French Riviera Cruise, day 1 – snippets - personal notes - Part 1

- Esther came on stage – very emotional for everyone – high energy
- Swaying in meditation is normal
- Abraham say, that the collective consciousness present outnumbers those physically present
- All questions will be answered, even if not in the hotseat
- all negative emotion is a result of not believing
- always expect what you ask for
- enjoy the unfolding and witnessing of desires
- you can only teach from experience
- whatever your passion is – you can teach it
- you donīt need qualification to prove that you can bring your knowledge into this world, itīs your experience
- all are born manifesters, all have the skills
- be like a toddler, who sees something desirable and runs for it – we should be like that
the fastest way to manifestation is a daily 15 Minute Meditation, quieting your mind
- everyone can meditate
- no matter what thought comes in meditation, it is IB showing the PolR.They want life to be easy for us.
- Esther does not question what idea come to her in meditation – she just follows through, even if it is the idea of moving some furniture
*** By Courtesy of Sarah