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Thread: Changing My Point of Attraction About Money

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    Changing My Point of Attraction About Money

    Hello all, it is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating!

    So I think I am changing my point of attraction when it comes to money. For a long time, I had negative feelings and thoughts toward money, and then was trying too hard to think positively about it, and then I was sort of trying to force action into getting it. Now, I just try and feel good about anything, and am not so focused or worried where the money will come from (money can seriously come from so many places), as long as it comes in a good way for all involved.

    I've been thinking this because of a few things and evidences:

    -I always find money on the street whenever I am walking around. Always finding change! (Not actually keeping score, but it sure feels like always!) Although one would reason they are "small" amounts of money, I see it as nothing less than passive income coming into my experience. Pennies, dimes, quarters, nickels! All good! Feels good, because when I had more negative attitudes toward money, this would never happen ever. Sort of see it like it's the Universe winking at me, letting me know I'm on the right track.

    -I was on the phone with my mother and talking about the future and we were talking about how she'll be pretty old by then or something. I was super chill during the following dialogue (oh, and my mother is totally not tapped-in, turned-on at all (she watches the news all the time lol):

    Me: I'll just handle all your needs someday.
    Mother: (Something about how that will be expensive).
    Me: There will just be so much, it won't even be a problem.
    Mother: Oh, I don't know, by then you'll have kids who'll be in school and college.
    Me: And I'll pay for that too. That's what I'm sayin' . Literally there'll be so much, I'm telling ya.
    Mother: (Doubting) Oh, I hope so.
    Me: I know so!

    Ha! I really have no doubt in my mind that I will be forever abundant in terms of money.

    -This pretty not-tapped-in, turned-on group I hang out with calls me crazy when I mention how big my fortune will be and how I will use it, retiring early (and by that I mean as soon as possible) and funding big artistic projects. "All right, all right, I don't want to hear any more about the fantasy land BirdsFlyingHigh lives in!" one of them said, haha! If only they knew that when I say those things, I am creating my own reality! Abe has often said that it's a good sign when those around you think you're crazy.

    -I bought something cheap for work a while ago and when they found out, they insisted on reimbursing me. Yeah!

    -My tax return came finally (like super late) and it was super huge!

    -Got a letter in the mail about activating a new card for an old account I had (that I thought had been closed and that I'd sort of totally forgotten about). Turns out I still had $216.00 in there! Hells yeah!

    Thank you Universe!!! And thanks all of you for being here! Let's deliberately create our dream existences!

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    So nice to read.
    Good post.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdsFlyingHigh View Post
    am not so focused or worried where the money will come from (money can seriously come from so many places), as long as it comes in a good way for all involved.
    This is great news! When the money begins flowing from unexpected directions it does become much easier to trust the process because you get to see it in action. Thank you for sharing!

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