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Loved reading this, it gave me a boost of good feeling. I never thought of sales as manifestation but you are so right there are many times when I found items at great prices. Just the idea of going shopping is making me smile now. Thank you for this story!

oh my !
sales definitely ARE manifestations, and they are probably the most exciting ones at that, except for receiving something that you have been desiring for FREE!
(which is usually thrilling and just the best ever)

sales give us the thing we want at a price we can (afford) to pay, they make things that are sometimes out of our (now, but not future) pocket available and they show and tell us that these 'higher value' items are well within our reach, as is our right to have them in our glad hands haha

I love getting items on sale, and really appreciate everything I get. Sometimes it just happens so often that I must remind myself to be thankful and appreciative for the item, as it sometimes becomes a habit of just getting so many things I want on sale all the time. Love that!

sales and discounts and money off coupons and voucher codes and special offers are all amazing fun ways the Universe delivers our stuff to us in fun exciting ways!