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Thread: Something very confusing and I feel very bad

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    Except that you can't possibly know what was going on with the vibrations of countless people. People are complex and offer a lot of different and complex vibrations. For you to assume that "it's a very thriving area and very ITV," oversimplifies things on that end to a tremendous extent to render that statement meaningless. It's basically just a fiction you've created about something that's WAY beyond what you can know anything about.

    And there you complete the book end oversimplifying what an earthquake means to those countless people. Each person experienced that event in unique ways that fit perfectly what they were doing vibrationally and no two people experienced it in the exact same way. You simply cannot generalize the unique way that any experience fits into the continuity of someone's life. It doesn't add up because you're looking at things in a particularly screwy way.

    Or perhaps it's just not a helpful analogy. I'd describe it as being more like compound interest. The interest rate per period isn't big, but because you're compounding things over time, something small gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Does the interest rate suddenly get big in order for you to have reached the big amount? No. It's the compounding part that's responsible for that.

    But even if you use your oil painting/Photoshop analogy, you're applying the layer over and over and over again to reach a cumulative result. Are you ever suddenly cranking up the amount of thickness of the layer? NO. The change is a result of repetition, even though each layer remains the same thickness. Why would that suddenly mean that in the moment you should feel the weight of all those other layers when all you're doing is applying the regular thickness that you've been using? It wouldn't.

    The other piece is this -- at some point you've got to accept the difference between the way you think LOA SHOULD or COULD work versus how it ACTUALLY works.
    I don't need to enter their head to know that they are overall ITV, I can look at the other indicators, and that they are spread in a wide variety of fields - added to the fact that there is no reason to think that the earthquake topic should be particularly OOTV for them, as it is known not to be a sismic area. And I so happen to know the region well, so I may not be able to enter the brain of each single inhabitant but I am certainly able to get a sense of the collective vibrational atmosphere, as we are talking of a collective event that should do. I have traveled throughout Europe a lot, and I can think of truckloads of areas in Italy, let alone in Europe, that are definitely more a match than Emilia to a natural disaster.

    Compounded interest, my bread and butter. I don't see much of a difference actually from the other metaphor. When you compound, all profit is reinvested. If you may made 10% last year, we're only ever talking of the 110% you now hold. And if you lose 10% the following year, it will be 10% of the 110%, that is, you will have lost it on the compounded capital, which is equal then to 11% of the initial capital. If not, you wouldn't be compounding. So also with compounding you add up and the more it goes the bigger it is registered to be. Not sure my explanation is too clear, it's really simple in numbers and not as simple in words. Anyway let's not get too hung up on this.

    I do not have a preconceived idea of how LOA should work, but if something doesn't add up with the theory, I question why. For me, the explanation that if there's a powerful RoD for expansion, a sudden contrast that comes out of the blue may be the POLR to what was asked for, makes sense. Or let's say it is, so far, the explanation that's made most sense to me. But it throws to the bushes a few hardwired cornerstones of the theory.
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    Ive had this forum booked marked for a few years but never utilized it until this morning…Looking for some guidance I typed the word cancer into the forum search. This thread caught my eye. I did manifest cancer and feel that this conversation thread that started with LoA-Man, although the topic was an experience with a neighbor, could apply to my situation as well - just different words. I too feel I was living a very good life and am having a hard time understanding what the heck I did or didn't do with my vibration to attract something this harsh! Geeze! Aside from the cancer and the treatments one contrast that is harder is the guilt that I failed. There are a few normal instances of contrast in my life (we all have them) that have happened, but I felt I was working with and understanding them. When I wasn't I replaced my sadness or anger with looking for the good and changing my vibration to see and feel the good. One of my favorite things to do is Esters way of going outside and telling everting she sees “you are my favorite”.
    Today I have some good food for thought after reading these posts - THANK YOU ALL!

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    Welcome out of lurking, Becci!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becci View Post
    the guilt that I failed.
    Never! you cannot get it wrong!

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    Thanks 😊

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