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Thread: From time shortage to time abundance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicie View Post
    Yes, I've heard this before and I think it is very profound. I also feel deep inside that it is true.

    HOWEVER ... ... time shortage feels SO REAL. To me it feels more real than other material realities. Money can arrive by surprise. Illness can heal itself spontaneously. A perfect partner could materialize unexpectedly. But with time it feels different: five minutes are five minutes, and it's hard to convince oneself that more minutes can materialize out of thin air.

    Yes, I know that time is perceptual and that it can both stretch and contract. But I would like to feel it in a stronger way.
    Havenīt you felt also the difference of an hour, spent in boredom- and an hour, spent in hilarious fun?
    They FEEL different, donīt they?

    I was in awe when I followed the advice of one wise teacher who said, when you have too much to do, go extra-slowly and have fun while you do.

    I was doing the catering for a party with 160 people then- all on my own, in my own normal kitchen, and people had told me that would be impossible. But I had SO much fun in going extra-slow, and seeing how stuff just fell in place, it all miraculously solved it self. Time can "bend" and "transform itself", as Abe say.

    I heard the interview with a man who had fallen accidentally off a bridge about 140 meter high. He said, at first he was sure that this was it. And then, he started to think, and had the idea of turning his body, so he wouldnīt hit the ground with his head, first. He arranged his body, and it felt as if he had endless time to do it... he fell pretty softly into a ditch, again thought he would be dead, but then tried if he could move, and realized he had no injuries at all. His own greatest amazement was, HOW LONG he was falling (while physically, it canīt have been more than 2 seconds, actually.)

    I experience that on a regular basis, as well- when something falls and I try to grab it in time, per example. I had the same experience as well, that Abe describe in the quote below- endless time to react right and endless time to things, re-arrange themselves, in front of my car. Itīs all just translation of energy... and when you are ITV, you can have it ALL exactly as you want.

    The vibrational Currency shifts all things that are meaningful to you!

    We like to remind you that everything we have been talking about here today
    is about the vibrational currency.

    There is a vibrational currency that buys things, wrong word, but that buys things that money canīt- by far far far far far far far more things!!- than money can buy.

    So as you begin consciously trading in this vibrational currency, watching the timing that it affords, and the expansion of time, and the clarity, and the rendezvousing with components that are important- as you begin trading in this vibrational currency and you do your best to

    leave money out of the equation,
    what happens is, that the vibrational currency will transform itself into any means that is important to you.

    -It will transform itself into more time.

    (story about Jerry & Esther and Monsterbus about time transforming itself to accommodate Jerry & Esther; people ran in front of bus and the bus had to stop in time.)

    -So, if we say if you trade in vibrational currency, time will transform itself to accommodate you.
    -Your cells will transform themselves to accommodate you.
    -Traffic will transform itself to accommodate you.
    -The weather will transform itself to accommodate you.

    In other words, we are not kidding about this at all,
    -dollars will transform themselves,
    -opportunities will transform themselves.

    You will get into that frequency and things that you have considered the way they are stable, even physically law based
    become different, as you trade your currency in, for this things that are necessary under certain experiences.

    Jerry & Esther will never understand how they did not run over this kids, time literally stood still, and afforded them more opportunities to do the things they needed to do in order to accommodate them.

    You have no idea how many things like that that are happening on your behalf in every day but you are zigging and zagging and missing a lot of it, because you are not on the HFD where you are (…) spending the vibrational currency that you have amassed.

    Take money out of the equation.
    Take time out of the equation.
    Take politics out of the equation.
    Take religion out of the equation.
    Take confrontation out of the equation.
    Take opposition out of the equation.
    Take competition out of the equation.

    Take everything that has ever been hindering in nature out of your equation, because you practice it not- and then watch what happens. You can’t be denied anything that matters to you.

    If this time space reality has the wherewithal of it all to inspire an idea within you, it has the wherewithal to deliver the goods, you see.

    Sometimes you think that what we are saying to you is,
    “oh just get on your HFD, you feel so good you don’t care that you are not on that cruise”, that is not what we are saying at all. We are saying: Get on your HFD and the universe will yield all means to accommodate you
    about anything that matters to you, you see.

    Abraham Hicks, Philadelphia, October 19, 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicie View Post
    Yes, this is ultimately the feeling place one wants to get to.

    The trickiest thing for me right now is to have a good meditating session on days when I have to leave home early. It's hard to distract myself when I feel pressed for time, and I am also unable to get up early. If I set an alarm clock for an early time, I cannot fall asleep at all thinking how little time is left for me to sleep (time shortage!). This is why I prefer to wake up naturally.

    I've had some success in the last week or two switching my thoughts to the idea that these are just feelings about time shortage, it's not time shortage itself because there is no such thing.

    This really is not about time-shortage, but about you, practicing the low-flying discs, and practicing an unwanted story, that HOLDS you down there.

    When you practice the lack of what you do want, you have no "vibrational currency" to spend, so to speak. Then, time will bend in unwanted ways, for you!

    And yes, of course, meditating (aka raising your vibe) WILL make the time shorter that you "need" to sleep. Because being tired is NOT about the body, needing rest. Itīs about your mind, needing rest from disconnection!

    When you have slept- as when you have meditated!-
    you HAVE found resonance, or harmony, with Source.

    Sleep, at itīs finest- weīve not said this to you, before-
    sleep in itīs most precise value, is attunement,
    or alignment with the energies of your source!

    That is the whole point- people say, well, what about rest? You are resiting while you are sitting here. Your muscles are at rest- iow, you DONīT need to sleep to rest! Your body gets plenty of rest!

    But the benefit of SLEEP is, it quiets your mind.
    And it gives you a greater opportunity to slow the momentums of unwanted and to pick up the momentums of wanted.

    So when you slumber- no matter what you are dreaming about, or even really, no matter what thoughts come up to your mind, when you first wake up- you HAVE accomplished a very good thing during sleep.

    Because, as you have slept- as when you have meditated!- you HAVE found resonance, or harmony, with the source within you. And so, the potential for alignment is greater now were you have rested.

    And think about that, in terms of action versus allowing- making things happen, versus letting things happen- sometimes, people are so determined to make things happen that they donīt even let themselves sleep.

    They donīt do THE thing that is most conducive,
    to connecting to the power that is who-they-are!

    We are not talking about LONG sleep. Weīr not saying you need "this much" sleep. Weīr saying,
    JUST ALLOW YOURSELF that time of alignment-
    so that who you really are can step forwards, in the day with you.

    And the more often you do that, than the better every step forwards in every day will feel to you- which is the whole point of all of it. You didnīt come here to get stuff done, or to fix stuff that is broken!

    San Diego January 14 2017

    Abe about Sleep and Fatigue

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