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Thread: Tarrytown NY October 7, 2017

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    Tarrytown NY October 7, 2017

    This was my first workshop! It was thrilling! Very crowded, (sold out! I'm glad I asked here if I should buy advance tickets YES) - and high vibration, indeed

    I am not new to Abraham but going to this live event certainly gave me a new perspective and a renewed sense of the joy upon which all this work (and play) is created, and a renewed goal of "nothing matters more than that I feel good".

    Such appreciation for all the Abers and everyone who works to put on this marvelous, well-run event, for my friend who accompanied me (it was her first WS too), and just a keen sense of how Abraham manifests into our physical world. For Esther; Esther is so beautiful and adorable.

    I had the impulse to finally go in person and I will say, I hope I can attend more. I didn't raise my hand; I just wanted to be in the room and experience the whole thing. We did get some hot-seat participants who had been in the HS before - including our by-now famous "baseball guy" who I had listened to on CDs and youtube before and he did not disappoint! Just a thrill, the whole thing. So, I felt inspired to take hand-written notes some of the time (turns out I took quite a few).

    Of course they are through my own lens and I wouldn't dare to say any are direct quotes from Source Energy given the fast nature of the transcribing! But, I hope they give you a sense of the direction of the teachings. There were a lot of newcomers by show of hands- new to a workshop at least - but there wasn't a long introduction nor lots of ideas about processes - but much focus on meditation and letting your impulse and excitement guide you, relaxing into knowing your inner being is leading you where you want to go when you feel good.

    So, I will post my notes in a few sections here as I type them up.
    PS I want to say that I did read the notes from the French Riviera Cruise and I sense a theme or themes!!
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