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Thread: Snippets and Goodies from the French Riviera Cruise 2017 💕

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    Snippets and Goodies from the French Riviera Cruise 2017 💕

    French Riviera Cruise, day 1 – snippets - personal notes - Part 1

    - Esther came on stage – very emotional for everyone – high energy
    - Swaying in meditation is normal
    - Abraham say, that the collective consciousness present outnumbers those physically present
    - All questions will be answered, even if not in the hotseat
    - all negative emotion is a result of not believing
    - always expect what you ask for
    - enjoy the unfolding and witnessing of desires
    - you can only teach from experience
    - whatever your passion is – you can teach it
    - you donīt need qualification to prove that you can bring your knowledge into this world, itīs your experience
    - all are born manifesters, all have the skills
    - be like a toddler, who sees something desirable and runs for it – we should be like that
    the fastest way to manifestation is a daily 15 Minute Meditation, quieting your mind
    - everyone can meditate
    - no matter what thought comes in meditation, it is IB showing the PolR.They want life to be easy for us.
    - Esther does not question what idea come to her in meditation – she just follows through, even if it is the idea of moving some furniture
    *** By Courtesy of Sarah

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    Part 2 - personal notes -

    - Your Inner Being is always right. When you have an aha-moment, it is a message from your IB
    - Never be afraid to meditate. Only good can come from tuning in to that frequency
    - Every thought during meditation is coming directly from Source – act on them
    - The more contrast you have, the stronger is your connection to Source, because it means that you are creating more
    - When you are having step-1-moments, do what you have to do to get into a high vibe: rest more, meditate more, watch less TV, read less negative stuff. Do what feeds your soul.
    - Hotseater asks how to deal with family and husband, who are not being „on the same page“. Abraham: everything you experience is your own creation. When you think someone is annoying, it is your creation, your doing.
    - If your vibration is high, you donīt even notice them or bypass them.
    - If you are around someone whose frequency is low you should not even be attracted to them. Then you zig-zag around each other.
    - Being in love and being in alignment is exactly the same thing
    - Being around children ist so easy, because they have not had years of brainwashing as is true for adults
    - Show children that they have their own guidance. When you have a moment of contrast, tell them and go away. Meditate and come back when in alignment. They learn by that process, they learn instinctively.
    - Lead by your own example. If you have a moment of contrast, show them how you get back in alignment. Children learn from examples.
    - Teach kids to use their emotional shock absorbers. Donīt tell them, show them.
    - Kids need to know that life is supposed to be fun.
    - If yo want to run away from something it means you are in a place of fear. Do your meditation in the morning. You get your aha-moments, that come from your IB. IB is always right.
    - Be playful, have fun. Lose your seriousness.

    Courtesy of Sarah - (Abraham paraphrased)

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    Beautiful Summerdream.

    Thank you to you.

    Thank you to Sarah.

    Wonderful notes from the leading edge, thank you for sharing with us here.

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    French Riviera Cruise, Workshop # 2 - Thursday
    Personal notes - Part 1

    -Two hotseaters ask how to trust Inner Guidance. Abraham: Stop analyzing, which only takes you out of alignment. When you analyze, you are not in the receiving mode. Doubt creates heavy resistance.
    - Stop taking everything so seriously
    - You need distance between asking and receiving
    - Enjoy the delicious unfolding
    - Spend less time in the asking mode
    - Donīt try so hard to manifest, rather have fun, nothing serious is going on
    - When you practice, you know which thought to listen to
    - Donīt panic, when you are out of alignment – alignment is never too far off
    - When you start meditating consistently, it is normal to have more contrast, because when you meditate regularly, you have this hightened sense of connection every day, so that contrast is being felt more.
    - Co-incidence equals a co-operative incident
    - Hotseater asks about relationships: Stop focussing on the outcome of the manifestation.
    - It never is the manifestation and there is never an end, because you are here to evolve and expand. Rather enjoy the journey.
    - Every single moment is a manifestation
    - Every moment has a huge value – big or small, no matter how we perceive it
    - Every moment has to be enough in every moment, because there is only that moment in time
    - Enjoy the evolution of time and you stop wanting more from an impatient needy perspective
    - When you are satisfied you are in sync with Source, which in turn opens to be ready to receive your stuff
    - Look at all the satisfying moments – each and every moment can be satisfying
    - 2 Hotseaters doubt connection to IB: Stop questioning your IB
    - Best way is meditating by quieting your mind and getting in the receiving mode
    - Receiving mode is meditation
    - When Esther meditates she focusses on something like a constant sound – you get to connect with Source
    - In meditation your mind stops its vibration and your IB becomes the dominant vibration at that time
    - Your cells also rise to the frequency of your IB
    - The thoughts that occur to you are thoughts of your IB
    - All thoughts occuring during meditation are a step of the journey, not final manifestatons, which do not exist anyway
    - Follow those thoughts, no matter how illogical they may feel
    - Donīt evaluate the importance of the thoughts, rather evaluate where they are coming from

    Courtesy of Sarah - (Abraham paraphrased)

    And there were a new notebook with Abraham Hicks French Riviera Cruise Label and pen

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    French Riviera Cruise, Workshop # 2 - Thursday
    Personal notes – Part 2

    - You need contrasting moments in order to evolve and expand.
    - Contrast is an amazing thing which forms new creation
    - You need to feel good when fear and doubt creep in, you need to feel safe
    - Fear and doubt is your emotional guidance system saying that you are just out of alignment
    - Source will never let you down, most people will, because they are most of the time not connected
    - Teach them how to quiet their mind
    - Teach them how it feels when thought drops in
    - Teach them when to take action
    - The more your meditation progresses, the more consistent your alignment
    - HS: She has annoying people around her, but she cannot avoid them.
    Abraham: You inflict that on yourself, no one is doing that to you. If you are trying to avoid it you have heavy energy around you. Before going into a situation like that meditate, do a rampage of appreciation, connect to Source.
    - When you are tuned in to Source you are more powerful than a million of people who are not.

    Courtesy of Sarah - (Abraham paraphrased)

    *Please pay attention that these are private notes and that everyone takes out that to which he's an individual match.*

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    i'm enjoying this so much sd

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    WS No. 3 09/24/2017
    - HS has retreat, people come to her to connect to Source. Abraham: People donīt need a special place to go to, they can connect to Source everywhere. Donīt assume responsibility for the happiness of other people. The entire world is your wellbeing center, you donīt have to travel in order to get to a place to feel connection to Source.
    - Donīt be dependent on otherīs feelings towards you, because you cannot know what is in their vortex or what is going on with them – that is purely their own thing.
    - Only your own vibration is important
    - If you want to help, lead from your example
    - You cannot manifest for someone else
    - When you look to help others you canīt see them in a place of need
    - HS requests a rampage of appreciation from Abraham. Abraham: Never ask anyone to do that for you, you can do it yourself, no one can do it for you. Do not depend on other people for your well-being.
    - Satisfaction and clarity are an amazing rhythm of life
    - When you have problems, your IB is extatic because it knows that you will find a solution
    - Humans are accustomed to have no access to their own power.
    - Focus on that what is attracts more of what is

    Got the gift of an AH tote bag.

    Courtesy of Sarah - (Abraham paraphrased)
    *Please pay attention that these are private notes and that everyone takes out that to which he's an individual match.*

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