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Thread: Snippets and Goodies from the French Riviera Cruise 2017 💕

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    Workshop # 4
    Tuesday, September 26, 2017

    - Life is a roller-coaster, you have questions, you face contrast. Stay connected, follow your impulses; the Universe will help you to find answers
    - You never stand in a less than complete Now.
    - Now is all you ever got.
    - Be satisfied with the Now
    - Donīt focus on missing things in the Now
    - Focus on feeling the expansion, the new adventure
    - Be less in your head, more in your emotions
    - Be more general, less specific
    - Allow more
    - An answer comes easily when you are light-hearted
    - Donīt feel the urgency to manifest
    - Remember, everything is a process, everything is coming to you in divine timing
    - Stop being so human and relax and let things happen
    - Separate the time of asking and receiving
    - When Esther has questions, she writes them down and lets go of the need of an answer, she lets the answer come to her
    - Humans have the tendency to discuss their problems with others, but the majority of them do not know the answers, which are in your vortex and inside of you.
    - Your IB is the most appropriate to address to – so why ask anyone else?
    - Put time distance and vibrational distance between asking and receiving
    - Sleep, change subject, meditate, make list of positive aspects
    - You are worthy beyond explanation
    - Abraham explain the place mat process again for relief of pressure of too much to do
    - As soon as you ask you activate the answer – relax and let it come to you
    - If you have 10 issues and only 5 are working well, concentrate on those and the other 5 will also fix themselves
    - Quantum leaps: You manifest something big and have to align your energy. More often than not when you manifest something really big itcomes from the energy of lack. Most people are not ready and the manifestation is too advanced.
    - That is why steps to be ready to be ready to be ready are so important
    - Enjoy the process
    So delicious to be in the vibrational receiving
    - Manifestations are evidence of feeling good
    - Leave allone anything, that struggles.
    - Never ever ever look back
    - Trust more
    - Prepave things that you don't want to do
    - Imagine the desert from east to west and repeat on the way 'It's nothing there.' It is boring. Stop it!
    - Dogs/beasts are in the now
    - Inner Being is always serve you

    Courtesy of Sarah - (Abraham paraphrased)

    *Please pay attention that these are private notes and everyone takes out of the workshops his individual matching stuff accordingly of his vibration.*

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    Vortex of Attraction Greek Islands Cruise
    October 17-29 ,2018
    Barcelona Spain
    Barcelona Spain

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    Beautiful notes, thank you

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    Workshop # 5Wednesday, September 27, 2017
    - HS has teenage daughter. Abraham: It is easy to be surrounded by people of like mind who know about the LoA and practice it, but when we are surrounded by people who represent contrast, they help us in developing our skills in balancing.
    - We need challenge, so that our vortex can expand
    - People are in our life for a reason
    - Before meeting with people, do segment intending
    - When you are vibrating high, people with low vibration should not affect you
    - Teach by example, donīt lower your vibration to otherīs level
    - Be the best version of yourself
    - Creation is a constantly ongoing process – the better it gets, the better it gets
    - Each idea calls life energy through you
    - It is delicious to have something that calls life energy through you
    - HS wants to have a baby. Abraham: Just be ready, be your best version to welcome the child. When the baby is born, it will recognize you.
    - Relationships: You can appreciate the relationships around you, but you canīt fix other peopleīs problems. You can teach by example, but you canīt create their reality for them.
    - Jealousy means pinching yourself off your Guidance
    - HS asks about past lives. Abraham: You donīt have to fix anything. Donīt look back – your - IB never looks back, but always looks forward.
    - Alcohol is a shortcut to connection, but it does not give clarity.
    - Impatience slows manifestations down.
    - The most powerful creators are those that have confidence in themselves
    - You can never get off the spiritual path. Your IB will never let go of you.
    - Be mindful and be deliberate.
    - Food responds to your way of thinking. Eat only when in alignment with your choice of food.

    Courtesy of Sarah - (Abraham paraphrased)

    *Please pay attention that these are private notes and everyone takes out of the workshops his individual matching stuff accordingly of his vibration.*

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    Abraham Hicks French Riviera Cruise Workshop recording: Hotseater wishes to know about Estherīs reconnecting to Source after Jerryīs transition and re-learning to live unconditionally - after depending widely on Jerry for her well-being and having him as her focus of attention. Abraham explain hotseater the basics of the 5-step-creation process.

    Hotseater then addresses her being sent back to her seat by Abraham because of her mistakenly thinking she was being asked to the hotseat and how she experienced that incident. Remembering it „I still have goosebumps“ and looking at the person who was really meant „I was filled with such amazing love“, „the whole room was lighting up“, „one the most powerful things I ever lived“ and „looking at it from the right side was the most beautiful thing.“

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