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Thread: Tarrytown NY October 7, 2017

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    Tarrytown NY October 7, 2017

    This was my first workshop! It was thrilling! Very crowded, (sold out! I'm glad I asked here if I should buy advance tickets YES) - and high vibration, indeed

    I am not new to Abraham but going to this live event certainly gave me a new perspective and a renewed sense of the joy upon which all this work (and play) is created, and a renewed goal of "nothing matters more than that I feel good".

    Such appreciation for all the Abers and everyone who works to put on this marvelous, well-run event, for my friend who accompanied me (it was her first WS too), and just a keen sense of how Abraham manifests into our physical world. For Esther; Esther is so beautiful and adorable.

    I had the impulse to finally go in person and I will say, I hope I can attend more. I didn't raise my hand; I just wanted to be in the room and experience the whole thing. We did get some hot-seat participants who had been in the HS before - including our by-now famous "baseball guy" who I had listened to on CDs and youtube before and he did not disappoint! Just a thrill, the whole thing. So, I felt inspired to take hand-written notes some of the time (turns out I took quite a few).

    Of course they are through my own lens and I wouldn't dare to say any are direct quotes from Source Energy given the fast nature of the transcribing! But, I hope they give you a sense of the direction of the teachings. There were a lot of newcomers by show of hands- new to a workshop at least - but there wasn't a long introduction nor lots of ideas about processes - but much focus on meditation and letting your impulse and excitement guide you, relaxing into knowing your inner being is leading you where you want to go when you feel good.

    So, I will post my notes in a few sections here as I type them up.
    PS I want to say that I did read the notes from the French Riviera Cruise and I sense a theme or themes!!
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    Whatever you are thinking about, Law of Attraction is responding to, wanted or not.

    When you focus a thought, that is so important

    When you prefer something your Inner Being holds the vibrational stance from then on.

    Negative emotion means you’re not keeping up

    Believing comes from experience

    Vibrational Form is the “seed”; it has the potential to turn into the manifested form but it isn’t like that at first

    Your best life is consciously understanding the vibrational turning to thoughts and thoughts turning to things

    Be more excited about the becoming

    You can’ t plead a case of neediness

    People use good sounding words but are “vibrationally vacant”

    Stop holding so hard to beliefs that don’t serve you

    Path of Least Resistance: Your IB knows what is the best path for you given the beliefs that you hold. Your beliefs sometimes work against your desires.

    Session 1 HS 1
    He wants to know what he wants. He moves from thing to thing, gets bored in jobs, etc.
    Abraham says: that is about contradictory thought

    He wants to be of value to others and Abraham says: your IB is in collusion with other IBs, you get to be part of the Step 2 Process for someone else and that Source often answers through others; you can be the Step 2 for someone else

    So how do you know the right direction to get what you want? If you let it go, you are guided to it

    How do you know if impulse is a good one? Abe said that anything can work out - but then said if you can accept that you are a vibrational being in every waking moment and so you are in the receiving mode of *something*. You can ask am I receiving a signal from my IB or from some other momentum? From CNN? Facebook?
    What constitutes the Receiving Mode is your beliefs, is what you’re thinking about.

    MEDITATION was a big key of the workshop. I don’t think they offered any other process! They talked about there is no “right way” but Esther likes to concentrate on a steady sound and that is very effective for a short time - 15-20 mins in the morning.

    Thoughts that are working for you won’t change in meditation because your IB knows what is working. Your IB is dominant in meditation. You’ll receive worthwhile thoughts from Source if you quiet your mind. The thought might not seem important but will lead to something more. Source is offering a path to what you want. Then they told the story of Esther getting the impulse to move her furniture and she met with the rapper after she was learning rap music and he was thinking of going to another state and she gave him some Abe advice on how to launch his career from where he loved to live instead, etc.

    Abraham said we are often in the receiving mode. You can know you are when emotions feel good. Good ideas come when you feel good/excited.

    Humans are often focused on what is wrong instead of what is right

    Session 1 HS 2 She wants money and orgasms. Says she wants to “trust” the universe but Abraham says that is just going about it the hard way; trusting when you don’t trust and is the observing mode, we’re not in control of that.

    If you wait until a manifested moment and then seek to change it, it’s too late! Now moments are about what you’ve been doing.

    Noticing what’s missing in the moment, makes more of that. They talked about if you’re just observing what’s happening you keep repeating that. Here’s also where they said something about TV not being a good thing to observe typically.

    When you think about money, you’re thinking about what you don’t have (for this HS person; she said she wanted “Infinite Money” and they said something like that’s a lot not to have , infinite!)

    Who is your counselor? You, without enough? Or your IB who knows you have enough?

    You have to practice getting into the receiving mode. Your IB knows the most SATISFYING way.

    Your beliefs stop you. Let your IB run the show for a little while.

    People who are “successful” or creative or somehow thriving don’t listen to the “world”, they listen to broader perspective

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    Sess 1 HS 3
    The person is in a lawsuit/divorce for many years
    Abraham says she describes it in words they like “pleading your case” a tactic which is not very helpful

    Your Inner Being doesn’t look back - if you look back, you keep that active

    You are where you are and focusing on small details of where you are blocks the larger parts of what you want

    A shortage consciousness and using words like “my share of it” blocks the avenue to the avalanche of well-being available to us all

    An attitude of neediness might work with your parents but it only yields a small bit and blocks the larger receiving mode

    Session 2 HS 1
    (I didn’t write much on this one )
    Visualizing is what Abraham said they call “pre-paving”

    Sess 2 HS 2
    (I didn’t write any identifying notes on the hot seater or their issue - I’ll ask my friend what the question was and come back and edit this)

    Clarity is a clear impulse

    Clarity on off-topics will lead to clarity on sticky topics, keep thinking of clarity on things you can be clear about (Abraham talks about the light fixtures in the room with certainty and clarity)

    Clarity is feeling better

    Put SEPARATION between what you’re asking for and the receiving mode

    Give the vibration of what you’re asking for a rest

    You must put separation between Step 1 and Step 3

    Humans obsessed with finding a solution but the genius is someone who puts separation between the problem and the solution and the Vortex is FULL of solutions

    Your IB is not going to blame anyone

    A misconception is that others have to “get you”

    Reconciliation comes from not keeping certain beliefs active

    If you notice, you attract - Abraham tells the story of how Esther was noticing lots of things on the airplane to NY regarding her seat mate. These less-than-vortexy things she was noticing led to more of what she was noticing until she finally caught on - and said to herself “that’s about right” meaning she then understood how she was creating all the events and interactions. Then she was able to acknowledge it, and switch to a different more wanted way of noticing and thereby creating more wanted things

    How you feel is what is going to happen/what you’ll see

    Sess 2 HS 3
    Others say this woman cares too much about others at her own expense

    (I met this woman later and she said this was her 2nd time in the hotseat and if asked the most fun experience of her life, she names that time and now this time! *the most fun experience of her life* She was equally amazed I didn’t raise my hand )

    Abraham said if you care too much about others the primary objective is to be in synch with your own IB and things you want, and then you won’t be IN that mode

    Pushing against works against you because you can’t push anything away.

    There is no “No”

    The HSer doesn’t mind doing the service to others and feels good about it so Abraham says then that is okay, right?, it's just other people telling this person she's being taken advantage of - but she knows she enjoys it so pay attention to her own feeling about it

    Her next Q was about meditation “is there a visual?” Abraham said that is “too much thinking” but you can receive vibrations of words or images as you go (I feel the jist of this was that if you just keep it simple and get good at meditation and then you get the impulse for a mantra or a visual then go for that - there’s no right way or wrong way)

    The point of meditation is to Attune Yourself the Receiving Mode and to tune yourself to know when you are in the receiving mode and when you are not.

    Her 3rd Q started out by saying “I’m trying to make a decision” and Abraham cut her off and said a better way to say this is - I am sure my Inner Being Knows - so I decided to get in the receiving mode

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    Sess 2 HS 4
    She wants a relationship
    Abraham said talk about WHY you want it
    When you are in synch with your Inner Being, you don’t care much and a relationship isn’t often a top priority

    Wanting a relationship almost always comes from a sense of “not enough-ness”

    HS was single for 8 years and all in her life is amazing - except this area

    Abraham says that every time she thinks of it she can’t help but to think of the absence of it. She said she wants to know how it feels so Abe talked a little about how it feels to not have it and led her to opposite of that, using emotion words like it feels like ease, like fun, like a co-creation, etc.

    Satisfaction in the moment is the Key

    Distraction from topic and then sometimes noticing - when you feel good, the universe shows you things that feel good; if you have dreams of what is wanted, you are close.

    This person feels a range of negative emotion on this topic. So stop the thought that works against you for a minute so you can receive an impulse

    Your knowing comes from a quiet mind

    An impulse will come

    The relationship can be “one meeting away”

    You can receive an impulse to be there when he is there

    Sess 2 HS 5
    Woman wants a soul mate
    Abraham said “mate with your soul”

    What you are thinking you are looking for in another, is not necessarily what you think

    Impatience is your denial of the call of all you’ve become and that feels bad

    She’s using something as the excuse to not go , with the energy she’s already created so “give it a rest”

    Effort on things not working makes it continue to not work longer

    Life treats you the way you feel about yourself

    Sess 2 HS 6
    (again I didn’t take many notes on this so I’ll edit later as to what the man’s question was)

    Be “ready to be ready” to receive an impulse

    A quieted mind is the key to the receptive mode

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    Session 3 HS 1
    He likes Inspired Action
    Asks about is it possible to be inspired to take uninspired action because he helps people with depression. They don’t want to leave the house so they take small actions even though they do not want to , and then feel better.

    In these extreme cases, Abraham says it not bad advice to say act to feel better although the easier way to change a direction is to feel better, then act. But if they can’t do that, you can explain that the receiving mode is the replenishing mode (he says they feel better going out). If the person does not believe they are more than a physical body , then you can’t explain what their emotional guidance system is in this context.

    Sess 3 HS 2
    This is the Baseball Guy I really didn't take a lot of notes here because it was fun to be caught up in their co-creation. Really cool.

    First talks about the Meditation CD and the breathing techniques. He really likes those and wants to hear what the now talk about meditation brings us. Abraham says it is the difference between releasing resistance and tuning to the receiving mode.

    He is going to the “big leagues” but it seems contingent upon co-creating. Abraham says is it someone else’s decision which will be deciding or are YOU the decider? They talk about Ease, and Knowing, and the power of directing thought WITH the emotion, of going with the flow of that powerful energy and again mention putting space between Step 1 and Step 3.

    He asks about a simultaneous career and relationship and he thinks they suggest maybe he can’t have both at the same time but of course that is not what they mean - it goes back to following the impulse, following the energies and excitement and flowing.

    Sess 3 HS 3 This man is an actor and relayed his story of how he and his mom co-create amazing experiences using Abraham teachings. He did ask about creating because of playing a role and they said despite acting coach rules it is best to tell yourself you are playing a role "compartmentalize"

    Sess 3 HS 4 This is the last hot seater. He said he’s been in the HS many times so I’m sure some of you know who he is but I didn’t. He said he knew he’d get picked He Knows how to do this but he doesn’t know how to do other things with as much ease.

    He said he knows it is “simple” , he’s been studying for “years” so Abraham said that doesn’t sound very simple!

    Abe talked about “Inspiration”. Follow impulses even if not seemingly directly related to what you’re wanting. He tries to grow his business by going through the motions with his website but it is not inspired. Source knows the people open to his content, he doesn't have to find them if he follows his inspirations to act.

    Talked about Esther meeting the rapper.

    Take inspired action

    You have to know when you are in the receiving mode so you can know where you are getting the information and make sure it is from Source

    He said he feels like he has to put forth “effort” to justify and Abe said then call “focusing” “effort”

    Ask yourself - What receiving mode am I responding to?

    Non- physical is involved in your life! Tune your frequency to that so you are naturally tuned to it when you meditate

    When you take inspired action, you get the pay-off, then your work becomes to ask yourself what do I want? What you want is inevitable! Something much bigger is going on! It’s happening through you!

    And, they’ve enjoyed this interaction immensely ! ..............

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    It's nice to see notes from Workshops once again. Thank you.

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    Thank you Hearts of Summer!

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