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Thread: Trying to get over addiction with Abraham teachings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdsFlyingHigh View Post
    Also, does focusing on saying "I won't do this thing, I won't do this thing, I won't do this thing" bring it into my experience?
    Yes, you are understanding these teachings correctly. There is no vibration for the human words "no" and "not." In an attraction-based universe, you cannot push hard enough against your old habit to get rid of it. As you attempt to do that, you are actually asking the LoA to bring you more of this thing you don't want.

    Quote Originally Posted by BirdsFlyingHigh View Post
    How do we lessen the power of a temptation?
    You don't. You practice and build a "temptation" to do something you'd prefer instead. In vibrational terms, "temptation" is simply momentum, just like "addicition" is simply a habit you've been practicing. If you want a different habit instead, then you'll start to practice your different habit (and a different habit of thoughts) in its place.

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    Instead of saying and thinking, “I won’t do this thing. I won’t do this thing. I won’t do this thing,” try instead to think about what you WILL do in place of that thing. It’s like the Scripting Process Abe talked about. First off, figure out when and where this addiction takes place, for example, during the night at home. Then, think and say to yourself (from the example) “Tonight I will go home and have a refreshing evening. I will do the things that I believe to be beneficial to me and my wellbeing. I will feel satisfied with the choices I make and the things that I do, thus making me feel even better than I do now. It will be a delicious and joyous experience.” (Just change the time and place to whatever fits your situation)

    I do this when ever I don’t feel in control of myself, and it always works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdsFlyingHigh View Post
    To answer the first question, I WANT to get over the addiction. (Everyone would tell me I should, but I hardly listen to people when they tell me I "should" do this or that anyway.) No one knows about this except me (and you), so it's a completely independent decision. It's just that it takes up a lot of my time. Time that could be better spent doing the things I enjoy more, like writing, chilling, walking, reading, cooking, and so forth. So I'm looking to sort of reclaim my time to do the things I enjoy the most.
    Great, that was important to be clear about.

    There's this old post by a former abeforum poster Gaily, which I found in the archives quoted by another poster, so I'll quote it here again, I found it to be, already the first time I read it, absolutely perfect for any addiction. Maybe it will resonate with you too.

    I quit smoking using Abe style totally.

    Okay, I did it in a very tricky way. Well tricky because it was very specific and I did not deviate from what I am telling you, which can take precision thinking.
    Its kind of circular and odd how I did it, but it worked very well and I haven't smoked in over 6 years approx.

    precise rules that I followed - introduce no negatives as motivation or whatnot, this is all about the positive feelings

    1. Never feel bad or be "mean" to myself when I smoke. Instead really ENJOY the cigarette thinking specifically ---> next line
    2. "Good, I am really going to enjoy this cigarette. I am enjoying every moment of this cigarette because... -----> next line
    3. "in the future I am not smoking, ------>
    4. imagine the future as real, and that you can peep at it, it feels good, rolling hills, green grass, whatever symbolizes health and freshness and all the positives of not smoking ----->
    5 "I am enjoying all the benefits of not smoking" ----->
    6. now imagine how nice that feels right now, to be assured of and touch enjoying all the benefits of not smoking right now
    7. while enjoying the remaining time of you smoking right now, which is actually the past tense of that future.

    So when you smoke its most important to

    1. Enjoy that cigarette completely, accepting that its totally okay because now is the past, and these are the last days where you actually get a chance to smoke (so take it!!!)
    2. Enjoy thinking of all the health benefits of not smoking, enjoy understanding that all the struggle is past, and the assured future, which you can peer into now, is green, clean, fresh and healthy or whatever positives you correlate with not smoking.

    Actually I don't know how long it actually took me to stop smoking, because I wasn't counting, I was enjoying and indulging. But the path of least resistance was me getting sick, I think the flu or something, which prevented me from smoking without effort, and then after that I just didn't and haven't cared about cigarettes. This doesn't mean you'll get sick to quit if you follow my way, but surely it will be some kind of way that makes stopping and staying away a non issue.

    edited to add, I wonder how this can be applied to weight loss.

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    Interesting thread...
    Rose, I am reminded of how I also stopped smoking. Way before I knew anything about the Abe teachings, I sort of used them. When I would think of having a smoke, I would tell myself, "well you aren't going to do that, so what ARE you going to do?" So without really knowing what I was doing, I pulled my thoughts away from the cigarette and focused on something else entirely. (I remember that's when I took up crocheting) It worked, and it wasn't that hard, but I DID have to remind myself quite often for a good while. To make it harder, my partner at the time was still smoking.

    For weight loss it's a bit more tricky, I think, since we DO have to eat. I think you would have to first, only eat when you are quite sure you are actually hungry, then choose exactly what you want to eat, focus on it completely and enjoy it, and pay attention to stopping when you are full. And of course, have other things to focus on that bring enjoyment BESIDES food.

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    Hello all,

    Thanks for your helpful responses! These are all really great. By giving attention to the thing not wanted, I was continuing to bring it into my experience. I really like the idea about the Scripting Process, and focusing on the things I WILL do instead of the things I won't. As WellBeing pointed out, there is no vibration for the human words "no" and "not." I'll try and push my momentum the other way so I will only be attracting what I want.

    Thank you for your example script, MagicM. I know where and when my habit occurs, and I've tried to not enter that environment, but I love your script. I think I will use it (or an improvised version of it) when I know I'll be in that environment, and knowing I'll be needing some guidance.

    And thanks rose essence. The whole thing about quitting smoking was great. Just further evidence that focusing on what is wanted will bring it about. Like this smoker, I was often feeling bad about doing it and was getting so down on myself. The universe says we are always worthy and always deserving, but I did not feel that way once I had done that habit (again). I will try and see myself as Source does and not feel down on myself.

    Eostre, what great insight as well! I used to be sort of into "bad foods" myself, or food that would throw me out of alignment, but luckily, through the teachings, I found myself no longer craving those foods and brought into my existence tools and ideas to help me. Sometimes I think we think too much about manifesting the thing itself, and not the ideas, people, and opportunities that would help us achieve that goal (but this is probably a whole other topic-thread, ha!)

    Thank you all so much. I look forward to updating you with positive news about how much I have changed!

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    Great thread. BFH..I'm stoked about your shifts. I love what you said about manifesting people and opportunities on the way to goals..the journey becomes the destination! Thanks for sharing. I'm cheering you on wishing you all the best and look forward to your updates.

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