.
    I could start with this and see how I like it.

    There are already wanted aspects to it:
    - my own work hours, there might be a deadline but there aren't any set hours for this, besides I work pretty fast on this kind of stuff anyway
    - I would get to decide if I do something or not, I'd be my own boss in this way
    - I would set my own prices
    - I would get to keep my free time
    - I would be able to work from home, basically I could work anywhere, I just need my computer for this and probably internet connection,
    which is really great because I could even travel if I wanted to while being able to take my work anywhere
    - I could even sit in the company of other people while also working on this kind of project because it doesn't need very complex thinking
    - it's in lots of ways creative work because after all I'm the one finding which images to use, what fonts to use, how to position things,
    so this just requires creative thinking which I do have
    - I have already created some of this before so I have an idea of what to do
    - I may not have specifically learned in school how to do this, but I developed this skill entirely on my own and people have already praised some of the images I've created, even people who are in school for exactly this stuff, which is great for me because it furthers my belief that I can do this
    - I have created images out of nothing before, as in I've had someone ask me if I could create an ad for something, they would send me only the text for it,
    everything else I had to come up with myself and I did well, so I know I can do it again for more people
    - since I already know how to do a bunch of stuff, I can get to work right away, and I'd also be learning how to do it better while I'm actually doing it
    - I get to decide whom I do something for and whom I don't because I'd be my own boss
    - it might be quite fast getting paid for this because it is like ad done, sent, payment, no waiting for a payday
    - I'll get as much payment as many things I'm willing to create on any day, some days I could make nothing at all because I decided to chill that day,
    other days I could create 10 different ads and receive quite a lot for that in one day

    Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Now I'm only looking into the legal side of things before anything else.

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    Today I received some money from my friend for taking care of the puppies while she had stuff to do.
    Very unexpected.
    I get money for things I don't expect to get money for.
    I think that's because I'm not thinking about it and that makes it easy for the universe to deliver.

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    Getting money for doing something that you like/want to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    Getting money for doing something that you like/want to do?
    That activity was something totally wanted

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    Something you might want to milk?

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    Oh, how cool!

    And milking this! Mmmmmhhh, great idea!

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    It's great to get money for something I like doing no matter the amount.
    It's great that my friend came to this idea herself.
    This is a bit of evidence that I can get money for doing something I like.
    It's nice to add this into my wallet.
    There is more to come. Friend wants to pay me for other times as well.
    Perhaps there are more things that I can do that I also like that will also be avenues of money.
    That's possible because one thing like that already happened.
    I have some more money now.
    It's nice to get money.
    I like getting money for things I like doing.
    I like getting money in general.

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    It's nice to spend my energy and get some of that energy back as money.

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    Someone asked how I'm "earning money" and I felt worried.
    But I didn't want to get into a deeper conversation about this and since had no idea what to reply to that,
    I told them that I don't wanna talk about it because I'm doing well right now.
    That is true because there are many things for me to think about and enjoy that have nothing to do with money.
    Well at least they stopped talking about that subject.

    Worry is such an old point of view.
    I've already decided to acknowledge that my IB knows where all of that is going to come from

    and I'm just doing my best to turn downstream every moment I can.
    So what could I think here that would turn me downstream now?
    I've already put all of this into my vortex, I've put the means into my vortex,
    now my work is not to figure out what's in there, it's to feel better.
    I've already tried figuring it out and that didn't work, I just felt discouraged,
    then I stopped it and soothed myself about my present moment and things began to feel okay, even interesting.
    My IB is not feeling worried about this.
    Of course when I ask of myself, or someone of me, a question to which I have no answer, I would feel negative emotion.
    That's just natural, when I look in opposition to what I want, I feel negative emotion.
    I'm not gonna beat up on myself for feeling worried.
    It makes sense that when I look at something in worry, and my IB is not worried whatsoever, I would feel my guidance.

    And you know, the reason such a point of view feels so bad is because it's so not the way it really is.
    This is old.
    This doesn't fit with how I've chosen to look at things now.
    A story of worrying about life is an old story.
    I don't know how this is going to turn out but so what?
    My financial condition may be how it is right now but that doesn't have to stop me from feeling better, even interested or eager.
    In fact I accomplished that quite well yesterday. Yesterday I felt that everything was okay. That it was right.
    Maybe I don't know how things are gonna go from here but I think that I'll figure it all out as I go along.
    That's how it always goes anyway.
    I've never had something I wouldn't have eventually found an answer to.
    How does my IB feel about this?
    Well they don't condemn me for living contrast and they feel no worry about my financial situation either.
    Everything is always working out for me and I may not see how this is but that doesn't mean it isn't.
    Sometimes I've even been pleasantly surprised when I thought something was going one way but then it was actually going way better for me
    and I didn't realize it until there was a manifestation.

    I've already begun to allow some interesting things into my experience, as a result I feel more satisfaction,
    there are interesting things to think about and interesting things to participate in.
    Some of those things are so new that I get to build my own momentum about the unfolding of them.
    Screw finances for the moment and let's talk about those things that are working!
    - the business stuff is coming along, we're figuring things out
    - some upgrades are on the way to us right now
    - I've been talking to someone I like talking to, I always see it as wanted when they pop up
    - I have a new hobby! Something to channel creative energy into, something that gets me out of home and also will drive me to places farther from home
    - new appreciation for the apartment I live in, apparently it's way more luxurious than I used to notice, only because I've been here for so long that I didn't realize it
    - no angst about the puppies or the giving away of them, total acceptance of having it be how it is, no sadness or disappointment, really only positive feelings
    - more general trust in the laws, a new willingness to relax and even laugh about negative emotion

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    It seems like the 'does this thought feel better or worse' process works well for me in bringing relief so I'm gonna do it here, too.

    I don't have a lot of money (no real difference)
    But my bank account is never empty (better)
    Whenever my bank balance gets lower, it starts filling up quite fast soon (better)
    I don't have as much as I'd like to have (slightly worse)
    But I am on my way to more (better)
    I don't have a job and yet money keeps coming to me from other places anyway (better)
    It's not as much as a job would bring (worse)
    It's better than nothing (better)
    Ever since I have had a bank account, it has never been empty, not even once in my life (better)
    My bank balance doesn't stay low, when it gets lower because I did something with it, soon new ways to get money approach me again (better)
    I must be doing something right if I'm getting at least some of it (better)
    I'm looking forward to getting even more (better)

    Now all of those things are true, all of that is actually happening as well and the statements in green feel better.

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