I just received some pretty good feeling thoughts about this forum.
This is "off topic" but hey, any way I can practise feeling better (or even good) in the moment can only help me.

I really like this forum. I like this forum very much.
I like how this forum is focused on specifically Abraham teachings because they're the ones that I know the most about and like the most.
I like how this forum is so active that I can log in every day and there are several new threads and replies.
I like how this forum has so many helpful people.
I like how people spend their time crafting thought out replies.
I like how there are people here who want to spend some of their time helping others get the hang of this.
I like how there are so many quote collections that POE (and others) have assembled, there is so much fun stuff to read about every topic.
I like how a member can make a thread and post about their own experiences and how reading about that helps others.
I like how very often all these people have similar things they're dealing with so no one's really "alone" with something.
I like how anyone can come here and no matter what their question or desire is, people will come and help,
iow no one laughs at anyone for anything they want, I like how people here just accept that okay this person wants this or that,
I'll offer my perspective, it might be of benefit to them.

I like how there are people here who REALLY KNOW this stuff.
I like how there are those here that have proven this stuff over and over and who talk about their before-vs-now experiences.
I like how the discussions on here are on point and how this forum isn't filled with all kinds of things other teachers say.
I like how this forum goes deeper because there are some forums I've seen that are filled with threads to "get this tangible thing I want"
but this forum actually gets to the emotional content because after all, if one doesn't learn how to be stable in good feeling emotions on their own,
they'd just be looking for yet another condition to fill that void.
But this forum teaches about the root cause, the emotion. I like that.

I like that I opened this thread.
This was a good choice for me.
I already feel so much better emotionally than before I opened this thread.
I like my own thread very much.
I enjoy coming to this thread and writing.
I really like replying to people.
I really like when people write here.
I really like reading what helpful things people can post.
It is a pleasant activity now for me to come to this thread.
I like reading others' threads, too.
I like that I can ask questions and get clearer.
I like that there are people who want to answer those questions.
I like that there are people who have been here for years, who at once were just starting to find effective ways to do the work,
who are, in my eyes, now very knowledgeable on it. That means they were at one time right where I am now.