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Thread: What does it feel like to REALLY give up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I want to add for the records, that when you are highly ITV about a topic/desire, you do NOT have the desire to "let it go"!
    You have the desire to dig it and play with it and enjoy it and plan around it. Thatīs how "passion" is defined- and because you are SO lined up with the topic, this specificness is pure delight.
    This. I see no reason whatsoever to give up something that is inevitable. I certainly can give up banging it into place. And like in the example of HITC I can let go of the need to be always pitch perfect, socially appropriate and vibrationally impeccable. But while I have in the past done some giving up, I now don't resonate so much with this idea. Giving up the struggle yes, totally. Giving up the desire, don't see why. I am the Queen of my reality, Mother of dragons, Breaker of chains - bend the knee......

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    "Itīs just hard as long you are still thinking that you would "let go" of your desires."

    I'm not sure that's it for me, POE. I remember (when I remind myself) that my desires are already "done"....I just get soooo frustrated with certain people sometimes that I can't get out of my own way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post
    Leave your "big" desires out of the equation for now, and role-play, in "emotional realness," an example of doing so.

    Let's take "being late." You're expected somewhere (you can play with the importance of the commitment to see what works best: Is it a meeting at work, a concert, lunch with a friend?), it's important to you and the others involved that you be on time for this event. But because of traffic or an important phone call as you were walking out the door or realizing as you drive along that you need to stop for gas or you won't make it, you can now see that you're going to be around 20 minutes late for this important thing and there's nothing you can do to get there faster. You feel stressed, frustrated, anxious, guilty, ashamed, fearful, furious, whatever.

    Now, WITHOUT making the phone call yet to notify the others involved (because that's depending on conditions for your emotional state - are they really mad? Did my excuse convince them? Did I beg for forgiveness enough? And in the case of the concert, you just can't all anyone at all - you just risk losing your expensive seat, not finding parking, or missing your favorite song/concerto....), AFTER you've practiced all the frantic excuses in your head, AFTER you've been mad at yourself and other circumstances, FIND A PLACE OF COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE OF WHERE YOU ARE. Relaxed, shoulders-dropping, oh-well, life-is-good-anyway, ahhhhhhhhhhhh acceptance that is deep enough that you can continue on your way and actually look around and see things that feel good and appreciate them. And that just takes poking around with thought after thought, finding the bigger picture, until you can pull that bad-feeling dagger out of your gut, let others' opinions not twist you in a knot, let yourself off the hook, and just get on with life.

    That's what this work takes - PLAYING WITH STUFF IN YOUR MIND TO TRIGGER DIFFERENT EMOTIONAL REACTIONS, and learning which way is likely to feel better, and making it a habit.
    HIT...this is wonderful advice! I want to be able to remember this at such times and really FEEL it! I seem to be much more able to feel "negative" emotions that "positive" ones, it's aggravating. I think I'm just way out of practice with the positive ones...still somewhat stuck in that cultural mindset of "watch out...if you feel good, something is going to go wrong!" And yes, I know....I need to tell myself a different story there...just lots of old momentum around the whole feeling good thing, but I am at least aware of what is going on now, and I can't ever go back to ignorance, thank goodness!!

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    hey Wolf I've just read your opening post only, but wanted to say that in the last 12 months I have truly had to give up something in one area of my life
    I've been consciously practising this LOA work since 2012 and I have a beautiful life.
    I actually came to the conclusion a little while ago that I would be happy just where I am, as I am now, without a mate.
    Before, over those 12 months I went thru massive angst as I felt my desires for a mate beyond me, (and I can write about this now as my vibration in this area is now stable and I do not feel any frustration etc about this any more)
    I thought I had given up before, and had even said it, but all I had been doing was just stomping my foot on the ground in exhaustion of not getting what I want and exhausted by crying and feeling utter disempowerment as I had cut myself off from myself - my Source. This was a that went on over those 12 months, then not very long ago, I just gave up this. I was more than exhausted and I remember thinking that yeah, this is it, I will just accept myself as being alone for the rest of my life. It sucks so bad that I really do not want to think about it. And it is so sad that it would just cause me to feel sorry for myself and cry my eyes out every single day (I had been doing that, that was my seeking relief as well)
    and then I thought that the only thing I was able to do, was just do what I had been doing over the years since 2012, every day, and that was to just dream of my perfect dream and to just 'enjoy the dream' and be happy and content with the dream only

    Then a couple weeks later after I do this dreaming it became a (brief) reality!
    Infact it happened the exact way I envisioned
    (made smaller because it is not relevant to this thread's focus)

    But, yeah giving up happened to me when I had cried my tears dry, felt so hopeless but still managed to get thru another day, and was so utterly exhausted that some days all I could do was just pull the duvet further up over my head as I slept and hid. I had no more frustration-then-excitement periods.
    It just went to a feeling of meh,
    a feeling of -this is it.
    I will just have to accept that what I see around me is what will always be.
    I let out a sigh of sadness and said oh well.
    I said f*^k it!
    (there is a f*$k it thread here that is amazing!!)

    And then I did the only thing I knew what to do, I just got on with my life, and I started to live in my dreams again because they felt good to me. In my dreams I had exactly what I wanted. And that dreaming was just having to be good enough for me, because the reality was not delivering (because yes, I had something stuck in my vibrational craw and I could not/was not able to work thru it in a conscious way).
    And in my dreams (where I sat here and just focused on what I wanted and how it made me feel as if I actually had/was experiencing it now) for as little as 17seconds and as long as 68 seconds, I was able to just find that feeling place of happiness and contentment and love and appreciation.
    Those dreams have been enough for me.

    At least in my dreams I manage to get it right xxx

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    Ive given up many times but smaller things for instansce one time i was mad and angry and soo hurt becouse of my boyfriend we were in a fight for ten days and i wasent doing anything to seek relief i was just walking around tense and angry and mad as hell then something just happpened like the energy left my body the whole resistance just subsided like it didnt exist anymore and in the same second my then boyfriend texted my and was soo nice n cute to me i was just like whooooot???!??

    Ive had the same experience a few times with smaller i also experince walking out of meditation and the whole world being super nice to me and im just chocked by it cuz im not use to it
    one time after meditation i went out for a walk a runner who passed me looked back and said I smelled good first time ever i was just standing there chocked

    i know also oprah has some clips where so talkens about surrendering and what comes from that i can send u clips if u want that

    honestly just feels like u Will be alright❤️

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joana View Post
    one time after meditation i went out for a walk a runner who passed me looked back and said I smelled good
    WHAT a supersweet manifestation!! And Iīm certain that you really DID smell good- physically- and vibrationally!

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