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Thread: :) Finally Let go of "Fred"

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    :) Finally Let go of "Fred"

    When I started practicing LOA almost 4 months ago now I wanted a very specific relationship with a very specific person. By time I discovered Abraham, I was already to a point where I'd realized that although I may have still "wanted" that, I could theoretically take a step back and more rationally view this person as missing certain qualities that were important to me in a relationship. It became my new desire to manifest a relationship with a new person who had all of the qualities that I liked about this other person, but also incorporated all of the qualities I felt this person was lacking.

    Also when I first started LOA, I was in a dark and depressed place. I spent almost 2 months in depression. I'd like to thank Abraham for all of the exercises they provide to help us raise our vibration. I've now spent equally about 2 months being on a high flying disc really consistently after reading and putting into practice all of the teachings.

    And about a month ago I was able to manifest or attract into my life, someone else that is consistently on a high flying disc. This person is so uplifting and energetic and full of enthusiasm for life. Every day they say what a great day it's going to be, and how they are looking forward to things, expecting great things. I don't think they've ever heard of Abraham, but they are just someone living life full of gratitude, kindness, happiness, and with a passion for life.

    And this person has many of the qualities I wanted to manifest that I admired in others as well as the specific things I felt the others all lacked.

    We've spent a lot of time together and it's been almost like a whirlwind romance. (Actually he says we're like a hurricane building and getting stronger) We're not together "officially" yet, but I feel all of this excitement and anticipation and expectation that we probably will be "official" sometime soon.

    Initially though, when I met this person, and even though I thought "wow I like this person" I still thought of my Freds for quite awhile actually (Not that this was much of an issue since it'd been 5+ months since I'd seen either of them). 2 or 3 weeks ago I had actually heard from one of them, and they said they wanted to see me. At the time I wasn't sure what I wanted yet, because I'd just met the new person, so I told them to just let me know when. (And then I haven't been very available to either of these Freds who primarily communicate online with me as I've been spending every single free moment with the new person in my life.) (So things were left open, and I went on about my life not thinking too much about it).

    But something just snapped or clicked in me this past week or so... It wasn't anything specific that any of the Freds or the new guy did or anything really... Other than my realizing my own feelings and desires and figuring out what I wanted.

    The next time if they were to ask that, I now know that I'd politely decline and tell them I'm seeing someone now. (even though I'm under no obligation to, because we aren't really officially "dating" yet). I also took down all of my dating profiles about 3 days ago - no one asked me to do this. I just "felt" like it was what I wanted to do. New guy does not even know I did this yet. And I'm not even too sure why I did it, other than I just felt this sudden strong desire to do it.

    I realized my feelings for the new person were a lot stronger and building more momentum than even I cared to admit at first. I think twice now I've "accidentally" told him I loved him. Like hanging up the phone, and it just sorta accidentally comes out because my subconscious already knows all of these feelings. I saved a lot of the chats and emails and things, and when I read them I feel happy and loved. We've always been very "feels-y" with each other, so it's easy to slip into feeling "love". Cute pet names, telling each other we miss each other, thinking about each other, telling each other what we like about each other, how happy we are together. He told me he's falling for me. But it's all so fast that our conscious minds keep trying to pull back from that "L word". Though we've discussed the issue, and both feel it's probably inevitable that we'll end up together.

    Everything is just happiness and excitement and confidence and expectancy and gratitude, and well yes, love.

    And it's not just that having any relationship at all would make me happy / let go of my "Freds". I've been on far more "bad" (or kinda just like "MEH, neutral") dates the past year than I have been on dates with people where I was feeling excitement and passion etc. Probably a dozen dates that didn't go anywhere. -- Looking back though I can see I was at a much much lower point vibrationally when those dates took place. So it makes sense that I was attracting people also in lower vibration. One of my Fred's definitely was so very much like old me, low self esteem, insecure, etc. He's probably the only person I've ever met whose self esteem was worse than my own.

    It's like that old saying, you have to make yourself happy / happiness comes from within / other people can't make you happy. I've done all the "work" the past 4 months and became more confident, secure, trusting, happy, comfortable, forgiving, etc of myself. And I've met someone now that's also at that higher frequency vibration.

    I don't know if I will enter into a relationship with the new guy (I feel pretty confident we will though!) - But even if not, I feel like it's "OK" now. I feel like if it works out - awesome great. But if not, I'll just be alone and content with myself for awhile, which is something I haven't really taken much time for in the past year. There's a lot of hobby related things that I want to catch up on that I've neglected either while emphasizing dating, or struggling with depression earlier this year, and now that the depression is lifted, I have renewed interest in all of these hobbies, and "me time" sounds more satisfying than before. I think that's why I took down the profiles. (They were still up even when I was "seeing" (quotes cuz it never was official with) my Freds) (and the need to have a "fallback" was probably my own low frequency vibration of insecurity and "neediness"). Now it's like "Whatever happens happens" and I will still be OK / happy / fulfilled. I don't feel the "need" anymore for anyone to make me happy - although the new person does make me happy - I feel confident that I can use the teachings and find my own happiness independently again even if this is a short lived thing. But also I feel equally confident and trusting of the universe, that everything is going to work itself out.

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    Congratulations, AquaRose



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    i want this!!!

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    Congratulations! So happy for you, Aquarose. Thank you for sharing.

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    AquaRose, I can literally feel how absolutely delicious this is for you! This is so great!

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    no one asked me to do this. I just "felt" like it was what I wanted to do. New guy does not even know I did this yet. And I'm not even too sure why I did it, other than I just felt this sudden strong desire to do it.
    This is total inspired action, which is the best feeling ever! Very happy for you to be with someone who you click with and he makes you feel good and loved. May you enjoy all your time and days together!

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