On the French-Riviera-Cruise of Sept. 2017 got this new cruise announced:

Vortex of Attraction Greek Island Cruise
October 17-29, 2018

We just could get flyers of it at the AH-desk so far, and itīs not open for public booking until late October 2017. But I thought you might be interested about the itinerary of it:

It will be

We., Oct. 17 embarking in Barcelona, Spain
Thu., Oct. 18 arriving in Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Fri., Oct. 19 at Sea
Sa., Oct. 20 Sicily (Messina), Italy
So., Oct. 21 Mykonos, Greece
Mon., Oct. 22 Mykonos, Greece
Tue., Oct 23 Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Wed., Oct. 24 Santorini, Greece
Thu., Oct. 25 Rhodes, Greece
Fri. Oct. 26 At Sea
Sa., Oct. 27 Valetta, Malta
So., Oct. 28 At Sea
Mon., Oct. 29 Barcelona

Sounds good, huh?