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    Just try...

    Just try…

    That is what I heard my beloved say to me after he croaked…

    I wanted to die to be with him but he said just try…
    So I did…
    I wanted to tell you the ongoing magical story that I have created from my own personal ground zero.

    Most of you know, that after my beloved croaked I needed to find employment. Most of you know that I found a job that was perfect for me… I have been living paycheck to paycheck but have had much appreciation that I had a new home and a good job. So I just kept showing up and hoping that one day I would be promoted… I had been financially treading water, waiting for a promotion, so that I would make more money and be able to finally get health insurance and pay off old debt related to my husband.

    Well it finally happened! I have been promoted!!! It was unexpectedly sooner than I expected and more responsibility but I am now the head honcho here!!! LOL… Anyways, I did not know how much more I was going to be paid for 3 weeks after my promotion but I figured what the heck, I am not going anywhere and it will sort itself out.

    So I finally get a call from my boss and he tells me I am going to make a certain amount and my rent will be comped (free two bedroom apartment where the rents are sky high in S.F. Bay Area). It was such a large number that it did not even sink in until the next day. I am now going to make more that my beloved and myself combined made per year!!! I NEVER thought I would make so much money. Also, my boss tells me that my insurance will be fully paid for too!!! That had been something I had been struggling about and really had to sooth myself about. I am overjoyed that I will now have financially freedom that I have not ever experienced in my lifetime!!!

    Also, I adopted a new pup!!! Sweet little gal named Boni!!! Many of you also know that I my beloved pups both croaked too, so this is a big step for me to move forward!!!

    And if it could get any better… I went on my first DATE since losing my beloved and he was a totally cool guy to hang out with!!! I met him on a dating site, we chatted for a short while, and then I asked him if he wanted to meet me for coffee… He plays guitar like my beloved did and we were going to meet and I was going to sing and him play guitar at a local park.

    So we meet for coffee (Iced Chi Tea really) and he seemed like he had a good vibe, so I said lets go to the park and play music… He had practiced some songs we had discussed before we met, so we had something to do to entertain ourselves. We went to this beautiful park that had no memories for me (making new memories) and I brought a bottle of wine that we shared and just played guitar, sang and got to know one another. Now I don’t know if this man will be a love match but it was awesome to just meet a man to have fun with and great practice to learn to meet and date new men!

    I feel like all my dreams are coming true and it all feels like the next logical step…

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    This is awesome, Cheerful dreamer



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    I so appreciate your flowing and this wonderful matching unfolding
    Everything is working out for you

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    Cheerful Dreamer! hugs and kisses thanks so much for sharing your journey and your focus!.

    Oh I´d say, so much magic, but we know better right? you created your beautiful story!. Such an amazing creator your are!

    Lots of love

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    What a beautiful story

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    Really love your wonderful story. Makes my heart sing.

    So happy for you.

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    Big Congratulations, Cheerful Dreamer! Thank you for sharing! I'm so happy for you!!!

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    This is magnificent!

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